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How to feed and expiate the child with application of games?

of Game help children to develop the world, and - it is intelligible and interesting to parents to the kid to explain norms and rules of conduct in daily affairs. Play with children and train the child in the course of game in the vital processes.

The game situations given in article will give you help in motivation of the child to a certain behavior and will help to regulate it. Article is written on the basis of the materials on practical psychology tested at education of children in large families.

Situation 6. You need to feed the child, but he actively resists.

the Main mental set for parents in such situation - not to force the child is violently. He accurately knows a threshold of “ogolodalost“ - he will not starve himself. Just let`s him solve - it is hungry or not.

To interest the child in food - take him with yourself in shop, let he will choose for himself a plate, a spoon, a glass or a cup. He will eat with great pleasure from ware which he chose. It will become for it important incentive.

Define exact time which the child has to keep within to have breakfast or dinner. The attention of the child can be concentrated not longer than 15 minutes. Therefore, if his breakfast or a lunch lasts longer, you should entertain and finish it again. Psychologists advise in advance to agree with the child about game: “While you eat, I read“.

You should not accept food with the turned-on TV, but it is possible to turn on the music, suggest to choose repertoire to the child.

It is possible to cause interest in food by means of its “joint“ preparation. Play the game “I Prepare, You Remove Test“ - let the child will define, tasty leaves or not.

Involve it in table layout process, let he will place plates on a table. In most cases, children take pride for the fact that they gave them an important assignment, it also motivates them and to have supper together with all.

Successfully to feed the child, it is possible to play with him the game “Make a Wish“. Its essence is reduced to the fact that for each eaten piece the child makes a wish.

It is possible to take the child`s toys in assistants. The toy has to be put on a hand. The child will quicker concede to a request to eat, proceeding from a toy, than from you.

To interest the child in food, it is possible to cut it in different cubes, circles. To think up about them different stories. For example, the carrot cut by circles are orange sun, and the carrot sliced are magic wands, a cauliflower - white children of trees, and salad - rabbit food.

There is one more game based on feeling of property of the child:

1 option of game: tell the kid that want to eat from his plate something (namely what he does not eat), in most cases children shout “This mine!“ also push in a mouth.

2nd option: ask the child to feed you, but on conditions that he will not take away it to himself until your eyes are closed. As a rule, children do everything on the contrary.

If the child asks for lunch or a dinner something sweet (candies, cookies) or ice cream, and you do not want to follow his tastes, try to conclude with it “bargain“: “A dinner piece - an ice cream piece“.

You do not feed the child if he not at a table (for example, at you on a lap). It will not teach him to the correct behavior.

Situation 7. You need to bath the child, but he does not want to bathe.

If your kid does not like to take a bath, make this occupation fascinating game.

For example, offer the child in a bathroom “to cook soup from soap bubbles“. For this purpose supply it with kitchen devices: wooden spoons, plastic glasses, etc. They will replace to it toys.

Bathe the child at different times days, it will accustom him not to be afraid of water and at the same time will become occupation which becomes not according to the schedule. Play that none of children guessed at this time to be washed, it - the first!

Call bathing swimming. It will increase interest of the child.

Suggest the kid to redeem his favourite toy and that the toy was not afraid to bathe, he has to show it on own example that it is not terrible!

Remember that the bathtub with foam is always more cheerful, than without it!