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What mark was left by a flea in world culture? Literary!

of the Person are surrounded by a great number of animals. The part of them is necessary, it is quite possible to do without others. But this absolutely unnecessary pack of parasites not only exists, but also watches in all areas of human life. Today our “heroes“ - voshka and flea beetles.

- How are you doing?

- the Louse in a pocket yes a flea on a lasso.

For a start - the small note on terminology. A louse and a flea - beings different: the louse creeps, the flea jumps. But as both of them suck blood, we will not specify further (except cases when it significantly is necessary) about whom there is a speech - about a flea beetle or about a voshka. All of them will be either fleas, or louses (it is so more convenient to narrate).

It would seem, a louse, a harmful small being, and culture - something, created by hundreds of generations of educated people. What the general? Let`s begin with the fact that educated people, on an equal basis with uneducated, were repeatedly bitten by these harmful blood-sicking.

So, trace literary...

Nikolay Semenovich Leskov, “Lefthander“. From the preface of the author to the first edition of the story:

“I cannot tell, the first zavodka a basnosloviya about a steel flea was born where exactly that is whether she was brought in Tula, on Izhma or in Sestroretsk, but, obviously, it went from one of these places. In any case the narration about a steel flea is specially oruzheynichya a legend, and it expresses itself pride of the Russian masters of gun business. In it fight of our masters against the English masters which ours left victoriously is represented and British were absolutely shamed and humiliated“.

to the Tsar was presented in England the steel flea jumping. After his death found a box in which it lay it is whole and safe. Began to seek that it and as it. There is from drowsiness an ataman Platov who saw this donation in England. The tsar listened to it: and that it, both as it and why British cannot be surpassed. Platov was sure that the Tula masters can make also not it. And the tsar ordered it to find handymen who would surpass British.

There arrived Platov to Tula, showed a flea to armorers, told them words of the sovereign surpassing British, and here that heard:

“We, the father, monarchic feel the mercy word and never we can forget it that he hopes for the people and as to us in the real case to be, we one minute cannot tell that because the aglitsky nation too not silly, and is enough even cunning, and art in it with big sense. Against it, - - say, - - it is necessary to undertake having thought also with God`s blessing. And you if your favor, as well as our sovereign, you have to us trust, go to yourself to the Quiet Don, and leave this flea beetle to us as it is, in a case and in a gold imperial tabakerochka. Walk to yourself across Don and heal wounds which took for the fatherland and when you go through Tula back, - - stop and sposylay for us: we by that time, God willing, will think up something“.

as a result they grounded a flea - and the flea could not jump.

In this tale, naturally, the literary party - pervostateyny business. But it is necessary to notice that by this moment - to appearance of a steel flea - the level of respect for a flea was incredibly high. Why it is high? Yes because such product - the jumping almost microscopic trifle - was highly appreciated very much: ambassadorial gift. It demanded very high culture first of all of the manufacturer: he had to know as much as possible about a flea and as to make all this! Besides, the flea had to be in the field of the donator`s priorities, that is - the English king. It is possible to assume that at that time there was already a certain cult of a flea.

Once upon a time there was a king once...

At it a flea lived.

was lovelier than the brother

It to it.

is a poem - a tribute to a cult of a flea. And not where - nibud - at the king, in the royal palace. (Johann Wolfgang Goethe, “Faust“, Mephistopheles`s song in Auerbach`s pogrebka.)

The king called the tailor, ordered to a flea a velvet caftan. On it we will stop - for a flea the attire was ordered. It - is essential because only business was not limited to a caftan in a stump of a flea: for fleas began to do something like a lodge over time. About it a bit later, and now it is a high time to quote pass - the story of the person bitten by a flea. The very first action taken by the person after a sting - to catch and destroy. Occupation is difficult, we will tell directly, and not always successful.

“The flea ate three days me; I saw it every day, but all efforts to catch it were vain; today at daybreak, hours in 6, woke up from stings, felt how she rides on a back. And I was lucky: groped it through a silk jersey, clamped and I hold; situation was critical: to hold with one hand, another to put on glasses, to undress and catch. I made all this and, in my opinion, it is a record: at night, lying, to catch a flea on a back!!! “ (Alexander Nikolaevich Punin)

Be continued.