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Song + dance. How the Korean dancing of “Gangnam Style“ broke the counter of Yutyyuba?

By the end “zero“ the musical industry will - bondage were necessary to remove on boundless “online - fields“ the Internet. Under the pressure of YouTube and social networks radio and television quickly lost the monopoly for promotion of hits. However even Yutyyub was not ready to that unprecedented success which got the clip on the song “Gangnam Style“...

However, and the cheerful guy Park Jae-sang hardly assumed that his composition will ever go out of South Korea, the cry “Oops will outdo Justin Bieber, and! To Cannes stayl!“ same it will become infectious - popular as once “Stop! Hammertaym!“ from the MC Hammer. Perhaps, knowing it, our hero would beware in youth to brand policy of the USA then once again not to apologize...

However, in its super - a puper - a hit there is no policy. “Gangnam Style“ was written as the ironical parody - on the Korean priest generally and “gilded youth“ in particular.

The name of a song - “Kannam`s Style“ - sends us to Kannamgu, the area in Hugo - east part of Seoul. About this most denselypopulated and prospering area the author of the song knew firsthand - he was born there on December 31, 1977. When Park Jae-sang began to compose songs and to act, took himself the pseudonym PSY (from English Psyho - the madman) which as well as possible corresponded to his ability raunchy “to light“ and to make mischief greatly.

Here and “Gangnam Style“ represents a set of “show off“ and an aping. The song is sung on behalf of the guy who “kadrit“ the girl. At the same time both of them are “meek creatures“ outside, but are extremely sexual and irresistible inside. As told PSY, the song is devoted to the ideal girl who “knows when to be distinguished and when wild“. Well, and what we hear as “Oops!“, actually not emotional exclamation, but quite intelligent Korean word “Oppan“. Literally it means “the elder brother of the girl“, but girls usually call so the boyfriends or idols.

The translation - Ksenya from Khabarovsk:

the Girl - the meek creature, but is only game,

the Girl who lets hair down when time,

the Girl who is modestly dressed comes, but girls without clothes,

the Reasonable girl are far more sexual.

I am a guy,

the Guy - the meek creature, but it is only game,

the Guy who goes crazy when time,

the Guy with idea, but not with muscles,

Ya such guy comes.

of Main “zamanukhy“ “Gangnam Style“, of course, not so much. On it every time appears as PSY in invariable black glasses (which he does not remove even in the pool) at us in the most different places and amusing situations. By the way, the singer attracted to shootings of the clip also other Korean “stars“ - two popular comedians and the singer Hyona.

All this “bacchanalia“ would be not so lethal if not marvelous and comical dance which PSY constantly dances in the company of nice Koreans. And as through the clip the image of a horse stands out (live or rotary), and main “pases“ of dance remind the movements of the rider. The singer “jumps“, squeezing imagined “reins“ in hands, rotates over the head imagined “switch“. Even it is difficult to believe from where in this dense Korean there is so much flexibility and the drive!

PSY admitted that it shot video for the fans at all did not count that it like “virus“ will be carried on the Internet. Moreover will also break enthusiastic praises on Twitter at such celebrities as Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Tom Cruise...

The flywheel of success began to be untwisted in July, 2012 - after video “Gangnam Style“ was filled in to Yutyyub. Already on November 25 the creation of the Korean overtook the clip “Baby“ of an idol of little girls of Justin Bieber by the number of viewings. And on December 21 the same year it became first Yutyyub - video which was watched by more than one billion people. Probably, for the first time since “Makarena“ dance left the clip directly in the people - all amicably zaskakat on invisible horses.

Victorious procession of a song was promoted also by the fact that the singer gave it to general use - having refused claims concerning copyright.

For only a few months of PSY became “star“ of a world class - for the first time in the history of bottoms - music of Korea. “Gangnam Style“ headed a hit - parade of Britain, and in the States reached to 2 - y positions. Though hardly local listeners understood in a lyrics something except “sexy lady“ (the rest was sung on Korean). However, for the correct perception entirely there was enough also clip. At us the infidelic text habitually modified in everyones indecent “A condom - stayl“ and “Oops! G. the ohm became!“.

What to tell about glory of the singer in the homeland! In February, 2013 it had honor to entertain crowd on the square in front of a ceremony of inauguration of Park Geun-hye - the Korea`s first woman president...

Meanwhile the counter of Yutyyuba all rotated and rotated, so far on December 1, 2014 not... broke. The matter is that it had the limit - 2 147 483 647 viewings. When the quantity of seen “Gangnam Style“ exceeded this figure, the counter began to show wrong number. It was urgently recoded, and video continued to reap “crop“.

On the wave of success of PSY wrote down one more version of the superhit - “Oppa Is Just My Style“. Now it was executed from the woman`s position, and the main voice part was given to the mentioned singer Hyona.

Besides in 2013 PSY published two more ridiculous songs - the clip - “Gentleman“ and “Hangover“ (the last sang together with Snup Dogom). Of course, such agiotage as “Gangnam Style“, they did not cause, but also of Yutyyub - viewings not one can envy their quantity experienced the priest - a star.

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