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The musical of the theatrical company “Ivanhoe“ “Treasure island“ in Akvamarin theater. Really the ships have kindred spirits?

When in the capital summer and hot dry dust of city roads lay down a soft carpet on our airways. When there is a wish to escape from the stone jungle on a sea scope, and it is impossible. When crowds of people cause desire to hide, and the city does not let out, the song of pirates in the musical “Treasure island“ in Akvamarin theater by Kuntsevskaya`s subway at once very much tones up. There is a wish to rise under sails and - at way! On open spaces of a sea smooth surface. And this rush - the first ingredient of tart mix under the name the musical “Treasure island“ of the theatrical company “Ivanhoe“.

The second ingredient - soft humour. Look how the pirate from blow a tray on the head falls! This episode as well as another where the character crashes into the closed door, forces the audience to burst out laughing. Perhaps, humour in the musical and not the highest test, but we came to the musical, but not to comic action. Right?

The third ingredient - the musical partly reminded me a certain sabbath, buffoonery. In good sense of this word when it is not dull when blood boils in veins of actors when everything is bright and fabulous.

This here mix from three components, namely an appeal will go to a way behind treasures by sea (!) plus soft, rectilinear humour and also in what - that the Gipsy buffoonery of action also makes a basis of appeal of the musical “Treasure island“

Children that are locked in gray boxes of multimillion megalopolises, live so stuffy and densely that they just and lack romanticism. Such, that fresh wind in a face, and forward, with adventures, sometimes life-threatening. For the horizon. The theatrical company “Ivanhoe“ can tell spectator thanks for this opportunity at least on a scene while there is a show, to escape from captivity of the stone jungle on imagination open spaces. I remember how in my childhood little girls, having read books “Scarlet sails“ of A. Green, waited for these sails and Prinze at a window. Generations are replaced, but thirst for scarlet sails - to a romanticism symbol - does not die in souls of children, despite existence of latest models of iPhones and game consoles.

The embodiment of romanticism and honesty Jim Hawkins (actor Arseny Nikitin) appears on stage there is a boy beyond the years courageous and noble. On a plot it should face insidiousness of adults, treachery, threat of the life, but noble heart did not tremble. The young actor Arseny Nikitin, probably, already thoroughly accustomed on a scene and I do not see on his face, in its movements of constraint and a stiffness, shyness that I am peculiar to, usually, “green“ actors. Game at it flows quite naturally as a live streamlet in the wood. Though sometimes this streamlet runs away somewhere afar, contact with other actors is lost, but these failures not for long last that pardonably.

The musical “Treasure island“ of the theatrical company “Ivanhoe“

gives us, the audience, the whole kaleidoscope of surprising characters. The most picturesque old man tagging black piracy the master of transformation actor Eduard Ablam (blind Mr. Pyyu) is remembered by a unique voice, something reminding the Baba-yaga.

The group of sailors - pirates left surprisingly bright. This whole family of young naughty adventurers. Their actor`s work to me filled with something the Gipsy camp in good sense of this word: children are very musical, plastic in dance, freaky and noisy.

They are gentlemen of good luck, that is special breed of people. And mass meeting managed to transfer this string of human soul. The character the Black Dog performed by Mikael Amirkhanov became the most picturesque of pirates, in my opinion, high dark-haired and with a red bandage on a forehead. This guy knows how to transfer emotion of indignation. The viewer feels this plasticity of an image, feels his disappointment when the third-party person orders the Black Dog (Konstantin Sirotkin - the Captain Smollett), but not the pirate. The captain showed to us an image of the most honest officer and commander.

Against the refined Smollett contrast jumps out as the devil from a snuffbox, Ben Gunn. It is an image of such English wood goblin, and his hissing voice creates feeling of an old sofa or case. He borodat very much, and I did not make out who created this lovely hissing character.

Three white nanny-goats - women`s dancing party - create the atmosphere of melody and softness. Their pink cheeks - too part of this bright action - the musical “Treasure island“ of the theatrical company “Ivanhoe“.

The actor Vladimir Belyaev (John Silver) created an image of the person wise, he does not wish excess blood. But for the sake of achievement of the purpose - and mother native will sell! And for the sake of treasure will make everything. But also in it, in heartless, eventually, there are positive changes. Probably, the sea and nobility of the young adolescent Jim so works?

Actors of mass meeting are good, give all the best in emotions even in sarcastic laughter over Jim Hoskins`s opportunities. And the doctor`s hysterics, let and theatrical, turned out at the high level.

As a result this abundance noble and not really, ill-matched, bright, enchanting characters against old kind sea England also create eccentricity of the musical. Heroes continuously call us: “In fight! In fight! In fight!“, repeatedly repeating this phrase. This musical, in my opinion, is a peculiar attack against “wiping of trousers“ by our contemporaries in front of TV.

“Treasure island“ of Akvamarin theater is a musical where music is paramount. It is difficult to define what style dominates here. Here both melodious ballads, and even loud notes of “metal“ are heard to the viewer`s ear, and even something national.

Characters not just sing, but also break into a naughty dance. Choreography at the high level. Pirates move in dance harmoniously, is fulfilled, synchronously. And as Jim Hoskins dexterously and precisely slips at the pirate between legs, running away from prosecution! But there are also tiny slips. For example, when the pirate could not catch the stool thrown to him on a saber. Train, children!

Scenery of a scene move multidirectional, there are red lamps, and the ballad begins. The ballad is executed by Jim and Silver`s duet, and I would call this episode one of the best pieces of a music line of a performance.

Suits of pirates and other characters to me seem reliable and the most important, memorable. Shitye spangles the caftans varnished fashionable, high boots standing men. All this creates STYLE.

Really the ships have kindred spirits? Jim Hoskins considers that yes. And you are children, also you think? Jim Hoskins`s soul is quiet when he keeps this word. To pledge the word to the one who holds you captive that you will not run away, and - not to run away when such opportunity is given, it is a big STEP of the young person. It is honest and noble.

This world costs on honest people . In it a highlight of all musical “Treasure island“ of the theatrical company “Ivanhoe“. The person on acts is judged! Especially, it concerns men. Conduct children here, you will not regret. Let and in their childhood there will be romantic “Scarlet sails“.