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With what “sisters“ Vasily Andreevich Zhukovsky was on friendly terms?

“Zhukovsky which we were surprised to piitichesky images of the nature in its fine verses made friends with the sister of the beloved girlfriend of poetry recently - painting. He published 6 views of Pavlovsk copied by him from nature and perfectly engraved in Derpta“, - the Moskovskiye Vedomosti newspaper reported on February 23, 1824.

The newspaper was mistaken: Vasily Andreevich began to draw almost then when and to write verses. Still studying in noble board at the Moscow university, he mastered drawing elements a pencil, ink and dry inks. But in young litas Zhukovsky was limited to “applied“ subject - vignettes, sketches in albums. And only over the years felt taste to serious plots.

Vasily Andreevich wrote in January, 1823 to the relative and the friend Anna Sontag from the first trip abroad to Germany and Switzerland: “Travel made me and the draftsman - I drew … about 80 types which I engraved“. Since then the album and a pencil accompanied it everywhere. And the heat with which Zhukovsky was given to drawing even caused in the poet and the publisher of the Sovremennik magazine Pyotr Pletnev of fear whether will damage this hobby of poetic activity of the friend.

Zhukovsky developed own style of the draftsman. In its drawings there are few events and movement, the motionless space dominates. The pencil of the poet allocates the foreground, doing lines more and more thin in process of removal of the represented objects. The planimetric line was for it the main graphic means.

On trips abroad and across Russia Vasily Andreevich made more than one thousand drawings. Its etchings, engravings and lithographs made a number of printing albums which are stored in National Library of Russia and are a rare book. And how many albums are not published?! Their fourteen … From time to time researchers find

the sheets completed with fast strokes of the poet during travel with the successor of a throne grand duke Alexander Nikolaevich whose mentor was Zhukovsky only in department of manuscripts of Public library of Saltykov-Shchedrin. By order of the emperor Nicholas I each participant of travel kept “the special magazine“ - the traveling diary. Six notebooks were filled in a long journey and by Zhukovsky. Alas, these works are also mostly known only to librarians and art dealers. The only drawing of Zhukovsky which for certain at least once saw everyone is “Pushkin on the deathbed“. Vasily Andreevich sketched the dying friend in the 54 - y birthday …

in the Fall of 1830 in imperial Academy of Arts on the bank of Neva the public meeting after acquaintance with an exhibition of works of painters, sculptors, architects, engravers and masters of other art forms heard the three-year report of Academy. Then construction of “the famous artists and fans“ in honorary academic titles followed. According to the proposal of the president of Academy, the historian, archeologist, artist and statesman Alexey Olenin in honourable free obshchnik mister the valid councilor of state Zhukovsky“ was elected “. Vasily Andreevich responded to it the grateful letter to “sir Alexey Nikolaevich“: “… the honor done me so for me it is unexpected, I attribute to favor elected me and your friendship, personal to me, … it especially pleases me, though I remain sure that I deserved nothing it“.

Rendering a tribute of modesty of the poet, it is necessary to regret that we just should open the most part of his drawing talent for ourselves.