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Whether it is possible to grow rich on trade in binary options?

On the Internet can be met the mass of the announcements promising huge earnings by means of trade in binary options. Every day more and more people begin to try the forces in this direction of trading. In spite of the fact that binary options received sharp criticism from unlucky analysts in our country, it is possible to earn in this highly risk type of business. Successful trade in this type of assets will require powerful knowledge of the technical analysis, independence of emotions and application of money - management. Not to merge the deposit in the first days of trade, it is necessary to study in detail features of a trading platform at the broker whose services you decided to use. Also the right choice of the broker as in this sphere also many swindlers appeared is not less important.

of the Most popular with professionals is trade on long temporary intervals as in this case it is easier to predict the direction of the price movement of an asset. To understand the fact that prices of oil will grow at each conflict in the Middle East, and shares of the company of Microsoft will rise in price right after a release of new Windows, it is not necessary to graduate from the special universities. However, in this sphere only the one who has the effective knowledge allowing to use favourably reliable information becomes richer. In the modern world access to this information all have a benefit. On the Internet there is a mass of economic forums at which it is possible to scoop information, necessary for successful trade, on forecasts and exchange analytics.

the Main plus in binary options is the fact that the investor foreknows probable risks and the sum of the income which he will gain in case of a successful completion of the transaction. In order that the transaction was considered successful, the trader has to define correctly the further direction of the movement of the price of an asset, whether it be growth or falling. Having chosen expiration time (option life time) and investment volume, the trader concludes the bargain which cannot already be cancelled. At the time of the termination of the transaction the trader or receives up to 80% of the investment sum, or completely loses it, depending on result. Professionals in this sphere advise beginners to develop own trade strategies and to hold to the accurate plan. Passion is in this case pernicious. Trade in binary options cannot be considered as gambling or temporary hobby. It is serious work which requires due consideration and time expenditure. In the Internet - trading it is necessary to consider a set of the moments. It is necessary to choose correctly time for trade, to have the sufficient volume of means which can be lost completely. Trade in this type of financial instruments is considered the most risky. If the investor has no the sufficient volume of knowledge in this sphere, then the probability of loss of all deposit will make for it 50%, as at game in a casino. For this reason it is necessary to analyse seriously the opportunities before beginning trade in binary options. It is possible to grow rich in this sphere, but it is very difficult. Binary options cannot be considered as a way of fast enrichment. At the correct relation to trade, it is only possible to increase the deposit to 100 - 200% in a year.