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How to change the room without capital repairs?

Even if you pay huge money, not the fact that you will have an ideal apartment. In everyone there are minor problems, but they can easily be corrected. For this purpose it is not obligatory to resort to capital repairs. Presently by means of design receptions it is possible to completely change the room.

The small room

If you got the apartment, and rooms in it were small, then it is not a reason for panic. Everything can be corrected, without having spent a lot of money and without repair. For example, it is possible to increase the room thanks to color scale. White and beige colors do the room is lighter and visually increase it. Also can help blue and gray colors, they too visually increase your room. And here blue and black colors remove walls. At the expense of what your room, visually is more.

If you still exercise in the choice of color judgment, then your room not only visually to increase, but also will be to iron stylishly. Black and white colors were always combined. And, if you want the bright room, then use bright colors: blue, yellow, light-green.

The narrow room

In apartments often happens so that rooms can be big, but narrow. It is not a problem if all of you make correctly. All know that the room can be broadened by means of different strips. But here not all know how it is correct to apply them? Wall-paper with a horizontal strip helps to broaden the narrow room. And here the vertical strip helps to lift ceilings, and the room will seem is higher. It is better to choose narrow and a yarka a strip, but everything depends on design of the room. If you want to make the room in chyorno - white flowers, then, of course, do not use bright strips.

But strips not the only design thing, is still a decor. Some trifles which you buy just to admire them can strongly help you. For example, pictures of square shape visually broaden the room. What pictures have to be? It does not matter and everything depends on your taste. The main thing that they were square shape.

Low ceilings

your housing can seem small only from - for the fact that in it low ceilings. They do the room less and not more cozy. If in your house it is possible to make repair and to lift ceilings, then in the apartment against it there will be neighbors. Because it is very inconvenient for them. But be not upset, to you ordinary strips can.

For a visual raising of ceilings is better to use vertical strips. By tradition they have to be on wall-paper, but you want to increase a ceiling, but not walls. It is necessary for increase in ceilings that strips were also on it. Buy wall-paper better with a vertical strip which smoothly passes to a ceiling. And still not only strips, but also a mirror ceiling help. Also it is recommended to put the narrow extended case.

As you understood if you have a small and narrow room with low ceilings, it is optional to spend a lot of money for capital repairs. Wall-paper in a strip which will help you to expand and make higher your room costs little. Wall-paper in a narrow strip will visually make your ceilings higher therefore it is possible to do without capital repairs. And such small secrets can be applied everywhere.