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Life philosophy. Why the monkey sits on a shoulder of the person? Part 2

Rustam pushed a small blue door with a zarzhavlenny latch. Davny - for a long time the old man did not lock the doors. And whether there was in general time when this door was locked! The key was symbolically left in a fence crevice, but doors were always covered. Neighbors knew each other from time immemorial and trusted each other as to themselves, or perhaps and more.

- And, came! - The old man rose on a mutaka. It lay in a garden under a canopy. - Why mother worried? Tell it thanks. Put there.

Rustam began to spread to bank and vegetables on a little table in kitchen.

- Give some tea yourself and me and go here.

The old man held Khayyam`s ruba in hand. Rustam felt wrong. To listen to philosophical views of great nishapurets under bewitching onions aroma it was not represented possible. The boy decided to go in the roundabout way.

- I everything wanted to ask you, the grandfather. You have on all books a press.

Rustam opened the first page. All books of the old man were really decorated by a strange ex-libris. The old man in youth was fond of woodcarving and even earned additionally this occupation. How many settlement hostesses stored at themselves in kitchens of its signet for decoration of bread and flat cakes! All of them were unlike at each other, everyone was intricate on the. On one, for example, the grapevine curled, another represented an eagle in flight, on the third the rose branch with a small sharp bud blossomed. But the ex-libris on the book was special. It represented the person sitting on a donkey. On a shoulder at the person the monkey sat, and near a donkey there was a dog.

This sign stood on the first page of all books and caused interest in all who looked narrowly at it, but the old man laughed the matter off, said that it invented this signet for fun, for one love to woodcarving which he considered as the best, most worthy material for work.

- Neither the stone, nor iron, nor glass will be compared to a tree, - he said. - From long-term contact with human skin all objects are polished, but any does not look as nobly as a tree.

Looking at iridescent figures of the deer and horses who once are cut out by the old man, people necessarily agreed. Any material did not look so frostily and barkhatno as this mysterious tree.

Rustam thought that the grandfather will laugh the matter off also he also now, having transferred conversation to couple insignificant pustyakovin, will slip away from the old man. But that suddenly attentively looked at it:

- You want to know … - he thoughtfully stretched. - Well, well, can, indeed it is time for you to know about it.

The old man loved Rustam. Welcome, more, than the native grandsons and great-grandsons. Those were far, and the old man passed long ago that time when for far you worry more. With age you begin to appreciate that nearby and close. Besides, in the opinion of Rustam that inquisitive spark which touched the old man constantly burned.

- All of you on one side, - he said to relatives at a meeting. - And he, - also stroke-oared, similar to a knotty tree, Rustam`s head, - on another! It will remain to me, he about me will take care!

- Look, - the old man exhaled. Rustam slightly swayed, but remained sitting! - What you see?

- The person on a donkey, a dog and a monkey, - Rustam answered.

- The donkey, a dog, - imitated the old man. - All this you.

- How? - the boy did not understand.

The grandfather took a break. Before informing the adolescent on something important, it is necessary to put on a thoughtful air. Adolescents are beseemed by patience and awe!

- The biggest figure - the person, - began the old man. - You see?

Rustam peered. The figure of the person really was more. The monkey on his shoulder in general was hardly guessed on outlines.

- It therefore … Wait, bring still to tea! - Rustam obeyed. - And so, it because God created the person in the beginning and gave him thirty years of life and told: “These thirty years you will live happily, love whom you want, to travel, study, and everything will be given you with pleasure, and your heart will be cheerful and easy. It is pleasant?“ The person told: “Yes“, and about himself thought: “Well, but only it is not enough!“ But who argues good luck?!

Then God created a donkey and too gave it thirty years of life and told: “These thirty years you will work, without knowing rest, both during a rain, and during a heat, and during snow. You will work very much that your back will be erased, hoofs are brought down in blood and when you are unable to bear too heavy load, will consider you stubborn and to cane. There are you will be rotten straw, and only occasionally you will be indulged corncobs. And it will be pleasure of your life. It is pleasant?“ The donkey began to cry and told: “My God, I do not want such unfriendly life, I do not want to suffer 30 years, give me only a half!“

“Well, - God agreed. - But where to me to put other half? I will take“

“If it is possible“, - the person acted forward.

Here so at the person it turned out … How many?

- 45, - Rustam counted.

- Correctly! Then God created a dog, too gave her 30 years of life and told: “These thirty years you will guard foreign good day and night, will bark at all. Home you will not let who lets in the house of a domestic dog? You will gnaw bones. When you grow old and will go blind on master`s service, you will be expelled a kick for gate. Ah and … Occasionally you will be indulged warm soup. It will be your pleasure. It is pleasant?“ The dog began to cry and told that she does not want such long tortures too and asked to give her only a half. Understood that happened further?

- The remained half was taken to himself by the person, - the boy guessed.

- Truly. How many it turned out?

- 60. More or less, - Rustam was delighted.

- And, at last, God created a monkey. Too gave it 30 years of life and told that these thirty years she will live in clover. She should not work, she will get everything for nothing. Only it will be terrible and ugly, all is covered with wrinkles, and people, looking at it, will laugh. And she for a sweet piece will think out new grimaces and to amuse them even more. It is pleasant? The monkey began to cry and told that she does not want such long humiliation, and too asked only a half.

- At the person 75 years turned out, - Rustam jumped up.

- Precisely. Here also it turns out that the person of 30 years lives as the person, he is young, healthy, beautiful and full of strength. And its whole world! Then he works 15 years as a donkey, builds the life and works for children. Then very much protects and guards saved up. Forces any more not those, character is corrupted, but there`s nothing to be done! And then it becomes old and already look after it. And it depends on others the same as once someone depended on it. And therefore on a signet so big person, and so little monkey. It is difficult to be big, being humiliated!

- And why the monkey sits on a shoulder of the person? - Rustam asked.

- And it that he did not forget that the old age expects it, his youth was not as if cheerful. And it is necessary to meet her adequately that it did not delay a shoulder.

- And if it does not live up to an old age? Not nevertheless live, - Rustam remembered a recent funeral of the distant relative, the young guy who broke by car.

- Then this misfortune. Young people, and not vice versa have to close eyes to old men.

- And why donkey and dog such sad? - Rustam ran a finger over the lowered ears of a donkey and dog.

- And you on their place would have fun much? Tell thank you that such stand!

- Grandfather! - Rustam collected the thoughts. - And if the person lives more, than 75 years? Here to you already 81. Then you who?

Rustam uttered the last word absolutely quietly, almost in a whisper, being afraid that the grandfather will become angry. But the old man unexpectedly zadrebezzhat laughter and priobnyal the boy.

- Be not afraid! Your grandfather not a monkey! I never worked as a donkey, for accumulation, and then did not shiver over saved up because it was not! I had nobody to whom I would bow, and nothing that I toiled with it. Lived as the person, worked in pleasure, but not from - under sticks, had essential and did not ask superfluous. Did not consider the done good, and tried not to remember the evils. Well, and, of course, God helped me, protected from tests. Here also lived … the person!

This intricate, with quirks Rustam was ready to listen to the speech for hours and hours. Somewhere the onions waves proceeding from the old man evaporated, were removed bathing to the sea, a fig and Durashk. Rustam looked in blue eyes of the grandfather and listened:

- I speak to you! I know - you will understand! Open ears and listen! Be a person! What happened to you in life - be a person! So far young - do not allow soul to be defiled! You will have behind soul something real, will not become either a donkey, or a dog, or a monkey. Will not be - you will touch all animals! Got that?!

- Understood! - Rustam nodded, and the grandfather grabbed him shoulders with tenacious fingers.

- Do not forget! Remember! And I bequeath the books to you. Do not forget, yours they! Will be useful to you! And now bear that your mother sent, I got hungry! And itself sit down!

- No, the grandfather, I will go, I ate already! Well, however, I ate!

- Precisely? Well, then, take this! - And the old man carefully filled in a hand to the grandson a raisin handful with nuts.

- Run! And mothers with the father send regards. Let do not worry strongly!

- You what such mumpish? - mother met Rustam. - The grandfather did not like a lunch? What happened?

- He from - endures it about the seas, - the father hokhotnut. He came from work recently, has dinner and was in good mood. - Tomorrow since morning you will go to bathe. Only far do not swim away!

- Well, - Rustam annoyancely waved away. - What does it have to do with the sea?

- E, you have no temperature? - mother was disturbed and felt to Rustam a forehead. Kamil span right there and too got to feel a forehead to the brother.

- I have nothing. Was simply tired. Ouch, leave alone! - The last words concerned to the kid who strove to glance to the brother in a throat.

- Again, likely, muzzed the boy any nonsense, - mother in kitchen grumbled. - The head at the silliest books is stuffed. All life of veins as wanted, nothing was necessary to it, and too will spoil the boy, I am afraid.

- Yes, it is fine to you, - the father responded. - Small still, let listens, will grow - itself will understand that to what. And the old man never made to nobody harm.

- Well and what acquired? - mother objected. - Three threadbare carpets in which it will be wrapped when bury, two cups, five spoons, torn blankets and books these foolish. Children, and those it is far. All efforts on us will fall when dies.

- Well, will fall and will fall, - the father drowsily answered. - That we - not people, perhaps, it to us not the stranger!

- So - that so and here … Ah, as I am afraid that Rustam did not go to him. Blood one everything is!

- E, all right, found what to think ahead of time of.

- You all the same, and I want that our children have all as at people was. The house normal with repair, but not this tumble-down house! - Mother pointed a finger at a hole in a wall. From there sadly plaster fell down. - The car, work good that could provide a family. That we on an old age of years though quietly lived, were not anxious for them. You hear me?

- Hr - r - r - r! Uf - f - f! Hr - r - r!

- Of course to whom all this is necessary except me! Came, ate, now will sleep off, at night … will not give rest again! Rustam, hey, Rustam!

- Yes, mother!

- You the grandfather what told?

- Anything.

- Just 3 hours sat and were silent?! Likely, read verses, again told silly fairy tales?

- No, mother, he about you asked, about the father, Kamil, about neighbors spoke.

- What neighbors?

- Well, opposite to it living. Their son bought the new car.

- Yes you that! The grandfather about neighbors spoke?!! What son - Timur or Emin?

- I do not know precisely. - Rustam overheard from neighbour`s boys that dedovy neighbors have a new car.

- Eternally you know nothing! No, Emin could not, young still too. Likely, Timur wants to marry. Ý - ý - e! I would have a daughter, everything would be known for a long time!

Mother waved a hand and went to phone. Rustam knew that now she will call the cousin of the husband. That had a reputation in the settlement for the first gossip and knew all news. In two hours Rustam could warrant - mother will not disturb him.

From the sea already pulled a cool, and cicadas raised the song. The boy nestled a cheek on leaves of the Chinese rose growing at them in the room. They were cold and gentle. Mother stirred by phone, gasped, sighed, tut-tutted. Rustam was quiet. Nothing prevented it to think.

He thought that on other end of the settlement in the small house the lonely old man sits now and looks in the dark sky. He deserved this right. He lived the life properly and can fearlessly look in the blue face of eternity. He has nothing to be afraid before it.