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On whom the future of solar power depends?

Who in the house the owner? In modern society you will infrequently meet obvious and complete dominance of one spouse. Usually family relations - a ball of compromises on the basis of warm feelings and common interests. Important questions of family life and housekeeping are solved together. Nevertheless roles of spouses are various. Who in a family most often “for main“ upon purchase of household solar power installations?

Survey of 200 respondents conducted by the energy company 1BOG at a boundary of 2011 - 2012 showed that among married couples of an opposite sex in the USA big interest in installation of household solar panels was shown by men. They acted as initiators of introduction of green technologies in 68% of cases while women in 11% of cases. Men more often made a maximum of efforts (in 77% of cases) to install panels, than women (in 15% of cases).

Such situation discords with known “norm“, housekeeping. It is known that women initiate and control on average 80% of family expenses. On the other hand, the passion of men to “pieces of iron“ is well-known. Men are usually more advanced in the technical plan, especially if it is about new technologies that, obviously, and explains their role in introduction of solar converters.

The given explanation pleased “not“ two ladies, Ryan Russo (Raina Russo) and Glenn Weismann (Glenna Wiseman). They conducted own research in which for the first time in branch “the female view“ of development of solar power was reflected. For an assessment of the real situation at five stages of trade in household photo-electric systems of the lady set to housewives 20 questions.

Stage 1. Decisions on entry into the market. About 63% of the interrogated women claim that they initiated discussion of need of installation of photo-electric converters. About 27% of discussions became result of efforts of both spouses, and only in 11% of cases “occasion by the forelock“ was taken by men.

Stage 2. List of purchases. More than a half of respondents (56%) consulted concerning the forthcoming purchase with representatives of 2 - 3 companies. At this stage female domination is not revealed. But such result demonstrates that wholesale suppliers should pay attention to informing on the production of end users, and not just the companies - fitters.

Stage 3. Choice of the contractor. At this stage most often (in 67% of cases) the joint decision was made by both spouses. However if someone solved one, then the woman (30%), but not the man (3%) was him usually.

Stage 4. Payment of accounts. the Well-known rule was confirmed during polls. The vast majority of women (83%) declared that they paid bills.

Stage 5. “By word of mouth“. the Opinion of the good acquaintance on goods based on personal experience - the best advertizing. Women like to talk, they willingly share information with family members and girlfriends. Marketing specialists perfectly know it, they are ready to pay buyers for communication. What would women like to receive for such “advertizing services“? The companies are ready to pay for everyone the attracted referral, but women prefer single reduction of the sum of payments (76%), than receiving money for each recommendation (26%) more often.

Thus, two surveys conducted with an interval in only two years yielded opposite results. How it can be? The first reason which comes to male mind - results of the second poll were affected by feministic moods of his authors.

But maybe, both results are right? The leading role of men in introduction of green technologies in a household is simply lost. For last two years the household solar power so obviously showed the advantages that they are clear literally today to everyone including to the great ladies bearing heavy burden of expenditure of family money.