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Why to lie silly?

Six arguments in favor of opinion on what to lie silly and not favourably. It is simpler to tell the truth always. Life will become easier. The trust of people will remain. The best relations will not collapse. The respect for itself will become stronger.

People often face lie. Sometimes, in some situations, apparently, that not to do without deception. Let`s reflect, unless there is an advantage of lie? In my opinion, to lie silly and not favourably because:

1. You always have to remember the lie.

If you lay, you always have to keep in mind that you told. If you forget the words, there is always a chance to tell something inattentively, contradicting the previous words. Even can happen that to avoid exposure, you will be forced to tell a lie again. The lie is imposed on lie. It is easy to get confused in its web.

It is simpler to tell the truth always. Life will become easier.

2. You will lose trust of people.

When you will be caught on lie, people will prick up the ears. Will treat cautiously any your word. Even if you will tell the truth now, they will be very cautious and not to trust you. It will be difficult for you to find partners in business. Nobody will want to be deceived once. Those whom you respect will not want that their family or friends had close relations with you. Before you doors of good houses will be closed. Habitual liars are often lonely. Do not trust them, and they do not trust anybody.

Do not lie if you want to have many friends and partners trusting to you.

3. You will get bad reputation.

When many dear people will know that you the liar, your reputation will collapse with a high probability. Rumors are quickly spread. Besides, clever people will consider you as the fool. Got on lie looks, at least, thoughtlessly. He was sure that other people are silly, blind and will not understand his cunnings. And it is not pleasant to people around when they are considered as idiots. They consider that if you decided on lie, and they see you through, then you are silly.

And trustful people who trusted you owing to the personal morality which assumes honesty at all, having learned about lie, will consider you by immoral type. And influential people are honest. Then the lie will turn back big losses.

Be not thoughtless. Do not destroy the reputation by lie.

4. You can be involved in troubles with the law.

Happens, the person lies with impunity much. For various reasons. Whether it is trusted, whether do not admit to it that know about his lie. Then the lie passes into a habit. To lie to receive any benefit, very easily. But not always the lie is harmless for the liar. For it can bring to legal responsibility in certain cases.

You want to sleep peacefully - do not lie.

5. You can destroy the relations by lie.

of the Person are surrounded by people who care for it, love it, are on friendly terms with it. Even one casual lie can destroy the relations. All of us know many examples.

You want to keep happiness - do not lie.

6. Your self-assessment will go down. Present to

. You achieved much in life. But not by means of the personal talents, and by means of lie. There will come the moment when you think of it. If you are clever, this thought will not be pleasant to you. Your personal self-assessment will aspire to zero.

You want to respect yourself - do not lie. If the lie made by

your life difficult, perhaps, time came to begin to tell the truth. As soon as you decide to tell the truth, you will find out that your life begins to become less difficult. Try!