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What is small talk? Art of secular chatter

By the nature of professional activity many people often should attend exhibitions, business actions, conferences, seminars. After official part for many the most difficult - a buffet reception or a dinner at restaurant begins. It would seem that here difficult, on the contrary, treat with different delicacies. But a buffet reception not only to eat. It also an opportunity to communicate and strike up new acquaintances in an informal situation.

In English there is such expression as “small talk“. At us this phrase is translated as small conversation, secular chatter. It would seem, to talk about anything as easy as shelling pears. Here not. Many people consider informal part of action of the most difficult.

It is possible for art of a small talk and it is necessary to study. People who can easily start conversation with strangers usually try to obtain considerably great success in professional activity, than those to whom communication is given difficult. In many cases of small talk becomes a prelude to important business conversation. How conversation will begin, also its continuation, and also results can depend.

Of course, it is necessary to consider character of the person. Extroverts are more open for communication, and for introverts small conversation with the stranger can become the real test. There are even special rules of how to conduct a small talk. Small talk has several functions. In - the first, information when it is possible to learn information, new to himself and also to share with others. In - the second, ability of a message small conversation a lot of things can tell about social behavior of the person and even his character. It is an opportunity to present themselves and to learn about the colleague or the partner more.

Usually many consider to find the heaviest the necessary topic of conversation, besides weather. For maintenance of conversation it is necessary to watch the current news which concern your professional activity. News - a good subject for discussion, but at the same time it is necessary to remember that there are taboo subjects, among them there is talk on policy, religion, diseases and level of the income. In many cases talk on policy can count as a bad form. If you watch the novelties and events concerning your professional activity, you will become the interesting interlocutor in any company. But it is worth remembering that it is necessary to choose the most interesting from a huge number of information, time for conversation at you has some. Yes however, and the banal subject about weather can be untwisted if to make the remark not just on bad weather, and for example: “There is a wish that weather was adjusted, then it will be possible to go hiking, on the small river or to drive on rollers“.

Some interlocutors actively use jokes and jokes. Such people often come under the spotlight. But again - jokes have to be not vulgar and not offensive for other nationalities and cultures. The enthusiasm and a smile are usually infectious and promote contact establishment.

The otzerkalivaniye of the interlocutor is considered the most widespread mistake which prevents to strike up conversation. For example, he speaks: “What wonderful and sated today day“. You answer: “Yes, of course, very wonderful day“. On it conversation can end. It would be better to expand a subject and in more detail to describe why put everything - wonderful. If, for example, you are asked how you reached, then it is possible to be limited “thanks, it is good“, and it is possible to tell in more detail about airlines, food on a board and other traveling trifles. If you ask questions, then try to avoid the closed questions which assume short answers “yes“ and “no“.

To overcome shyness, it is possible to present that you talk to the old friend who was not seen by many years. Optional at the beginning of conversation to tell the name and a position at once. Usually people do not remember names from the first.

If to observe behavior of people, then it is possible to notice that some people actively get acquainted and communicate, and others silently stand apart. As the most important in communication consider desire to communicate. Therefore it is possible to master art of a small talk only during continuous trainings. During action it is necessary to establish himself the purpose: to start conversation at least with three people.

In the beginning attempts can seem silly and awkward, but subjects for talk and self-confidence gradually will appear. Even if conversation will not work well and will seem to you that you looked silly, you should not worry about it. People usually think more of themselves and hardly anyone - that will reflect on that, you achieved success in conversation or not. It is necessary to finish conversation correctly too. It is necessary to thank the person for acquaintance and to find an occasion to leave. It is possible just to tell: “I with pleasure still would chat with you, but it is already time for me to go“.

Frequent communication will surely bring results, and it will be soon much easier to talk to strangers. And still after a while new acquaintances and conversations will bring pleasure. Then it will be possible to tell that you mastered art of small talk.