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Sometimes goes away I particularly want

How far is it far? I do not know, it`s in which direction? I do not know, just so dazed longing for, like every day looking forward to the sunrise and sunset melancholy.

Haizi`s “distance“, there is my favorite: apart from remote distance has nothing, further more lonely, distant happiness, is how much pain.

Sometimes we fall in love with a person, because a Managed VPN Service word and sometimes will leave a person because of the sentence.

Long ago like watching LanRong if words, then always think, how can let if so poor, not brokenhearted is abandoned, and now to see, read their own mood.

Ever see “struggle“ and be tempted to lai paranoid and boring, reading guo small four dreams flowers, for xu lu`s death sad sad. After a long time to see again, lai in their clinging to the garjier no longer let I hate, and love; Heart sad, but when yao shanshan dozen Lin Lan gu small north of indifferent even in front of yao SAN SAN. So I know that for a long time before and after a long gap, across my entire growth process.

A change of heart in heart in reenex growth.

Ever dreamed about in a desperate and run, do their best to let others see their seat, when I walked past the once, suddenly understand, there are a lot of the time a lot of dream, is not a must do not, they may be only used to mourn, and sometimes we lose your dreams, like lost faith, life will be more boring.

Sometimes will suddenly have a wish, want to climb the highest mountain in, take a look at this keep their bow deep ear city, it`s gorgeous and rot, let me again and again to feel tired. Often do things in the moment suddenly realized, now of the state, this kind of thing, in ever dream of.

I am a man who often feeling of inferiority, this is a lot of friends around all do not understand, but I really have been low self - esteem, those who cannot see the scenery, the man who love the pain and struggle, that I want to give up life, like the rush of the wind, I moment to breathe, almost suffocated. However, city is a good thing, it`s the night, enchanting and bright, silence under the CDH light of the moon, enchanting looks.

I do not know how to Dermes win other people`s heart, it was a very tired very bother, leading to a now whether it is a sad sad, or happy, always be I a person quietly. But not is learn how to find a method.

Previously seen a word in the book, “now you, or when the mood is bad just looked up at day affectionate young?“

of Suddenly feel old, he is really old.

No more passion for a small problem of flushed with people, we will not have patience of sat in front of the television to watch the affliction of south Korean television dramas that tears were falling, also will not have to fold the whole night of cranes or lucky star, looked at their happiness rustic laughter. Already faded green jacket, may no longer youth, also understand the truth of “what`s done is done, let nature take its course“, whether it is my relatives, lover, or friend, stay by my side, is not to leave me, also need not I took great pains. Is going to go, but cannot stop, even if I begged.

Recently fell in love with brigitte Lin “window of the window, the feeling is very shock, it was a woman who is good at acting, is also a very will tell a story of a woman, her to describe the insipid life beautiful beautiful, she told readers, is derived from the end - result of life and happiness, this is a lot of people know, it is hard to do. There is a words let I touched, “said the life is like a play, play as life, real life the scene, more dramatic than fiction plot.“

of In fact, life is like a play and play, as in life, we`re just a little competence in this world, some people would have time to look at you cry looked at you smile, people understand humor may accompany you smile together, has a soft who may accompany you cry, but no one can replace you suantiankula.

Sometimes the older the more understand some things, such as has been eager to the distance.

Will gradually understand, in fact, even if my body in the distance, also will be more miss another distance, such as here.

The distance how far is it? I`ll never know.

I like others, is just a stand miss in the winter, spring.