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Small balcony not a problem. A top - 7 councils of

Most of people use a balcony not for designated purpose. Generally it is people who have a small and inconvenient balcony. Often there put unnecessary things which were not located on an attic. But the few know that the balcony can become the place where you will read and have a rest. How to make a heavenly spot of a small balcony?

1. Bring order. it is clear that before you remake a balcony, it is necessary to bring order. By the way, it is better to sell unnecessary things. So you will get rid because that it is not necessary for you and will earn a little money. It is much better, than to store unnecessary things on a balcony, to litter it with that.

2. You store things correctly. If you have so many things that they are not located on an attic or you do not want to sell them, then an exit all the same is. It is possible to leave them on a balcony, but to do it it is necessary correctly. For example, buy and put on a bench balcony with a capacious bottom. Thanks to such furniture of a thing will not disturb you, but also it is not necessary to throw out them. If the balcony small and a bench is not located, buy a padded stool.

3. Warm balcony. the covered or open balconies Happen. But in both cases, especially in the last, a floor needs to be warmed. It is better to make a floor wooden or to lay a rug. And, if you want to add a nature drop on a balcony, then lay the covering imitating a grass.

4. Compact furniture. For a balcony is suitable compact furniture more. The same benches or padded stools with a capacious bottom. Chairs which develop and displayed. Now in the markets, shops or shopping centers there is a lot of such furniture. One such thing is allowed you to save a lot of place and money.

5. Heavenly spot. Very much wants to make a balcony the place where it is possible to have a rest from everything. If you live in the downtown, then it will hardly turn out to have a rest in silence. But with it you can quite be helped by earphones and quiet music. That it was more convenient to listen to it, put a hammock on a balcony.

6. A plaid with a pillow. the Plaid and a pillow will make your balcony cozier and more convenient. If you like to be come to a balcony in the evening, then it is better to take with itself a plaid or to leave it directly on a balcony. That it was softer to sit on a chair, enclose or tie a pillow to a chair back. You like to knit, then connect an upholstery for a chair.

7. Lighting. in the Afternoon on a balcony light-because sun beams, and here darkly get in the evening. If you like to have a rest on a balcony with darling, make romantic lighting. For this purpose will approach candles. If it is necessary for you that was just light-, ordinary bulbs will approach.

These councils prove that the balcony is not the place for collecting stuff, and the full-fledged room. It is clear, you will not make a bathroom or kitchen here. But the second drawing room or just quiet corner can be made easily. Here you will read books, to listen to music or just to have a rest from the unlucky working day. It was very lucky people who have a good view from a balcony. It is possible to put a sofa there, to make coffee and to admire a beautiful view from a balcony.

Even if you have not the most beautiful view from a balcony, then nothing terrible. For example, by means of the above described councils you will make “heavenly spot“ from your balcony. If you have no place to put stuff from a balcony, then by means of the hidden curbstones or seats hide unnecessary things.

I you treat your balcony seriously, it is not necessary to litter it.