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How U2 hit in experiments? History of songs “Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me“, “Please“ and “Beautiful Day“

In article devoted to history of the song “One“ I already mentioned remarkable disputes between musicians of U2 concerning a further career of group. As a result they decided that is more useless to lag behind spirits of the times and hit in innovation.

of “Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me“ (1995)

First signs of changes became the song with the playful name “Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me“ (“Embrace me, excite me, kiss me, kill me“). Once Bono was called by producers of the movie “Batman Forever“ and suggested U2 to participate in creation of a soundtrack. First the leader of group refused the offer - a pier, and a profile not absolutely ours, and Ej now abroad...

Quickly enough Bono understood that he got excited. Especially, when dug out a suitable melody in creative granaries (it was thought up even during work on an album “Zooropa“ of 1993, but did not lick into shape). And here Ej who at once supported an invention with a soundtrack still returned.


“I believed that for us will be useful to participate in something like that, frivolous, it is simple to write down a track in the pleasure. Therefore we gave to this song green light“.
Should tell

that musicians felt for a long time that their group too “zabronzovet“ and turned in such pathos “fate - a dinosaur“. Especially it strained Bono whom the press declared nearly sacred for him socially - charity events. That “nimbus“ finally did not grow to the head, the singer thought up for himself a specific image of the Person - Mucha (The Fly) - certain “dark side“ of Bono - and in full power Hold Me Thrill Me realized it in the clip on “...“.

Video to the song represented a mix from film frames and the animation representing participants of U2 as... antagonists and Batman`s opponents. In the clip it is possible to see the newspaper where it is written: “Bono, Bono, Bono. Such just! Such honest!“ Then the drawn Bono literally breaks from himself a nimbus, the nimbus turns into black glasses, and the singer - into the Person - Mukhu. At the end of the clip the group is obediently accompanied on violoncellos by the whole orchestra of Batmen.

As for the song, it sounded hard and alternatively. And listening to the jingling Bono`s falsetto, sometimes it seems to me that it is sung by modern incarnation of Mark Bolan.

of “Please“ (1997)

my relation to creativity of U2 always was specific. Therefore I consider as one of the most successful works of group an album “Pop“ of 1997. Here U2 continued to pull down the developed stereotypes and plunged into fashionable dancing techno - rhythms. What the track with the defiant name “Discoteque“ (“Disco“) is necessary.

Musicians attracted di to programming of electronic percussions - Jay Howie B and wrote many songs, making a start from a rhythm.

The composition of “Please“ (“Please“ or “I ask“), in which Bono as usual put several semantic layers was quite so created. First it seems that it is the next cruel romance, the series of reproaches turned to the woman.

You would never learn love,

If did not overstep the limits of innocence.

I you would never feel desired,

If someone did not hit you on a face.

And you would never feel live,

If nearly spent itself. You had to win against


You could not just leave.

The cleverest feature,

the Best in a class.

your flying banners,

your family tree

I all your lessons of history...

I ask... I ask... I ask...

Get up from knees now I Ask

... I ask... I ask... Stop


The love is big

I the love is strong,

But love not that,

That you think...
Actually the song was turned by

to... Ireland. More precisely, to those representatives of the Irish middle class who support terrorism of IRA and, according to Bono, consider that “ideas are more valuable, than people“. The humiliating cover of a single where four North Irish politicians (Gerry Adams, David Trimble, Ian Peysli and John Hulme) are represented in the spirit of bottoms - Andy Warhol`s art also testified to it.

The song got the new measurement thanks to Anton Korbayn`s clip - this real small masterpiece. Video begins with chyorno - white shots where the reality is turned inside out. The poor old man elicits alms, standing to the utmost. While other people - from skinheads to the Pope - move by him on a lap. However in the middle of the clip when the dramatic nature of music increases, everything returns to normal - the old man falls on knees, and surrounding people again indifferently tower over unfortunate...

Bono called “Please“ the heaviest and spiteful song of an album “Pop“.

Though on an album other remarkable compositions were enough (“Do You Feel Loved“, “Staring At The Sun“, “Wake Up Dead Man“), many old fans of U2 were dissatisfied with “innovation“ of group. What, however, did not prevent a disk to head the next time a hit - parades of the USA and Britain.

of “Beautiful Day“ (2000)

Puzzled with criticism of an album “Pop“, U2 decided not to hurry with release of new. Musicians set to themselves a condition: the album will leave only when the head of a label of “Island Records“ - Jimmy Iovine - does not tell that they wrote the real strong hit.

In 2000 such hit appeared. Its writing was influenced by Bono`s participation in the movement “Anniversary of 2000“. This movement set as the purpose to urge politicians to remit debts to the poor countries from the beginning of the new millennium. Matter of course that nobody anything began to forgive.

But the inspiring optimistical song under the name “Beautiful Day“ (“Fine day“) was born. As spoke to Bono, it about “the person who lost everything, but finds pleasure that it still is“ . The line “Is fine day“ jumped out at Bono suddenly - during improvisation. But it so fine sounded in the context of music that it was decided to be made a refrain.

Ej: “The song passed

through the various embodiments though we always felt that it had something that was partly difficult to be understood. Really, the most fascinating moment turned out when Bono added the word “It`s a beautiful day“. It seems to some extent such banal type of lyrics, but in combination with music there was something wild, and all of us recognized it“.

It is fine day, heaven falls.

A you feel that it is fine day,

Is fine day.

do not allow it to escape...

the Song became one of the first large releases which it was possible to download officially and free of charge from the Internet to a single exit. The single received “Grammy“, there was No. 1 in Britain and No. 5 in the USA. And later even played a role of the informal anthem of the electoral company of Barack Obama on which Americans pinned hopes for positive changes.

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