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Styles in the wooden house.

the Natural tree causes association with warmth, comfort in all, tranquility and people continue to order projects from a bar.

of Feature of an interior

the Main complexity in selection of an interior for a felling is that not each style will harmoniously look with round logs. Having chosen such house, you in some degree drive yourself into a framework at the choice of design, but only only somewhat.

the Choice is really reduced, but if to select style accurately, then it is possible to enter any interior. The main thing not to be overzealous.

Provence, a country and a chalet

are styles which arose in villages. The best choice for the wooden house. All elements will organically fit in, and will look most naturally. On similar styles it is worth stopping the choice if you wish harmony and comfort in the country house.

of the Neoclassic, the Renaissance and classics

the Essence of all these three directions in copying of style from antique architecture. They differ in warm colors in registration, not striking decor and symmetry of forms. It seems that not absolutely suitable style for the wooden house, but if competently to use classical sated tone, that is an opportunity to allocate beauty of furniture in a frame from relief walls of the house.

East style and minimalism

If you the admirer of ascetic Scandinavian style, then it is perfectly combined with a tree. If to you to taste the Japanese style, then it is worth knowing that it will be good to look it only with very light or very dark breeds of a tree. The Japanese design in general is difficult in respect of realization.

Minimalism and the wooden house, apparently, in general are incompatible, this design does not welcome decor elements. But if not to abuse accessories and flowers on walls, the minimalism will give a unique look to your wooden felling.

the Modernist style and a postmodern

the Modernist style was created under the impressions cast by the nature therefore with this style problems will not be. And here the postmodern not too approaches under a naturalistic situation. However and it is possible to cope with it. It is enough to add a suitable decor, a little necessary paint for walls and not to be overzealous with it. As a result you receive good and interesting design.

of Baroque, rococo

It those two styles which unambiguously will not be suitable for the wooden house. It is style of magnificent locks which are far from naturalism and a functionalism. It is possible to try to achieve good result by means of woodcarving and to an exaction of pictures for walls, but whether there are these efforts of the received result?

Here the main styles which can be realized really well in the wooden house. And if you already precisely decided that you want to construct a felling, then do not depart from this decision because any other house will not present you so much comfort, a cosiness and heat.