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In August shallow autumn

of Fall bask in this gentle cool season, heart already fly to the distance. With a little heat of summer dermes, I made a red pen on the desk calendar deeply imprint - - - August 19th, this is a belong to your day, my dear mother - in - law`s birthday`s birthday!

The lights on, night decayed, blatant city finally a day into a rare quiet. All the stars the night dressed up so colorful and bright. Do not remember how many time no so quiet to enjoy such a night. Because of busy, traveling.

However, tonight, in this sacred day, I told your son will put down the fetters of life to us, in the far south place on a table of delicious food for you, to pour a cup of old wine, toast together wish: distant toil life mother, happy birthday!

Vaguely remember, last year`s birthday elyze, your only son to accompany with you. However, because of busy of bridal chamber, economic problems, I thousand ding million told let your son to order a birthday cake for you, but you repeatedly declined. What you said, new good, than to buy are good for me. The mood, only I understand.

Today, beautiful new house, you can finally in this new house have a belong to your birthday. Although the distance we are miles away in the distance with you, but my blessing to you with your son already flew to home. Mom, tonight, you are the happiest, happiest woman in the world. Bless you, always longevity and health!

The mother - in - law, my dear mother reenex, thank you for this home in these years. Every day, your day and night, day, pinch and scrape, only in order to complete our common wish, that is now this beautiful new home. Completion of bridal chamber, you almost ran out of the whole body strength. This auspicious day, let me sincerely say to you: mom, you were laborious!

Remember, in March of the season, your granddaughter school held a fraternity of left - behind children have a lot of reporters watched television, interviews, your granddaughter is a great pleasure as host of the evening. As a result, she not barrels, very complete successfully. After the meeting, please attend school leaders and the village cadres to perform all of the actors dinners, you also is a great pleasure for me to become a member of the invited family members.

But you long to say that I did not do for their children? I how not bashful? The school leader`s words let you moved several days. Fostered a they say: thank you for such a good granddaughter, although parents were not around, but you gave her more than the love of parents, you are the best in the world of grandma, let her feel less than that of left - behind children alone.

Yes, mom, you are the best in the world, grandma are the best mother in the world. Although the daughter for eleven years of left - behind children, but she is everything, is not a normal left - behind children to perform. Just because, you gave her too much care and love, just had her now thrive. Thank you, mom, thank you for your daughter.

Suddenly look back, married into the family, has made 11 years, with you, like a mother and daughter, girlfriends. What about the topic of women, we always not taboo to talk about. The wordless tacit understanding only you understand, I. Sometimes, I always a person silently meditating, do I shangbeizi is the daughter of you wandering, so this life doomed to use the identity of the daughter - in - law to meet you?

Tonight, at this point, more want to take a round bright moonlight, fly back to your side, for you cook a bowl of hot longevity noodles; Many want to cut the distance of space and time, birthday candle for you, sing a song for you old birthday song. Cruelty of reality, however, there are many for you wish failed to achieve. So, her mother - in - law, injustice yourself, believe that one day, is only one step away from me.

Autumn, cool shallow, wash not concern about you and miss; How time flies, time flies, never forget to let your blessings and be. Another belong to the day of your birthday, far away her daughter - in - law still can only use this way for you to have a distant birthday feast. Her mother - in - law, another mother in my life, remember happy birthday!