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All of us always feel stones for Clarification of the House and Housewarming of

Regardless of the level of sensitivity of “thin“ energiya, the house which entered is pleasant or not to us. The harmonious space of pure and hospitable houses weakens and calms. Some houses there is a wish to leave quicker and to come back nevermore.

It is influenced different by factors - the district, the city, people (both living in the house now, and living in it earlier) who are occurring (and occurring earlier) processes. So, the apartment in which meditate much and initiate Reiki, strongly differs from housing in which drink or often quarrel.

The person sensitive can easily distinguish houses from uninhabited, - even if in the last all situation is kept. Such person will be able even which - what to tell about owners.

Space of the apartment or house - as well as everything, us surrounding, gives in to changes. Of course, in the beginning the space will be similar to you. But soon - later only two - three weeks of full-time residence - it considerably will change. There are additional methods by means of which it is possible to help itself. Stones - one of these methods.

The first that needs to be made, driving to the new house - to clean it. At the deep level the part of information, of course, will be saved, but the basic can be cleaned. It is not difficult to make it. If you many times lived in hotels or often moved, then, most likely, know how strongly the space influences mood. And if to clean a hotel room or the apartment, then sleeplessness and quarrels stop at once. With special care it is necessary to clean new apartments or houses before settling in them.

The technology to you will be required to

For cleaning of the house or the apartment the Druze of rock crystal (transparent quartz). Previously it needs to be cleaned in salt (dig a crystal for three days in sea salt (without impurity); after cleaning of a stone throw out salt). Cleared to the Druze it is necessary to load (for example, having kept it within several hours on the sun).

After that program a crystal on clarification. It is simple: ask it to clear space of this room or distinctly tell a stone what it will clear. It is quite good if at the same time you are able to reproduce feeling of purity (which often arises on the beautiful nature or in the temple) - try to transfer this feeling to a stone, holding it in hand several minutes or seconds.

Place a crystal in the center of the room. Open windows to provide to a sunlight the maximum access to the room.

It is desirable to clear the apartment or the house before housewarming - day for three - four before settling. If it is impossible, be engaged in clarification at the first opportunity. It is not obligatory to clean a crystal - just you clean it periodically in salt. It is good “to lodge“ such crystal in a drawing room or other “general“ room in which the family or guests most often gathers (for example, in the dining room or in kitchen).

Let your house will exist the most harmonious and cozy!

And how you harmonize space by means of stones? Tell, please, in comments! whether

you Have a favourite pebble for a bedroom helping to have kind dreams? Or perhaps at you in kitchen there “lives“ the happy stone with which any dish easily prepares and turns out tasty? And what stone helped you to grow roots with the new house? I wait for your stories!