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How to build the correct relation to money at the child?

Money - an important component of life of each person. They are earned, changed, accumulated, stored, given. Most of my acquaintances say that they in the childhood never knew from where money undertakes. You think, something changed in the 21st century?

Children are seldom educated, as before, rather parental income and expenses. There are universal answers: “there is no money“ or “take, only get rid“. And children often perceive the negative answer as unwillingness to meet halfway. They know that parents go to work, get paid, then why refuse?

Children often measure parental love by money. Here someone is loved more therefore buy everything, and it, so love less. And there is a pernicious psychology of dependence of the emotional relations on bank notes developing into self-interest and continuous search of material benefit. The timely explanation of real causes of failure and joint search of a way of resolution of conflict could correct a problem.

There is one more problem which grows because of isolation of the child from financial questions - maximalism. It is a situation at which the child cannot adequately estimate money. Or they become a main goal in human life from - for their lack of early age. Or the relation to money as to a reality develops at the child passivity, unwillingness to develop and aspire to something as since the birth it has everything.

Each situation is pernicious in own way. In the first case, being already an adult, the person quite often appears incapable to perceive the pleasures not subject to money. In the second case the child understands that it has everything, he has nothing to aspire, often it is complicated by the haughty attitude towards people, less provided, than it. Losing money, such person appears behind a life board, he is not able to earn and provide himself.

The correct financial education of the child - pledge of its happy future. How to teach him to the correct ideas of money?

It is necessary to teach the child, first of all, to the fact that not all in this life solve money, money - means for good life, but do not aim in any way. It is necessary to explain, giving examples. The most successful and rich people in most cases do favorite thing which inspires them, gives joy therefore make good money. The child has to realize that the most important - to find the calling in life, to become the highly qualified specialist in the area, then all the rest, as they say, will be put. Each person has financial requirements, but that to make out this level, it is necessary to understand himself well.

In addition, it is very important to tell the child about alternative earnings. It means that the little person has to understand that it is possible to earn money differently: it is possible to work in the state sphere, it is possible to find the place in the private companies, to create the business, and also to earn, using the talents. Then at the child it will turn out to find the way, it will have a choice.

It is undesirable to hide the income from the child, he has to realize as there is a process of receiving money, as how much is in the world in which he lives. The child has to realize accurately that different professions provide a different standard of living, then it will be easier for it to make the decision in the future.

To Sleduyetuchit the child to the relations with finance, correctly to learn to dispose of them. For this purpose it is possible to give pocket money, at the same time to try to give it the maximum freedom, then the child by means of tests and mistakes will understand how competently to dispose of money.

There is also a system of encouragement. However not always this system works. It is very important to encourage the child, certainly, but it is better to make it by means of tender words and a praise. It is better to tell it about a possibility of the side job which is not connected with household chores.

The child has to understand how many business hours this or that toy cost him to parents. Then he will grow up grateful, able to perceive adequately money and will not connect the emotional world with the world of finance.

But the most important - to explain to the child that the wealth does not guarantee to the person happiness. To be happy, it is necessary bigger. And here that, he surely will understand when he becomes an adult.