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What stones will be suitable for a bathroom?

Here we also reached, at last, the Bathroom!

As well as in the Toilet, in the Bathroom it is possible to spread out many stones - in these rooms we spend a little time, “overdose“ to us means does not threaten.

I want to offer several sets of stones for the Bathroom. Is better, probably, choose that which will respond to you more (or make an own set).

It is good to put in the Bathroom Agata (any color). Mine - pink, but perfectly will approach both gray, and green, and blue. Agate is the tactful and soft stones reminding a wave form. They bring closer us to the nature, help and learn to love the body. When we see their reflections in a mirror, we remember beautiful flowers in a garden.

In the following row the Transparent Quartzes symbolizing transformation and purity settled down. I met the offer “place transparent quartz in a shower cabin“ - for certain, it is good idea (if the device of a cabin allows to make it): stones will load the water passing through them.

Couple of blue stones - Aquamarines. Their name speaking: Aquamarine - a stone of water, easy self-expression, flexibility and a charm. It well affects skin.

The green stone located from above - Chrysoprase. It stimulates a metabolism, tones up an organism and well influences quality of a dream: its field guarantees good awakening. Chrysoprase is capable to lift working capacity and to remove a nervous tension. It is remarkable as a mascot when undertaking any affairs. And what can be better than Chrysoprase to start day? It lightens mood! Tell (I do not know, these stories are how truthful)) that Napoleon enjoined to awake himself with the following words: “Get up, my Emperor - you are waited by Great Causes“. It seems that this morning motivational appeal is in each Chrysoprase.

The “stabilizing“ set.

From new stones is here:

Nephrite - according to old Chinese traditions, being a universal remedy “from everything“. In old times Nephrite was put on any sore point where it was. Nephrite “is able“ to level functioning of all systems of an organism, to harmonize emotions, to calm nerves and to remove tension. Its saturated green color in itself works soothingly. Besides, Nephrite helps to bring toxins out of an organism and improves work of kidneys.

the White stone with greenish streaks - Wood Agate - is among my most beloved stones. It also favorably influences work of kidneys and regulates a water exchange in an organism.

Wood Agate - the quite good assistant to people, “gone on a diet“: the stone dulls feeling of hunger, helps not to overeat. In general this stone supports us in the choice of life priorities and their correct arrangement. It is considered female - makes favorable impact on pregnancy and health of women, helps to find composure.

the Jade stabilizes warm activity, normalizes pressure and superfluous takes away from us all (for example, it is capable to absorb a negative). I recommend this stone to people with children - it facilitates establishing contacts between generations. The jade is useful not only to children - the stone in general does people softer and tactful, attentive and sensitive to other people.

Green Quartz exerts positive impact on lungs and on a warm chakra, helps to belong to the world with big trust.

The third set of stones for the Bathroom - “weakening“. it included Aquamarine, Transparent Quartz and Blue Agathe. It would be possible to put Blue Agate in it (instead of Blue), but this stone more rare.

As well as all stones of blue color, Blue Agathe has calming “abilities“, well influences communicative abilities and a throat. I advise the people having sleeplessness to take before going to bed a bath with these stones - it will lower a hyperactivity and will relax a body.

Aquamarine possesses the good clearing properties. Its elements - Water, it adopt a lot of things from it. Aquamarine facilitates course of allergies, improves complexion and skin, strengthens the organism resilience to catarrhal diseases.

Except above-mentioned stones, it is possible to put pebble, and also pearls and cockleshells in the Bathroom.

Well what set you chose? Or perhaps you made own? Tell in comments!