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Ancient secret society of Rosicrucians - the myth or reality?

History of secret order of Rosicrucians throughout centuries excites minds of many researchers. Around this society the set of legends is put. Activity of members of this mysterious organization seems so improbable what becomes similar to the myth. However, Rosicrucians left a bright mark in the history of mankind. With the Award focus of interest, at various times, work of such outstanding scientists as Pascal, Spinoza, Newton, Leibniz was crossed. Thanks to these people there was a modern science and the attitude towards medieval magic changed.

For most of scientists of the academic direction and for historiographers emergence and a decline of Rosicrucians is the event standing among others similar. On the one hand it is considered as revolutionary transition from esoteric representations to modern science, and with another - as a certain utopian project on association of the whole world in a brotherhood, the project of creation of an ideal order.

Investigating the doctrine of Rosicrucians, it is possible to tell with confidence that it became a certain synthesis of Gnosticism, Catholic asceticism and traditions of alchemists, sealants and kabbalists. Each of the specified directions is important achievement in spiritual researches of the West and, by right, adequately separate consideration. Some historians are convinced that Rosicrucians had significant effect on formation of a modern freemasonry. Specialists in a freemasonry show flexibility in the matter and do not venture to come to certain conclusions. Complexity of studying of these secret societies consists in misinformation which was actively extended in the Middle Ages by Catholic church, having beheld in Rosicrucians of the potential enemies. In secret societies prominent scientists who always stood up for light of reason and free-thinking often directed. And the science, as we know, in the Middle Ages sharply clashed with church. For this reason Rosicrucians, however as well as masons, accused of heresy, sorcery, communications with demonic entities and other crimes of which it is only possible to accuse the person.

Among researchers of Rosicrucianism it is considered to be as time of emergence of society the seventeenth century. At this particular time the idea of scientific, spiritual and social updating in Europe arises. These ideas received further display in manifestos of Rosicrucians which they turned to all kind people. The science was elected by Rosicrucians as a key to understanding of the Universe in the face of global updating of the world, after long centuries of a gloom of ignorance. Most of researchers believes that sources of the doctrine of Rosicrucians should be looked for in Renaissance Esotericism depths. The magic during this era is replaced by physics and medicine. Church inquisition is succeeded by the fair trial based on legislative rules, but not religious prejudices. Thanks to work of the Award the science, art, culture begin to develop promptly. Influence of this Award on history of mankind was big.