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How to be protected from bitches, manipulators and power vampires?

How not to be the victim of manipulators? How to behave with the bitch? How not to give in to power vampires? I want to offer you simple equipment of behavior in such situations. If you “got“, then take care. The enemy is artful.

Most often it is women. I do not want to open a season of witch-hunt, but men by the nature are really simpler. Though walking ulcers occur among men, but is more rare.

How to distinguish these people who are making the life miserable to people around? It is quite simple. Such bitches talk - power vampires in a flowery style, always part ceremonies in conversation, never speak directly. The hint follows a hint. They use hints. Come always from far away. Sometimes try to shock the interlocutor with some phrase at once to unsettle. Their trump - charges.

Most often they behave as if we made or told something or we want something. But we do not want and did not do anything yet and did not speak. It is necessary to pay attention to it. The main task of manipulators - to accuse you of something, to show you what you bad, then to cause in you some feelings, for example, a regret, pity, shame and so on. Then they will force you to apologize, and you will have to make amends somehow. You will correct what you did not do.

And here you already carry out what is necessary for the manipulator. Though it not especially needs it, the main thing for it is to mock at you. And further this parasite will confuse you finally and will swallow with giblets. You are not guilty of anything. But you can believe in what such person tries to convince you of. Here it is important not to be afraid to be not ideal. We are not ideal. And here the moment when it is necessary to show to the manipulator where put it and where not it came. As a rule, they very much are surprised when you tell them that they poke the nose into other people`s affairs. It is necessary to explain them it in detail.

It is impossible to accept their rules of the game at all. Do not try to win against them in their game. Namely it also wants to be made. There is a wish for the unclear reasons. Perhaps, it is a natural instinct of imitation. We imitate all to whom we talk. You can notice how you borrow words of the interlocutor when you do not find necessary. It is possible to notice how we fell by couple of steps down, communicating with the uncivilized, or petty person. We often are reflection surrounding. We are influenced by all and all. It is necessary to be oneself. Here the resistant position is necessary. Power vampires feel the unstable, hesitating people. Quite so they choose to themselves the victim. Having received repulse from the person, they lag behind it. If the person hesitates and doubts, they stick to him.

The best way to win such situation - it is constant to place points over i. Literally after each phrase told by the troublemaker it is necessary to correct it, to specify all nuances. Not to allow to load itself information. For this purpose it is necessary to stop conversation and to sort concepts. Of course, this provoking of the conflict. But on it play many manipulators. They choose the victims avoiding the conflicts. If you show readiness for the conflict and, perhaps, will offer something what clung earlier to (and it needs to be made), then it will bring the effect. You remember, before you the enemy. Forget about the plans and about their possible destruction. However it is necessary to be reserved even in the conflict, otherwise we besides turn into their game. And they will win against us. It is better to show the Olympic tranquility.

Why they do it, not absolutely clearly as gives in to logic hardly. Such people live in some unreal world distorted by their consciousness. Perhaps, they in some degree are sick mentally. They constantly play a role, changing masks, but never removing. Sometimes for a short time they manage to replace several masks. And you can observe it if you provoke such person. When he understands that nothing to get at you, he will lag behind.

Perhaps, the desire to operate others or just to be the death of other people is their attempt to control somehow a situation. Or perhaps they really exhaust energy at people during the conflict. Possibly, they learned such behavior at the parents, or at someone, and in some degree are the victims.

But to you it is not necessary to feel sorry for them. Anyway, they do harm, injuring mentality of other people, weaker and good-natured persons. Our task - to be protected from them. So we will be resistant!