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How to be pleasant to itself? Costing

in front of the mirror, many people experience negative emotions: here again reflection not such as there is a wish. Sometimes it is possible to hear: “I am not pleasant to myself“, and unflattering expressions in the address. Not all say these phrases aloud, but many somewhere at heart have a discontent with and comparison with others.

There is a difference meanwhile as we estimate ourselves and as we are estimated by others. Each person will remember that at least once someone did him the remark concerning its appearance. Psychologists note that usually such remarks are done by people who are dissatisfied with the appearance, but carefully hide it. Also it turns out that they transfer the internal conflict to other person. So you should not worry if suddenly the colleague or the girlfriend made the remark concerning your new dress or at all inconsiderately declared: “Oh, you recovered again“. Problem not in your appearance, and in its assessment of itself which is shown in such a way.

Often the discontent with can be emergence of perfectionism - aspirations to ideal. Healthy perfectionism helps to achieve success in many fields of activity, and here pathological can bring sincere sufferings. Many researchers of violations of food behavior consider that the pathological aspiration to ideal appearance is its reason. For example, the desire to grow thin can lead to nervous anorexia - a mental disease which in hard cases comes to an end with death. Mass media and social networks in many respects form aspiration to ideal appearance.

In certain cases the discontent with can be display of such mental disorder as a dismorfomaniya (dysmorphophobia). This belief is that there is any physical defect against which it is necessary to fight, for example, a big nose, the sticking-out ears and so forth. It is often possible to hear from young girls of the statement about what they thick though actually weight is in norm limits. Frustration often arises at teenage age, and teenagers are convinced that their appearance is unpleasant to others too that people on the street or in transport pay attention to their external shortcoming.

Sometimes this belief reaches that people lay down under a knife of the plastic surgeon to make ideal appearance. In certain cases they begin to cope with the invented problem make-shifts, for example, cling a clothespeg to fix a wide nose. Often people avoid examining of in a mirror or do not wish to be photographed. At the same time any razubezhdeniye or a praise are not taken into account. Restriction of social contacts and a depression - frequent satellites of dismorfomaniye.

There are cases that the discontent with is an external manifestation of some psychoinjuring situation which the person cannot realize and internally rethink. For example, problems at work with which the person cannot cope can be shown by the fact that the person looks at himself in a mirror with feeling of discontent. Sometimes the person who is pursued by failures can write off them for the appearance.

What to do if all - is not pleasant to you your reflection in a mirror? Many psychologists advise to accept themselves such what we are. Each person is unique also already in itself is valuable to himself an iobshchestvo. But at the same time such acceptance has to be moderately too. If the woman cannot refuse rolls and sweets, her appearance from it will not improve. If the person has a depression, then he will go unshaven and with the dirty head.

External often is reflection internal. If the woman wants to grow thin to be pleasant to others, it speaks about her dependence on opinion of others. And advertizing of gyms and cosmetics even more strengthens this belief. The most popular advertizing of gyms are slogans like it in the spring: “Soon summer! Think how you will look on the beach“. And here if the woman plays sports just because it is pleasant to her, then looking at itself in a mirror after active training, will be happy with what was seen. Visit of beauty shop can also bring pleasure and feeling of pleasure. Instead of wearisome diets it is possible just to change style of food and to prepare tasty dishes from low-calorie products.

The main thing to lead active lifestyle and to find hobbies which bring pleasure. And the joyful person always looks on “perfectly“.