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And what is written in you? Live Library where Books - people of

the Lack of real-life communication, direct contact between people becomes one of problems of communication and perception of information, and also a reason for manipulations with consciousness. “Live Library“ - the project which aspires to an ambitious goal - to break stereotypes, at the same time to be within a “kind“ format. Books - the main value of any library, and here is the people ready to give themselves “to look through“.

Information rules the world, its streams exude from screens of television and monitors. It is possible to visit any corner of light, without leaving the house, to get acquainted practically with any question on one - two cliques of a mouse. But whether always speak and write about the person that actually? A certain distortion as it appeared, is inherent in conversation in the Network.

What is Live Library?

For the first time the Live Library project passed

in Denmark in 2000. Today the initiative developed into large-scale action in which more than 50 countries participate.

Having come to “reading room“, you receive the offered list of available “literature“. And here wide range. “Hitchhiker“ - there has to be an adventure. “The zoodefender - I help animals“ - and here for certain and elements of the drama can be assumed, but there is a wish to trust, each story with the happy end. “Syroyed“ - ooh, sounds fantastically. “Child-free“ - and here at the majority are drawn apocalypse pictures. But whether so it?

“Biker“, “Anarchist“, “Turk“, “Feminist“, “Archeologist“, “Chilean“, “The blind lawyer“, “Muslim“, “The social teacher“, “Astrologer“ … Every time, reading announcements, you do not cease to be surprised to a variety of the choice and unusual maintenance.

“Reading room“

Here you are not convinced of anything, do not argue and do not prove, you are told. Unique personal experience firsthand. Certain game: to try on other life, to make projection of what it would be desirable to test, or what is absolutely impossible. Somewhere you plunge into a subject, somewhere - will only touch, but here it is difficult to remain indifferent.

As in any temple of the word, to books respect and careful attitude, you are given the chance “to open“ and “read“, and not just to look at covers. Observance of regulations is monitored by “librarians“ - organizers. Everything has to occur within civilized and valid communication, reading session - not to exceed more than half an hour if there is no mutual consent of “book“ and “reader“ to extension.

“Live books“

At each book the unique style. Who narrates, who talks on the question-answer model, at the same time all are open to discussion - in it one more advantageous difference of such way to learn new. “Having tried“ not one Book, you come to a conclusion that it is impossible to define a concrete genre of everyone, all so versatile. Scale of emotions - from bitterness and grief to pleasure and laughter, from empathy before division of recognition, small victories and bright impressions. The intrigue, improbable subject lines, unpredictable turns - boredom is not present the place here.

And here the world - not the flat screen, at it is depth, volume, flexibility, the invoice, and all this in the movement, it is penetrated by creativity. The world is open if you are ready to open, be tolerant, not to be afraid to reconsider crucially inert judgments and stereotypes. To liberate itself true, to leave from - under the press of labels, becoming free in views.

“Library“ is closed. Readers are shipped in the thoughts, the analysis. Why - that is confidence that everyone is puzzled with thought: “And what is written in me? Who author?“ There is time to add, add chapters and how to change or continue - the choice for you, friends.