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What is known of sweat?

Sweat - a source of profit of the companies making and trading in various deodorants. In spite of the fact that people fight with then, it is necessary for us.

The main component of sweat - water, its content is 99%. Evaporating from a skin surface, it cools a body of the person and prevents an excessive overheat.

Sweat is useful and in other respects. Among natural impurity in allocations of sweat glands is dermtsidin, possessing antimicrobic action. This natural “antibiotic“ protects an organism from a number of bacteria, including from colibacillus.

At the same time reaction of an organism to sweat can be and negative. In sweat the fungal MGL_1304 protein causing allergic reaction in the people sick with atopic dermatitis is found.

Not all people sweat equally. Usually men emit twice more sweat, than women. Both floors sweat less with age.

In spite of the fact that by means of evaporation of liquid all mammals are cooled, sweat as people, i.e. emit by means of sweat glands for a skin surface water, only the few. For example, camels simply ignore excess heat. Saving precious moisture, their bodies can heat up to 48 about Page

Among the few animals who are actively emitting liquid for cooling, a horse. At horse sweat there is an unusual latherin protein. Possessing properties superficially - active agents, it facilitates release of water, its advance through a time of thick leather of an animal. Thus, expression “a foamy horse“ has a scientific justification.

Hippopotamuses emit red sweat. It not only cools their corpulent bodies, but protects skin from bacteria and sunlight.

Red sweat occurs also at people. As a rule, the rare illness - gematidroz so proves. “Bloody sweat“ actually contains blood which gets to it from the destroyed blood vessels.

At a hromidroza of allocation of sweat glands gain red, yellow, blue, green or other color. “The optimistic shine“ can be a consequence of allocation with then come to an organism from the outside of chemicals. The natural reasons for which hromidroz it is shown at quite healthy people are still unknown to science.

The smell of sweat of healthy people differs from a smell of patients. So occurs because the composition of the organic volatiles emitted together with then depends on our metabolism. Thanks to it it is possible to diagnose some diseases.

The smell of sweat depends also on an emotional state, and even on a diet. One of researches found out that began to smell men - vegetarians are pleasant to women more, than began to smell meat eaters.

Regardless of an emotional state, health or a diet sweat possesses individual characteristics which can be used instead of fingerprints for identification. Researchers allocated “cocktail“ from 373 volatile compounds which structure remains invariable throughout a long time.

At a human body there are two types of sweat glands - apokrinny and ekkrinny. Ekkrinny glands much more, they are distributed practically on all body whereas apokrinny are concentrated generally in axillary hollows and in a groin. Apokrinny glands practically do not participate in thermal control, but react to a stress. Their allocations are insignificant, however are responsible for the most part of our smells as in them there are a lot of substances promoting development of bacteria.

Kind health!