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From what to begin to work on itself?

So developed that everything in our life begins on Monday. Hobbies, ideas, plans are always ready to wait. And in a pursuit of more suitable time already reason of expectation is often forgotten.

This phenomenon is perfectly shown by the well-known installation “grow thin by summer“. Even there is an infinite set of memes, jokes and jokes about the girl who, at last, began to swing a press because tomorrow already to fly at the sea. But our laziness is unshakable. We with firmness battle with persistent it “is necessary“ in advantage “then“, “will be in time“ and “let`s live till Monday“.

And if it is serious! What percent from the postponed affairs you carry out? If big, then I congratulate, you are a superman. If you, as well as I am a fan to postpone on “then“, then welcome to us.

Let`s talk, for example, about sport. As the person with an unimaginable stock of laziness and excuses I will tell you, friends that all these lotions - motivation, the clothes are one size less, the walls which are pasted over with photos of body builders, a daily mantra - do not work. To tell more precisely, work, but not with all. I bring to your attention motivation for superidlers:

1. “We begin with small“.

any movement helps to get rid Of laziness. Present that you are a baby and only you learn to go. Step, the second, third … And, about a miracle, you recovered! And yes before jog nearby. The human body is similar to the accumulator which is capable to work only in the activity mode.

2. “Rivalry“. If you like to win

, then this method for you. Just you set to yourself a task to reach the same, as your sports acquaintance. This method very well works in case in your habits there is a desire in everything to be the first and you are offended by the fact that someone from your environment can do something better, than you.

3rd “Shame“.

it is very important to b to have

Here in an arsenal of the person whom you respect and whose opinion to you is not indifferent. It can be the second half, parents, friends. If such person is, the plan such: you speak to it about the intention. It is better even to tell that you already began. Then it will be more difficult to you to admit the laziness. Sense of shame will not allow you to fall in the opinion of this person. One more important point: be engaged with the trainer. This physically perfect person can force to redden more feasibly, than mother with the father. And it is a shame to shirk occupations when to you it is far for 16.

4. “Elimination of excuses“.

I warn At once, for a similar step psychological preparation is necessary. It is important to understand the reasons of the justifications: you weigh everything pros and cons, existence of free time, finance and other, all the opportunities and, actually, “measure“ the real weight of your desire. If this weight it is insignificant it is small, then to you it is not necessary and to try. Without it, sorry, in any way.

If you, for example, plan sports activities outdoors, then it is better to choose fitness - the club which is nearby and, it is desirable, round-the-clock. And still (joking apart): it is extremely necessary to take care of a replaceable set of sportswear. That was not vozmozhnostiochen long to erase a form. If you work hard and do not manage to eat, it is very serious occasion not to go to a gym. I am sure, you know about the sacred rule “there are no three hours before and after“. This problem is easily solved: just take with yourself banana, before training it is always possible to eat it and you do not sink into a faint due to starvation during exercise.

I hope, these councils will help you. Also you remember: work on - the most perspective on light!