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Cooperation of the climatic Company Daikin Industries, Ltd companies Daikin and Gree

., begins the history since 1924 and is the leader in creation of climatic equipment not only in the Japanese market of conditioners, but also in the universal market. Industrial developments of this corporation always differed in high advanced technologies. This company always looked in tomorrow and always conducted researches and developments of essentially new equipment, and in a basis her intelligence and reliability was put.

the GREE Company, was based in 1991. Development of this company went so violently that since 2005 GREE annually wins first place on output in the world and has the highest rating of sales. Now the GREE company possesses six plants in China, Brazil, Pakistan and in Vietnam.

One all the time prior to 2008 officially was not advertized technological support of Daikin to the producer of Gree anywhere. But nevertheless, this support not only took place, in respect of developments, but also in the output plan with the organization of processes of high-quality production. Since 2005 the budgetary daikin models were produced at Gree plants under control of representatives from Daikin. Such step for Daikin corporation was need for a gain of the Baltic, Indian, Russian, and South American markets where in difference from the European and North American markets the income of the population was on average lower, and preference was given to models with lower price. And in the native Japanese market, Daikin also did not want to refuse obtaining price advantage. It was the classical course of the Japanese and American companies regarding a dumping in fight for the client. The technology of this cooperation was following. In process of the beginning when the culture of production was at a low level, cooperation of corporations was limited in transfer of technologies from Daikin for Gree. Technologists of a line of the Daikin compressors of the « series were transferred; G . Regarding the characteristics on productivity and reliability data of the compressor poorly differed from compressors of competitors Toshiba and Panasonic. Gree got thanks to Daikin the producer got the following advantage in part of developments of electronic payments of management of operation of blocks. The realized developments differed in silent work and reliability. In process of growth of culture of production and receiving world recognition, an opportunity, without loss of reputation of the Daikin brand appeared, the house-keeper of rulers to turn out part of products from the category on production capacities of Gree plant (Zhuhai plant of 40 km from Hong Kong). Not invertor Split models - systems Were mass-produced. Despite a little increased number of marriage, in general experiment it is possible to consider successful. Both the subsequent completions and reverent attitude of corporations to the reputation smoothed and this moment especially as the price of the conditioner fell 2 - 4 times. It was important. Other Japanese corporations also transferred the production. Direct competitors of Daikin: Mitsubishis, Fujtsu, Toshiba already had production capacities in China.

Critical became 2008. During the played crisis of sale of climatic equipment sharply fell and for preservation of sales volumes there was a need of increase in production capacities in China and decrease them in Japan. On February 18, 2009 in top-level Chzhukhaye, the meeting with signing of the Agreement on Global Strategic Cooperation took place. By this moment the culture of production at Gree plant reached an appropriate level to start in production of a line of more expensive equipment. Start invertor Split - systems of Daikin conditioners at Gree capacities became the following step of trust from Daikin. Multisplit systems and conditioners of new rulers worth over 2 thousand dollars still were issued directly in Japan. In Japan there was a release of system of a premium class with sensors of presence of the person indoors and technologies of a podmes of fresh air.

B 20011 to year proceeding will extend Daikin corporation absorbs the Turkish plant Airfel]. Under this Airfel brand at Gree plants began to be issued several lines of the equipment having joint Japanese - the Chinese development.

Currently created Daikin and Gree corporations steady scientifically - the production block on development and release of qualitative climatic equipment in East - the Asian region. Combining technical developments of Daikin with economy of production in China with a due level of quality at Gree plants, the Daikin corporation could make the brand not only one of the most prestigious, but also at the same time one of the most available among qualitative climatic brands. This union provided leadership of sales of both companies in the world market and made them the legislator of tendencies of development of the climatic market