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Bazilevs. How the king of beasts got to the person? Part 1

Already began to blink a shaggy star and lilac morning slowly spread from the East, and Bazilevs all lay, having put the head on paws. Yellow eyes it were cramped by holes and all the impudent star which with insult blinked now and which there was no wish to leave shook, shook in them. Its slanting beams smelled of damp dust, heated sand and still something what heart cannot stop and that remained far, absolutely in other life...

If Bazilevs was a person, he by all means would remember the ancient song:

A star of fields over a native home

I of my mother a sad hand.

But Bazilevs was not a person. And it had no native home too. Though there was a native yellow desert on which it was so good to run, raising sand fountainlets.

Mother Yes, mother was. But it had not a so sad hand, but a big fluffy paw with the involved claws. It was so good and safe when she embraced Bazilevs and pressed him to a soft stuffy stomach with the bulked-up sosets. At once at mother in a stomach began something to rumble, and this sound, together with warm streams of milk, was for it the most sweet music. Because Bazilevs was only a three-months young lion - ridiculous, with unsteady paws, in the speckled hair similar to a pajamas, triangular a nosishka and curious eyes.

And he was not Bazilevs at all. Mother called him gutturally: Mr - r - r. In the same way she called his brother and the sister. It is surprising how it did not confuse identical names, but Bazilevs precisely knew that here Mr - r - r he should respond to it, and that mother`s Mr - r - r Rr - r - r will turn in ! And here the brother or the sister let responds to it Mr - r - r, and he still will doze in an acacia shadow.

... Here too the acacia grew. Beautiful, and its flowers were similar to pink fluffy candles. Others. That acacia was poor, gray, but it gave a short shadow, and under it it was so good to sleep after mother`s milk.

Mother taught them to all: to wash, climb trees, using a tail, to hide from enemies. Enemies were different: curious jackals, near and immoral hyenas, leopards, eagles and snakes. Even slow buffalo s, and those, having guessed a smell of young lions, ran to them to crush. Mother very much became angry and long ran for buffalo s that to explain something to them, and then brought to young lions pieces something elastic, red from which there was a tasty steam. Sometimes in these pieces there was something white and firm, and this white was pleasant to crack Bazilevsa with a crunch, reveling in fragrant juice.

And then mother carefully extended paws in a shadow of an acacia and fell asleep; and kids began fuss. As it was pleasant to bite slightly the brother for a nose, so, chtotot began to complain and rub the bitten place at once; and to set the sister on ears and to vstrepat her a hair. When about mother the fluffy spotty ball was formed of the heads, paws and tails, she slowly opened one eye, gave to a ball a weak slap and again closed eyes. Sobering up after a slap came instantly: three vstrepanny young lions with brightly - red noses with amazement looked at each other, without understanding how it they - solid, three-months lions - afforded such thoughtless prank?

But it remained in that, absolutely already far life when the crepitation as if the acacia branch broke was distributed, and mother suddenly was strange filled up sideways and began to scrape on sand claws, and then began to roar so strongly and terribly, more than ever did not growl in life. This last roar she warned children about danger, and those ran, awkwardly braiding paws, and mother watched everything to them following, and her jumping body became heavy and ailing, and she watched everything and looked is disturbing.

And then it became suddenly dark. Threw a bag over the head of a young lion, and he began to whimper furiously, with insult, it is more from humiliation, zabarakhtatsya very much. Somewhere nearby the brother and the sister cried, but it could not help them.

Then something in a disgusting way began to smell, began to grind and began to swing here and there. So sometimes happened when mother moved it for withers from place to place, but mother smelled well and with pleasure, and here smelled as never smells in the desert. Stirred up Bazilevs. Having strongly felt thirsty. The bag from it was not removed, it was dark and stuffy, and Bazilevs began to plunge into some stupor endlessly and began, like a dream, but it did not give relief. How many so proceeded, he did not remember; for a long time the brother and the sister became silent, and it all remained in this stupor.

Then in eyes suddenly struck bright light, Bazilevs blinked and heard:

- I take it! Here documents, money.

- You are sure? All this not a kitten. What will be told by neighbors?

- I already said to you that I am a teacher. I teach work and history at local school. I talked to your chief. I live in the certain house with the big yard. At me there are a lot of animals and birds. You can inquire at the nearest schools. To me teachers of children at excursion drive.

Bazilevs carefully slightly opened eyes. Neither the brother, nor the sister was near. The earth, firm and gray, smelled of skin and iron. These smells were unfamiliar to Bazilevs too, but in them there was something disturbing and attractive.

- Well what, the kid, went? - over a young lion the thin person with an oily curly hair was inclined and lifted it on hands.

Bazilevs buried in the greased collar of a jacket and began to breathe so often as if it was the last breath in his life.

- Also it is not a shame to you? - the person told it. - Such big beautiful lion, and you shiver as a kitten. You are king of beasts! I will call you Bazilevs. It is pleasant?

Bazilevs understood nothing except that from this minute he became Bazilevs and that, apparently, the stranger - kind. He deeply sighed and put paws to the person on a breast.

- So - that is better, - the stranger smiled. - Went.

Again began to shake, began to smell opposite, and Bazilevs wanted to be disappointed already in the stranger, but here something screamed, stopped and around a young lion the motley circle was formed of two jumping children and the dense woman with quiet gray eyes. From the woman pleasantly smelled of meat, and Bazilevs cheered up.

- Oh, father, what pretty! Oh, it is possible I it on hands I will take?! Well a pas - and - a pas!!!

Children - eleven-year-old Camilla and eight-year-old Emil - jumped and squalled. Bazilevsu this importunity was not pleasant, and he deafly grumbled.

- Do not frighten him! - the father told. - Went to the house!

- You that sad? - priobnyal it wife. - Be not afraid: there will be enough forces, behind all will personally look!

- No, I nothing, - ironically responded the wife. - I here think, maybe, to us to move to a zoo to live, and our house let will be a zoo?

- Natiya, do not begin only! I told you: everything will be OK! You to whom have to trust - to the thoughts or the native husband?!

Bazilevs it appeared in the big, grassed yard. In the depth of it there was a White House with a high porch and glass doors. So many flowers and different trees grew in the yard that the young lion became puzzled. Where there a poor desert acacia to this festive variety of colors!

- Here you will live, - the stranger lowered Bazilevs on a grass before the high and rather narrow box.

The young lion mistrustfully pulled a nose air. Inside it was dark and silent, but, in general, it is safe.

- It is not pleasant? Well, nothing, live so far, and then we to you will construct a new lodge, it is more. Only wait.

Here the stranger got something brilliant and carefully began to put on it Bazilevsu`s neck.

- Suffer, the road. Watch how suits you. At once began to look a solid lion.

The chain was rather long, it did not reach the house, but nevertheless the young lion could walk around the box and watch inhabitants of the yard.

And they was enough. Five dogs with curious muzzles and the languages which are put out from a heat, eight cats with sleepy and indifferent physiognomies, guinea fowls in modest gray platyishka, elegant roosters and magnificent peacocks. In a grass hedgehogs rustled, on branches of a silk acacia and a hawthorn birds were filled in.

In the depth of the yard there were four accurate lodges, and in them something angrily buzzed, nearby rabbits slowly jumped, and their red eyes for some reason strongly irritated Bazilevs. In a separate extension under a low roof something grunted, bleated and said hum and ha. At some distance under a willow there was a small pool from limestone and in it unprecedented fishes floated: red and blue neon and motley lyaliusa.

Bazilevs began new life...