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How forced Dnieper and freed Kiev in 1943?

B 1943 after a victory near Kursk, captures of the Eagle, Belgorod and Kharkiv by Red Army even more than twenty large military operations were performed.

Kursk fight developed into fight for Dnieper. The enemy under blows of our troops receded and ran to Dnieper. On September 15, 1943 Hitler made the decision on withdrawal of troops for Dnieper. It was ordered to German troops to die in the last ditch and not to allow speeding up of Dnieper and an exit of the Soviet troops to the right river bank. The German troops did not fulfill the requirement of the order of the Fuhrer and could not hold Red Army.

The group of the Soviet troops in the specified direction had advantages on people - in 2,1, on tanks - in 1,1, on planes - in 1,4, and on artillery by 4 times. And someone says that we won war without weapon, “having filled up Germans with corpses“. These harmful authors know the truth. They are not mistaken, and deliberately lie.

The truth is that we filled up Germans not with corpses, but shells and bombs and by the end of September send to Dnieper 750 kilometers long at the front. And not only left to this one the rivers, largest in Europe, and straight off forced Dnieper and occupied a number of bases on its right coast.

Thus, by the end of September armies Central, Voronezh, Stepnogo and Hugo - Western fronts was completely released left-bank Ukraine and conditions to start release from German - fascist aggressors of right-bank Ukraine are created.

Goebbels shouted for the whole world of insuperable East shaft across Dnieper, and at this time our heroes already overcame it and beat off furious attacks of the German troops to the bases occupied by us. Repeated advantage in artillery allowed us to suppress the German weapon emplacements on the opposite river bank and to force it with minimum possible losses.

the Russian daring, bravery, fearlessness, sharpness especially brightly proved to be at speeding up of Dnieper. The soldiers and officers first forcing Dnieper as well as were promised by Stalin, the rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union was given.

Hugo`s troops - the Western and Southern fronts in September finished liberation of Donbass.

took on October 12, 1943 the offensive on the Kiev direction of army Voronezh, and since October 20 and 1 - go Ukrainian of fronts.

Stalin, as always, felt sorry for soldiers and officers of Red Army and at first did not agree to creation on Dnieper of the new base in addition to the existing Bukrinsky base. Stalin understood that many human lives should be put during creation of the second large base on the right coast of Dnieper. But then agreed with military, and our troops according to the directive of the Rate of October 25 took the offensive to Kiev on November 3, 1943 from the new Lyutezhsky base.

Nobody planned to take Kiev by a holiday, in this case by day of the Great October socialist revolution - 7 - mu November. The rate and the General Staff were far from planning of release of the cities to festive dates. So it turned out that to 4 - m to o`clock in the morning on November 6 the Soviet troops freed the capital of Ukraine, the city of Kiev, from German - fascist aggressors.

- y day since the beginning of approach tells capture of Kiev on 4 about power and high level of military art of the Soviet army too (Germans in 1941 stormed Kiev more than 2,5 months from July 7 to September 26).

Having taken Kiev, our troops continued approach and, having promoted on distance to 150 kilometers, formed the Kiev strategic base on the right coast of Dnieper. All November and December months Germans put counterstrokes, trying to seize Kiev again and to reject the Soviet divisions for Dnieper. But our troops kept with firmness and in the hardened fights defended the won territories, having returned also earlier left cities of Zhytomyr and Brusilov.

In 1943 the confidence that the German aggressors will be completely expelled from the territory of the USSR and the Soviet troops will be included into Berlin at anybody did not raise doubts. As showed time, this confidence was quite reasonable.

The Germans broken in Kursk fight already until the end of war could not make any large offensive operation. The knowing forces of the German army near Kursk of the U.S. Government and England did not expect in any way that the armor German divisions armed with all Europe for several weeks will be completely crushed. All of them our progress wrote off time for winter. And near Kursk in the hot summer the Red Army broke such force which would be enough, for example, to wipe out all England.

They could not understand from where the USSR had a huge number of the military equipment which allowed to crush steel armadas of the German armies? How the Soviet military leaders, the General Staff could develop and perform brilliant operation on defeat of the enemy? Our achievements in production of military equipment and in military art did not keep within stereotypic thinking of the Western politicians and experts.

Some representatives of the West explained our victory near Kursk intervention of otherworldly supernatural forces. But clearly they understood one: The red Army and without participation of the USA and England will break Germany, march will pass Europe to the Atlantic Ocean, and the Soviet Union will subordinate to the influence the continent Europe, and influence of America will be limited to the continent America. Such prospect did not arrange the USA, and they began to prepare troops for invasion into Germany: began to make actions for opening so necessary to us in 1941 - 1942 the second front.

Whether Stalin understood that, without having started up the USA in Europe, Russia will ensure the world and prosperity on hundreds of the years ahead? Yes, of course understood. But he understood also another: in - the first, opening of the second front preserved tens of thousands of lives of the Soviet soldiers, in - the second, without having started up the USA in Europe, the Soviet Union would be forced to continue war, but already not only with Germany and its satellites, and with the USA, England and Germany together, in the third, deduction in obedience of the countries of Europe incited against us by the USA would demand from the USSR of the additional victims and means.

Hitler counted on the conflict between the USA and the USSR even then when our troops stood near Berlin. Therefore I. V. Stalin not to allow the conflict, fall of 1943 made the decision to go to Tehran to conference of heads of three powers: USSR, USA and Great Britain.

Not the last place in decision-making by the Soviet government was taken by the fact that the Soviet national state never put before itself the aggressive purposes, and in the Great Patriotic War to liberating war the people, the army and the government were uniform.

Nobody felt sorry for forces for defeat of aggressors, the vengeances for all which fell for all torments brought by the enemy. Soldiers strained to be in action, workers worked for days without a break, finding exactly so much time how many it is necessary for a dream and rest in order that it was possible to continue work.

But if the Soviet government headed for continuation of war after defeat of Germany, it went against expectations of the people dreaming of the world and could not realize the plans, would lose the force. And force of the traditional, socialist, national Soviet state - a family consisted in a unification of the government with the people.

This was not known in the West and not considered from the first day of war and therefore two years were mistaken in the forecasts and could not understand from where we had forces for defeat of Germans not only in a great battle of Stalingrad, but also in great fight near Kursk.

In August, 1943 before opening of the second front it was still far, and the enemy stood on our earth and exterminated our Soviet people. It should be driven as soon as possible further on the West, to drive there from where it came.

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