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Life philosophy. Why the monkey sits on a shoulder of the person? Part 1

Every day August wanted to be savoured, cherished, tasted as sweet candy. The Baku August, attractive as love, poured streams of the melted blue from the sky. Not without reason August is designated a time of maturing of a fig and grapes.

The haze - gray as a rue, gray as old-womanish veins, shivered in air and poured sweet amber clusters and friable berries of a fig. And they exhausted, expiring juice with deaf knock squabbed asphalt, were spread by sticky flat cake, attracted on a feast of flies. And unless it is impossible to be indulged also to flies with God`s abundance? Or they are not God`s creatures?!

- Durashka, Durashk …

- P - r - r!

- Stand, Durashka, do not spin!

Rustam stroked a dog. Immediately the vstrepanny female head with a bandage on a forehead leaned out of a window of the two-storeyed house.

- I to you how many time told not to touch a dog. You never know what microbes at it. You will get sick - I swear life of your brother - I will not treat!

- Surely my life it is necessary to swear! - six-year-old Kamil`s cry was heard. - Why his life you do not swear?!

- Tsyts! - mother shouted. - Too to me - yesterday`s egg teaches chicken! Here the father will come - I will tell everything to him! Rustam, Rusta - am!

- Yes, mother! - Rustam giggled, but gave to a voice gravity because the thoughtless laughter does not decorate the nine-year-old man!

- Tie a dog to a tree, wash hands and rise to the house. Let`s have dinner.

To have dinner - it is always good. And while Rustam tied Durashka to a quince tree, washed hands, mother already spread cucumbers and tomatoes salad on a table and spilled on plates meat meatballs and peas soup - a favourite dish of boys.

- Take bread, - mother moved to Rustam a plate with bread.

- And you do not stir legs, - she addressed Kamil. That with concentration scraped out a thick from a plate bottom and stirred legs under a table. Mother`s voice suddenly became pleading.

- When you sing, Rustamchik, carry to the grandfather to a few soup. I poured already in bank.

- Well, mothers!!! - Obviously did not include in Rustam`s plans to trudge through all settlement with a bag when it is possible to spend the rest of day efficiently! To plunge into the foamy, tender sea, to lie on sand, to gnaw hot salty ears of corn, to run about from Durashkaya on the coast, to climb on a tree and to collect a fig - yes you never know still important issues! It writhed the begging ugly face.

- The fig will not get to anywhere, - mother told. - And the sea will not escape. And the grandfather one, misses, to us it is difficult for it to come, it old, it is necessary to visit him, to indulge house.

The granduncle, mother`s uncle, Rustam loved difficult love. With stubborn this blue-eyed old man it was interesting, but long near him it was impossible to be. The old man adored onions and garlic, considered them as panacea from all diseases and ate three times a day. It is possible therefore lived till 81 year, having endured the wife and the daughter, all younger brothers and having waited for grandsons and great-grandsons. Those safely prospered in other city, called the old man to themselves, but he flatly refused to leave the small house, a tiny oven and the garden brought by sand. “Here I was born, from here I will be taken out“, - it cut off once and for all when the grandson once again rose to it with arrangements. That needed to do nothing how to charge the grandfather to cares of mother of Rustam and Kamil. Cares were touching, generous, but are rare. The old man persistently rejected excessive courtings. “And at blessing thorns stick out“, - he repeated, without being confused at all the fact that these words touch and offend the niece.

But it was interesting to happen at the old man. First of all because it was the unusual house, the house without furniture, in due form old times. Instead of furniture in walls there were arc-shaped niches. In two of them the simple chipped ware was made. The niece several times threatened to throw out antediluvian drinking bowls with threadbare drawing and the burst saucers, having replaced them with new. But the old man defended this poor, pure stuff with advantage, with silent grumble. In other niche the hill laid multi-colored blankets and mattresses. Carpets were decoration of the house. Shaggy and smooth, with difficult and simple drawing, they were outspread everywhere. And everywhere on them oval pillows - mutak were piled. The old man had a rest on them in the afternoon, got a mattress and a bright scrappy blanket from a niche in the evening and constructed to himself a bed right there on a floor. The bed, however, was, but lonely became dusty in the become empty hen house long ago.

In the third niche behind opaque glass there were books. The old man was a bookworm and preferred the book to game in a backgammon, dominoes and to other entertainments of settlement pensioners. “The knowledge burdened nobody yet“, - he when said to it that he drank all wisdom of these books for a long time slowly answered and only in vain troubles the eyes.

Rustam loved a special cool of the old man house, its bleached lime kitchen with low, in a palm height, a little table, with an oven - a dzheyranka (on its corrugated surface it was represented jumping dzheyran). The slow speech of the old man, dim gloss of his blue eyes - such rare in the east - bewitched the boy. It dropped out of time, it soared between the worlds while the grandfather gradually told it about times past, that saw and read his eyes. But behind this measured narration it is possible to forget everything this cause of peace! And who, tell on favor, with scope will rush in the sea who will play with Durashka, to collect on a bet with neighbour`s boys a fig and grapes (one berry in a basket - five in a mouth!) who will estimate new dresses of little girls? No, you will go to the old man - and you will get stuck there! But mother looked so strictly and at the same time prositelno.

- Where bank? - Rustam grumbled.

- Here, - mother gave it a bag with a can, cucumbers - tomatoes and bread. - Go, Rustamchik, you will bathe tomorrow. Sea here nearby. And it will be pleasant to the grandfather.

Rustam went and gloomy chewed on the way the fig overhanging from neighboring dachas. In heated air seeds of a rue loudly burst and black grain poured on the road. Odorous, Xing - the green rue was ornament and trouble of their settlement. It grew everywhere, climbed from stones, from asphalt, from packed sand, persistent and ineradicable as life...

Be continued.