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Whether the cat can kill the person!?

Strange things happen in life: the rat suddenly attacks a cat; the cat begins to pursue dogs; quite successful person, unexpectedly, rushes under the truck; the child from a good family suddenly jumps from a high-rise building roof; the noble father of family kills and dismembers six own children, and also the pregnant wife and the mother.

Scientists from the different countries came to a conclusion recently that responsible for such strangenesses often is the microbe which in large numbers cats produce. It was open for

in 1908 in one and too time by two different scientists who were separately from each other - Splendore and Nicolas.

Long time this parasite was considered harmless to the person, it was supposed that in the prevailing majority of cases this infection stays idle.

However the newest methods of research showed that it, unfortunately, not so:

The Czech scientist of Jaroslav Flegr claims that cats can extend schizophrenia as infect people with the Toxoplasma causing irreversible changes in activity of a brain.

It is echoed by scientists from Iowa State University and University of Florida. About 1,8 thousand children aged from 12 till 16 years at which cats live in the house took part in their researches - at all problems in development were revealed.

The associate professor of psychiatry of MSU Elena Brandina came to a conclusion that the people infected with a parasite of toxoplasma are inclined to suicides and severe forms of depressions much more.

Experts from research institute in Monpliyere analysed world statistics on a disease of a brain cancer at men and women, having compared them to indicators of distribution of parasites of Toxoplasma gondii living in cat`s stomachs. It appeared, the highest incidence of cancer is available in the countries where the wide circulation of this parasite is noted.

The full member of the International Academy of Integration of Science and Business of Lomonosov, the doctor of higher category Olga Yeliseyeva claims that getting to the person, toxoplasma manipulate behavior of the person. Toxoplasma even changes the identity of the owner. At it the fear of troubles disappears. Men - carriers of toxoplasma become aggressive, capable to break rules and laws, are impulsive, captious, that is are mentally unbalanced. Women - carriers toksoplazm, become more sociable, kind, trustful and more often get into unpleasant situations. The mood at them constantly changes from tears to laughter, with sudden nervous breakdowns.

The greatest danger is constituted toxoplasma for pregnant women:

If infection happened after the beginning of pregnancy, activators will accumulate and breed in a brain, affecting eyes and the central nervous system of a fruit. The immune system will soon cope with a disease and will destroy all of toxoplasma in an organism, but alas - the part of nervous cells of the child will be destroyed. The most probable consequences - the increased intra cranial pressure, intellectual backwardness, epilepsy and a blindness.

At congenital toxoplasmosis (when earlier infected woman became pregnant) are observed death of a fruit in mother`s womb, death of the newborn as a result of the general infection or (at survived) defeat of nervous system, an eye, etc. bodies.


encephalitis (after 5 - 7 years)

a gepatolamichesky syndrome (in the form of neuroendocrine violations at teenage age):

- increase in weight by 25 - 40 kg from age norm,

- obesity of uniform character,

- a gipogenitalinizm at boys and premature to a sozrevaniye of girls,

- violation in emotionally - the strong-willed sphere, at full safety of mental abilities

dientsefalny epilepsy, is shown also at teenage age and characterized: an urine incontience, visual hallucinations, nightmares, long fever, increase in lymph nodes, intelligence there corresponds to age against emotional lability and the reduced working capacity, VSD (at violation of a vascular innervation)

the Source of toxoplasmosis are cats.

Development of the activator is carried out only in epitelialny cells of intestines of cats (cats are final owners) by

of the Way of infection:

- Contact with the infected animals. Cats yaytsepodobny ootsist of toxoplasma with excrements, urine, saliva, allocations from eyes, a nose

- Use in life dirty after cleaning of a cat`s toilet or any other contact with cat`s excrement of hands allocate.

- the Use in food crude or not until the end of the made meat, especially pork, meat of a lamb or venison.

- Presence of toxoplasmosis at parents.

What occurs after infection:

In the new owner ootsist come to life, and protozoa begin to travel with current of blood and a lymph around a body in search of a cage which can be made the house. Toxoplasma has adaptation allowing to be screwed in in a cage on a tip. It is omnivorous and in an organism can strike cages of any body.

Having occupied a cage, toxoplasma begins to eat and breed. Having divided into 128 new copies, they break off a cage, and young people of toxoplasma get into blood ready to strike new cages. In several days the image of action toksoplazm changes. Now instead of taking root into cages they build dense covers - tsist several hundreds of individuals of toxoplasma disappear in each of which, There they will sit for years.

At immunodeficiency occurs their release and development of recurrence of a disease. And then the adult is defenseless before toksoplazma as the baby in mother`s womb. It begins frustration of consciousness and in certain cases there occurs the death.

Doctor O .a. Eliseeva believes that toxoplasmosis is threat not only to the person, but also all future mankind:

... It is known that toxoplasmosis is especially dangerous to future child. The fruit in a belly of mother has no own immune system. It is protected only by mother`s antibodies getting through a placenta. to

But maternal T - the lymphocytes capable to destroy toxoplasma, the entrance to blood system of a fruit is forbidden. Because T - lymphocytes can take a germ for a huge anti-gene and begin fight against it. Therefore toxoplasma, got through a placenta into a fruit, quickly and uncontrolledly breed, causing extensive and often fatal damages of a brain. Working as the oculist and the neuroradiologist, I saw many children with congenital toxoplasmosis with terrible complications: the mikrotsefaliya, hydrocephaly, an anizorbita, anoftalm, encephalitis in combination with meningitis, cerebral arakhnoidit with such syndromes as diyentsefalny, epileptiformny, vestibulyarno - cerebellar, gipertenzionny.

Also at children were observed motive violations and changes of mentality - from asthenic before organic decrease in cerebration. At many children at toxoplasmosis damages of eyes, hearts, lymph nodes, a kaltsifikata in a brain, lungs came to light.

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