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About what it is sung in such hits U2 how “With or Without You“, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For“ and “One“?

Despite my dithyrambs “New Year’s Day“ was “Sunday Bloody Sunday“, the most successful song of an album “War“. Thanks to it U2 for the first time got to the British TOP - 10 and took the first step on the way to an international recognition.

Remained zaborot to the USA what Irish successfully also coped in 1987 with, having let out the well-known album “The Joshua Tree“. The album was pleasant to me much less “War“, but it pleased Americans. They set up it on the first place of a national chart then albums U2 were not climbed up from there within 10 years!

Besides, “The Joshua Tree“ contained also two top hits.

of “With or Without You“ (1987)

Is interesting that the first American hit No. 1 - the song “With or Without You“ (“With you or without you“) - nearly took off from an album. Musicians long could not find the necessary arrangement - in the initial version the song seemed to them too sentimental and monotonous (according to the bass player Adam Clayton, “chords just went around, repeated again and again“).

The situation was rescued by so-called “Infinite Guitar“ (“An infinite guitar“) which fell into Ej`s hands. She received the name thanks to the fact that she made a viscous continuous sound. This effect also gave to the song missing originality and a charm.

In that, as for the text, Bono proved to be the talented lyric poet. In very graceful metaphoric form he managed to give mixed feelings which are endured by a married couple after several years of joint life. He sang how people continue to love each other, but at the same time and are weighed upon this love.

Many considered that it is the song about dissonance between two aspects of life of Bono - family and fate - N - rollny vagrant. The author explained sense even more in a flowery style: “There is nothing more resolute, than two persons loving each other. In - the first because it is so rare today, and in - the second because it is so difficult to make it“ .

During a storm we reached the coast. You give to

everything, but I want more.

I I wait for you.

C you or without you,

C you or without you.

Ya I cannot live

C you or without you...

it is not casual during one of U2 concerts smoothly passed from “With or Without You“ to the song JOY DIVISION “Love Will Tear Us Apart“ (“The love will tear us on part“). this song from an album “The Joshua Tree“ left to

of “I Still Haven`t Found What I`m Looking For“ (1987) by

Unlike “With or Without You“ me absolutely indifferent. For the same reason, on which it was so fallen in love in the USA...

Musicians of U2 did not hide that they wrote it under the influence of a gospel - the American genre of black music created on the basis of church chants.

Actually, and the lyrics of “I Still Haven`t Found What I`m Looking For“ (“I still did not find what I look for“) told about spiritual thirst and languor of the person who looks for God, but constantly doubts.

I spoke with an angelic uvula,

Ya held a devil hand,

Was warm at night,

A I was cold as a stone,

But I still did not find

what I look for.

But I still did not find

what I look for. I trust

Ya in a next world,

Then all colors will merge in one,

Will merge in one.

But yes, I still run...


“It is music which gives rise in me to the true emotions - to run to God at top speed … or to rush from it at full speed. It is the evangelic song sung by spirit of concern“.

of “One“ (1991)

Probably, a little what song U2 has so many interpretations how many at “One“ (“Odno“). And in each of them there is the shred of sense. So...

1. The song is cast by falling of the Berlin wall.

It is valid, the new album - “Achtung Baby“ - the group decided to create in Berlin. Bono hoped that the spirit of optimism and a unification reigning in Germany will give a necessary creative impulse. However work was not glued. Moreover - the group nearly for the first time for the career appeared on the verge of disintegration...

2. The song concerns creative disagreements in U2.

the Stumbling block the different points of view about further development of group became i>. Adam and Larry considered that U2 it is worth adhering to the style developed and checked by time. And Bono and Ej insisted on experiments with new, atypical for group, the directions - like alternative and electronically - dancing. Disputes alternated quarrels, and in 3 months of stay in Berlin the group managed to prepare only two songs. By recognition of participants, the second song also rescued U2 from disintegration.

Everything with jam when musicians tried o decorate U-00AB“ the early version of the song “Misterious Ways“ with new guitar parties began. When jam reached a limit, one Ej continued to strum the found sketches on a guitar. And here - that the group realized that from this there can be a separate song. Bono remembered that the structure of composition was registered in some 15 minutes, and the text at all “ came on a silver platter as if gift “.

Having seen that all of them are still capable to create excellent songs together, and literally “from nothing“, musicians forgot about disagreements, and work began to boil...


“While we composed this song, I tested the strongest impulse of its energy. We dzhemovat in the big room - the huge, terrible ballroom full of war ghosts, and suddenly everything rose on the places. It was the encouraging moment when everything moved off dead center, and we exclaimed: “Oh, perfectly, this album earned“. The similar moment - one of the reasons to be in group: the inspiration condescends on you, and you create something really important. “One“ - became a driving force of an album. This song beats right in the heart“.

Amusing fact. When to musicians there arrived the producer of an album - eminent Brian Eno, it is laudable spoke of the prepared material with only one amendment: “There is only one song which I really do not take out, it is “One“.

The producer explained to the stunned group that the song too melancholic and it is necessary to add more “aggressive“ guitar to it. As a result of “One“ long detained behind studio point until it began to satisfy all participants of creative process.

3. The song narrates about personal problems between the man and the woman.

If to read the text not turbid look, this version seems to the most obvious. Vot and Ej hinted that “One“ is “rigid, resourceful, caustic conversation between two people who passed through disgusting, heavy things“. And the old friend Bono - Guggi - assumed that on a song its own history could affect.

Guggi: by

“To me it is thought, at some moment the situation in which there were I and my friend of that time and the wife was necessary for the song. Here the speech about what to do with the ended relations and that here - here will begin. At that time we often communicated with Bono...“ You tell

, the love is a temple,

love is a supreme law...

You ask me to enter,

but force to creep.

Not without reason when Bono heard from the fans that “One“ quite often put at weddings, he exclaimed: “You that - went crazy! It is the song about parting“.

4. The song about heavy conversation of the gay sick with AIDS, with the father.

This strange version arose not incidentally.

In - the first, the income from the single “One“ (which left in March, 1992) went for help sick AIDS.

In - the second, Anton Korbayn shot the provocative video where severe “yutushnik“ appear dressed up in women`s dresses on the song. As explained to Bono, “if U2 cannot make it, we have to make it!“ However, very quickly musicians changed the mind because they considered that similar “joke“ in the context of an action against AIDS can be misinterpreted (a pier, one gays have a virus of an immunodeficiency, and we over them are kidding).

The clip was put on a regiment and removed another. Now video was based on David Voynarovich`s picture representing the tired-out bisons who are dumped from break. Though the picture decorated a cover of the single “One“, were not satisfied with the clip U2. It is possible because Voynarovich died in 1992 of the same AIDS, and the song could be interpreted only in one key again.


“It is part of one of history layers. If in the song it is sung something sexual or erotic, so surely there will be someone who will behold AIDS ghost here“.

as a result, promotion was received by the third version of the clip - the most simple where Bono sings the song, sitting at a table in the bar.

5. Song about tolerance and tolerance. to

As well as it is necessary to talented work, the song “One“ was not just the story about a rupture of the relations. It also comprised more general and deep idea which concerned the world of the western democracy long ago - that the unity has to be based on respect for each identity. Bono expressed all this a capacious line: “We - one, but we not identical“.


“It is the song that it is necessary to be together, but it is not old idea of hippie on “Let`s Live Together“. In fact, sense of a song absolutely opposite. It that we are uniform, but we are not identical. We wanted to inform, even not that we want to be together, and the fact that we should get on if we want to survive in this world. This reminder that we have no choice“.

Unfortunately, this good idea regenerated in the West in something strange for a long time. It seems that are going to get on only with gays there...

The termination follows...

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