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Bazilevs. How the king of beasts got to the person? Part 2

of Bazilevs as to the old friend was delighted to a gray-haired gloomy eagle who sat on a fence and too it was attached by a chain.

Here the tall woman with gray eyes put before it two bowls. In one smelled meat from soup deafeningly delicious, and in another there was a milk. Bazilevs uncertainly licked that and another, then decided that new life begins tolerably, and at once fell asleep, having dropped the head on paws.

And the round table laid in a hawthorn shadow was followed by a lively conversation. The hostess, dexterously scurrying about between the house and a table, took out all new dishes: odorous damp greens and white cheese, juicy tomatoes, cucumbers and lustrous paprika, cottage cheese with grains of black caraway seeds, a lobio in a nut sauce, hot bread and smoked smoky meat. From it there was such heavy scent too that Bazilevs for a second slightly opened eyes, but right there again closed them, struck by fatigue. In completion of all on a table the huge dish of black and white grapes, fresh honey in small saucers and the sweating bottle of domestic fruit wine was.

- Grace! Yes not to maleficiate! - the owner said, dexterously curtailed a tubule from an unleavened wheat cake with cheese and greens, dipped in nut gravy and sent to a mouth. - Eat, children!

While children kneaded food, the hostess slowly gave the arguments.

- To it how many in day of meat it is necessary, you thought of it? Well, and that that everything grows, all the, I as it is as a horse am tired until I feed all these animals. To children so much attention is not present how many to them! Much you have from these excursions?! “Ah, look, it is a silk acacia - an albition, very rare species, and this is a rare white peacock!“ - it imitated the husband. - You will think! We have all rare, and the most rare - money in the house. I will conduct tours when at us spare cash in the house appears! In total empty ring. And actually there is nothing, except my fatigue!

- The woman, - it is lazy the husband objected, - I already once told you: “Everything will be good!“ It is not necessary to say much. Here you speak - was tired, and the mouth, watch how now you trouble! Keep silent and give it rest!

So days began to flow, were weaved in months. Flowers of a hawthorn were replaced by the wrinkled berries similar to a tiny apple; children often came to the house to the owner, watched animals, clinked languages, admired. Having approached Bazilevs, they screamed and hid the friend for the friend, and then carefully looked out. The most courageous gave to it hands, tried to stroke. But women with whom they came shouted: “Do not touch! Same the lion, can bite!“ - though Bazilevs never in the life bit anybody, except for the brother`s nose in that far life.

And in the evenings when the cool was spread and in a grass asterisks of a mirabilis - the night beauty, and were lit more and stronger, everything is more shrill fragrant tobacco smelled, to Bazilevs the black cat of Matses came. She looked at it clever amber eyes, then carefully extended paws and laid down near it. And if not its shocking diminutiveness, it would be possible to think that it lies mother nearby. And inside at it rumbled just as at mother when she embraced the children.

“All enjoy life, all is cheerful, and only I one suffer. Why I in general was born?“ - Bazilevs thought.

“Well - well, - Matsesa silently answered his thoughts - to you it is not bad yet. Here in the neighbourhood with us there was a shashlik house. It smelled very delicious and I there sometimes was given meat pieces. No, you do not think, I am not a golodushnitsa, but is not always house food. Sometimes there is a wish also in restaurant. And so there the owner for the sake of a fun held attached right in the sun a bear cub. Fed him very badly, itself saw. Dogs from such ware are will not be in what it was given. And still the bottle with vodka was given. This such water, it badly smells and from it everything burns. The owner so says when he drinks it, and then knocks himself up to a breast and shouts to the wife: “Animae dimidium meae!“

“It that it?“ - asked silently Bazilevs.

“It in Latin, you will not understand! “A half of my soul“ In sense, it, the hostess - a half of his soul!

And here, this bear cub at first all cried, and then lay and did not want to eat and drink. Just lay and grieved. And then behind it there arrived the car and took away it somewhere. Therefore you do not grieve, I precisely speak to you, from melancholy bad happens“.

“I do not grieve, - silently told Bazilevs, and the cat looked at it clever mistrustful eyes, then sighed and they together did not take eyes from a big shaggy star which hung on the horizon and with insult blinked as soon as it began to become blue.

And then rains began.

- Glyo! Glyo! - it is disturbing the eagle from the shelter shouted. The grass hung around, animals and birds were hidden who where. From a cage with rabbits fuss reached all the time, dogs were in the doghouse, guinea fowls sat, having ruffled up on a perch, and only Bazilevs persistently did not wish to get into the box.

- You look! - quietly uttered Natiya to the husband. - It absolutely thin became, one skin and bone. Perhaps is ill? Will die - I swear a grave of your father! - the word of honor, I and close will not approach it! It is a pity for an animal, and I was tired already. Enough!!! What we, have no zoo?! Call, agree, let will arrive, will take away. I ask you: regret you it and me!

- I do not know, we will look, - the owner evasively answered, then carefully approached Bazilevs, sat down before it on hunkers.

- What, the friend, you bring me? It is necessary to eat, you why do not eat? Than you it is bad here?

But Bazilevs silently lay and looked at the wet earth. The owner sighed, went to the house, shouted: “Natiya, where we have potassium permanganate?!“, and then brought it opposite pink water.

Matsesa did not come any more, but still looked at it from far away.

The owner brought into one of days with himself the veterinarian. That long washed hands, but Bazilevs bristled up at once - so biliously from him bore a sharp stench of drugs and dangers.

- Bazilevs, Bazilka, - the owner persuaded, and his voice at once became unpleasantly - sweet. The young lion began to roar as could.

- The animal is aggressive, - the veterinarian cut off. - You want that it to you crippled children? Wife? Neighbors? The wild animal is not held by houses. Bring to a zoo, both veterinarians, and leaving there. To give phone?

- Everything at me is, the doctor. I will call.

And then children, Camilla and Emil came, and long ironed a young lion behind ears and under a neck. Bazilevs loved when they did it, and hair at them smelled as bark of an acacia under which mother had a rest. As they smell, these hair! Why you created them, Vseblagy?!

Towards evening Natiya, wiping eyes, put before him a bowl of meat soup, but he also did not touch. He waited for the shaggy star, but the sky was tightened by clouds and is empty.

Silently Matsesa came and laid down with it nearby.

“You grieve?“ - she asked.

“And what you would do on my place? I do not know“

“. I on your place was not“.

“You have children?“ - it continued mental dialogue.

“Nine. - she answered. - Some and now here. That striped, with the torn ear - the son. Only he forgot about it. And I too. So easier“.

“My mother would not forget“.

“It seems so to you. You were small. All forget. When small, all ridiculous, with them there is a wish to play and they smell of milk. And then grow, and from them smells already of meat and love“.

“It is absent“, - told Bazilevs.

“The love is always“.

“No, there is no star today“.

“What to you stars? Found what to think of? Today not, will be tomorrow“.

The young lion answered nothing. Matsesa looked at it askance and sighed. The sky was dark, the rain gathered and in a hen house guinea fowls uneasily cackled.

Next morning for Bazilevs there arrived the car. He already got used to human smells also was not surprised that he from the owner and the little fat guy smells of gasoline nearby.

- Well, went! Get up! - the owner told and untied a chain. - You will well live, will watch you well, here you suffer, maybe, the truth.

Bazilevs it done not poshevelnutsya. The owner pushed under him hands and raised an easy body. Bazilevs did not bury to it in a collar as last time.

On a threshold of the house the woman appeared. Her gray eyes shone.

- Half of my soul! - it is boastful the owner told the guy. - Children where?

- Sleep, - the woman shortly answered. - It is live?

- Of course, live! And for a long time will be live! However, Bazilevs? - His usual raised mood returned to the owner.

- Glyo - yo - yo! - suddenly the eagle shouted.

- Be silent, a silly donkey! - mildly the owner threatened on it.

- Well, good luck! The kind road, - the woman said in low tones and poured out them following on the road a water mug. - Look, bring nobody any more, will be enough me already!

- Gold soul! - the owner sighed, settling in a cabin. - And hostess what! Come to me home just like that, we will sit, we will talk. I will treat so - mind - m - m! - you will lick fingers!

The driver according to nodded. And in a body among the rolled barrels on a laying from hay Bazilevs lay. He did not think of the future life yet.

He looked at the road: from the car by it yellow clubs of dust, same as fountainlets of sand from his paws in that first far life, and same as amber eyes of a cat of Matsesa, in this the second, already too the ended life rose.

The third began … How there will be it?