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How to combine work and business?

We live in unpredictable time, in the world surrounding us constantly something occurs. Therefore an our task - to organize the life so that the quantity of the earned money on a minimum depended on influence of external factors and circumstances.

The recipe of it is simple and banal. It is important to work in the sphere of the personal finance at the same time in two directions:

1) constantly to increase the income;

2) to optimize the expenses.

As shows experience, to work only in one direction (or to earn more, or to spend less) insufficiently, it does not yield the necessary result.

To earn more, it is necessary to learn to gain additional income besides the primary place of employment. For this purpose there is a mass of options - receiving percent from the bank deposit, renting an apartment, a side job, obtaining the income from the hobby, opening of the business etc.

Anyway it is necessary to create additional sources of the income. And at once there is a question: how to combine a primary place of employment and business?

What can be advised?

1. To allow himself to combine work and business (many people are convinced that it is impossible, there will not be enough time etc.) .

2. To understand, what is the time you will be able to allocate (in day, in a week) for development of the second (and the subsequent) income sources.

3. To begin to do, to cease to spend the energy for doubts (as they say, “energy of atom to the peace course“).

4. To allocate time for receiving necessary knowledge and skills for creation of new sources of the income.

5. To infect with the confidence some more people (to go together more cheerfully and quicker).

I want to warn At once:

1. It is necessary to stock up with patience since silly to wait for fast results! For that simple reason that at the main work we work for 8 hours a day that leaves not enough time for additional classes.

Therefore in the beginning rate of your movement will be rather low. But also it is solvable - employ assistants, you learn to delegate, work others hands and brains.

2. Designate doubts! Often I observe a situation when for only several steps to a victory people stop and fade - recede - are given. What stops them? Temporary loss of self-confidence and in the opportunities “to shift mountains“; falling of internal energy for fatigue (a sleep debt or a stress); the lack of support and words of encouragement …

is life. So will be always. It is impossible to be constant at peak of the form. There is time for a feat, and there is time for rest - holiday - restoration of forces.

3. Find the motivation.

In the movie “Up in the Air“ with D. Clooney:

- To you it is important that your children admired you?

- Yes. so was.

- It is unlikely your children admire you.

- Hey, a goat, unless you should not console me?!

- Children love athletes for the come true dreams.

- In your summary it is written that you were fond of the French cookery, and then you came here. How many to you offered that you refused the dream?!.

P. S. All only is also told about financial independence. Social networks grew up the whole generation of “losers“.

Why “losers“? Yes because if you do not correspond to all these motivational posts, tweets with the inspiring quotes, to instagramma with photos of beautiful life, then you automatically begin to consider yourself as “loser“.

To spit on that how many times you began the business and threw. Behind a lawn of the neighbor you never win race. Compete only with yourself, with yourself yesterday`s!