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How to endure the most terrible and unusual?

to Survive in plane crash, to drift in the open ocean of 47 days, not to go crazy for hunger and a heat, not to become a lunch of sharks and not to lose courage in enemy to captivity, again to be lost in the sea. How you think what is it - plans of the Superman, dream of the young adventurer or ravings of a madman?

All this happened to Louis Zamperini, the person who conducted comfortable and quiet life. In the book “Not Recede and Not Be Given“ he tells about the improbable adventures and shares a wise advice which will be useful to everyone. We argue, you did not hear about it yet?. Occupy with

a brain, distracting soul

Without food and fresh water of Louis it appeared on a raft together with two companions (one of whom nevertheless died directly there, in the ocean). Somehow to master hunger, they in detail described dishes which were ever prepared or ate, and then shared impressions about taste. Louis was “the chief cook“ and every day thought out new delicacies. And all others even washed the imagined dishes and wiped it dry.

Such occupation exhausted and selected a heap of forces. It was necessary to be very exact: how many it is necessary for salt how long to knead dough at what temperature to bake and how to fill a turkey. And still they told stories from the past. Sang. Discussed any smart thingummies which would like to invent. Spoke about the future, made plans.

Perhaps, from outside it looks lightly. But so they concentrated on something positive, without allowing despair to take control of hearts. This rule works and in usual life - try to see in all a positive.

do not lose hope

Always there will be a soldier who will speak: “War will end, remained some three months soon“. If he begins to continue in the same spirit, then will come back home, having kept sincere health. And if to sit dejectedly and to repeat: “Guys and you just small group of optimists. War will never end“, chances will be small. It can happen as a result of any stress - matter not only in war. The hope fills your soul, allowing to move further.

Louis knew the soldier who always sat, having stared a vacant stare to the earth and to anybody did not talk. Even when the others shared rumors: “There is a disembarkation in Normandy“, “War will end by Christmas“, he did not show interest. After Zamperini`s war met him again: that, as before, silently looked in a floor. This soldier returned live, but nevertheless was dead.

Never it is impossible to lose hope. It gives you new strength. Do not allow dark thoughts to take control of your heart - even if you believe that your chances are equal to zero.

Always accept a situation

Accepting the events all heart, you will be permanently happy. If you make such relation part of the nature, nothing will unsettle you. It will be first difficult, but soon it will become a habit.

When Zamperini`s fighter failed to the Pacific Ocean, it did not want to stick out the devil at all - those where on an inflatable raft. But so left. He hoped that the help will soon come, but also it did not happen. Then he did not begin to be distressed or imagine “what could be if...“, and just controlled itself - to rage would be waste of time and energy.

Acceptance of a situation facilitates a state and helps to find forces slowly, step by step, day after day, to work. It is necessary to be able to work with what is. Why to complicate life to itself and others, showing a negative? Lose

with honor

Louis Zamperini`s

was a successful runner and only won against 3,5 years. But understood that day when good luck turns away is inevitable. And it occurred. Having yielded the palm, Zamperini Brayta with all the heart congratulated, the rival. He embraced him for shoulders, smiled and told: “It was tremendous, and you deserved the first place“.

Brayt`s parents standing nearby opened mouths from surprise. And then his mother embraced Zamperini. And it was perfectly. If you put all the forces, but lost what to do? Not to die of it. As well as in sport, it is important to be able to lose in life. Yes, it is possible to lose one running. But then you will win. And your recognition or glory, call as you want, will always remain with you. If you at top, then you at top. Your achievements are real. Already nobody will take away them. Be ill


Louis Zamperini`s

lived till 97 years. Every time, appearing in hospital, he was interested at doctors, what is the time he should carry out there. Also tried to recover quicker than term. He helped itself to recover - as always, just accepting a situation.

It is important to give to doctors the chance to perform their work, but at the same time not to forget about the wonder-working force of the cheerful relation to the events. You will see: doctors will write out you earlier (and healthy!) . And the praise for a fighting spirit will become your award. If you cannot change the relation to a situation, then you either will recover very slowly, or will die to young people.

you work Hard

If you want to become the champion, go towards the planned aim, trying very much. Here - that is also required to you enviable firmness. And having already appeared on a right way, do not turn from it, you will not come to the finish yet. Do not stop to make every effort irrespective of as far as it is heavy. We cannot be universal everything champions, but we can give all the best on full that we are able.

To take, for example, athletes: many even show outstanding abilities. But only the one who observes discipline incessantly analyzes the behavior and works both on physical shape, and on mental health, will sometime get chance to go beyond the opportunities. Only he learns taste of glory and will reach skill top.

It is optional to you to be the best in the area. But if you begin to be given to favourite business, then you will test enormous satisfaction. Eventually, Olympic champion always one. The same as the CEO in corporation and the president of any country.

On materials of the book “Not Recede and Not Be Given“ of Louis Zamperini and David Rensin.