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About what Bloody Sunday sing U2 in the song “Sunday Bloody Sunday“?

U2 for a long time not just fate - group from Ireland, and the real symbol of fight “for all good against all bad“. Her leader Bono - one of the last romantics in love with ideals of democracy it is so sincere and passionate as the first Bolsheviks - in communism. He and group are frequenters of the most different charity and social events for a long time - beginning from fund raising starving Ethiopia and finishing with protection of the notorious Khimki wood...

However, to honor of group, fight for the rights “humiliated and offended“ does not overshadow music - still qualitative and successful. Moreover, U2, in fact, “opened a window“ to the world for other Irish fate - performers - from Shined O`konnor to THE CRANBERRIES. Therefore I will tell, first of all, about songs - the most successful, known and successful … Yes fans of group will forgive to

me, but I still consider as the best song U2 that which the first and heard. It is about the first track from an album “War“ (1983) - “Sunday Bloody Sunday“ (“Sunday Bloody Sunday“).

This song begins to excite nerves already one drum introduction. This rhythmic drawing which is specially played by Larry Mullen on a ladder of the Dublin studio (for the necessary effect of an echo), I put in one row with drum party LED ZEPPELIN in “When The Levee Breaks“.

And already in Mullen`s party as cartridges in a holder, effectively laid down both disturbing guitar searches of Ej, and the Irish sounds of a violin (on it the invited musician Steve Uikhem played), and the emotional vocal of Bono removing:

I cannot believe that I hear on news,

Ya I cannot close an eye and banish it from myself...

it is easy to i to guess that the speech in the song went about the next opposition between Irish and British. And the fighting rhythm and a social spirit of a song sent us to a hit “London Calling“ of THE CLASH group.

Bono: “I have

no doubts that “Sunday Bloody Sunday“ would not be (and could not be) is written if not THE CLASH“.

If in the history of Russia knows only one “Bloody Sunday“, then Ireland endured them a little.

For example, Sunday 1921. Shortly before it activists IRA (Irish Republican Army) exposed several English secret agents and bumped off them - one behind another. Punishment was not long in coming, and on November 21 troops Great Britain staged a massacre in Dublin. During a football match the group of Regular Royal Police also opened fire at Irish, having killed 12 people and having wounded 60...

On January 30, 1972 “Bloody Sunday“ repeated. Now the English soldiers shot at the unarmed protesters who came to an action of protection of the civil rights of Northern Ireland. Though soldiers also said that they were forced to make it for self-defense, five of thirteen killed were shot in a back. Besides, in a death toll there were six teenagers and one priest.

Actually, this event also rendered a crucial role on subject of a song (and especially on the accompanying clip where events of cruel execution are reproduced).

However you should not perceive U2 composition so rectilinearly. The initial idea and a melodic basis of a song belonged not to Bono, but Ej. Also it seemed to Ej symbolical to draw a parallel between Easter Sunday and continuous bloody war in Ireland where within several centuries Christians are Protestants and Christians - Catholics ruthlessly kill each other.


“Bono was away. It seems it had a honeymoon. I composed a melody, outlined the text and then showed it to guys. Belfast is in only fifty miles from Dublin, and I read about the events there in newspapers much, saw on the TV. I do not remember precisely what of incidents forced me to write the song. I lived then in a small lodge on the seashore, and suddenly in the head the motive appeared. At that moment I understood that the song has to be about Northern Ireland. Bono, as soon as returned, added words up to the end“.

By the way, originally the song began a little differently: “Don`t talk to me about the rights of IRA“ (“You do not speak to me about the rights of IRA“) . What indicated that Bono had no warm feelings to terrorist methods of this organization at all. He insisted that the song is not an appeal to the next revolt at all.


“It is not the rebellious song at all. What I wanted to express to these is: here it, in a close up. I am full up. How many it will proceed? It just statement. The song does not even indicate that it can give the answer“.

not to accept any parties, Bono changed the introduction of a song. However, now many considered that it is directed against Great Britain. Bono was necessary to step during execution of “Sunday Bloody Sunday“ on the stage with a white flag...


“I am a republican, but I am not any fanatical local patriot. We used a white flag on a scene to avoid green - is white - orange and zvezdno - a striped panel. I am afraid of borders and I am afraid when people speak, they are ready to die and protect the border. I not against the united Ireland, but I do not believe that it is possible to impose someone the point of view, having put to the head the weapon“.

Unfortunately, the song for a long time remained actual. On November 8, 1987, directly during a concert, the group learned about the terrorist attack of IRA conducted on the military Memoriale in funeral day. Explosion of a bomb claimed the lives of 13 people. On the same day “Sunday Bloody Sunday“ sounded especially angrily...


“It was categorical performance of the song. Almost, as though that day the song was born anew and never began to sound as before“.

Be continued.

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