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10 ways to save money for means for leaving. By means of the simplest things.

All of us, girls and women reflected, than it is possible to replace lipstick or how to return an initial hair color. Today I to you will show to

10 means for personal care.

1. Moistening for lips, and not only. If you do not want to be spent for hygienic lipstick, means for removal of a make-up or face cream, there is a vaseline.

Vaseline well moistens face skin and lips. Well removes mascara, eye shadow and resistant lipstick.

2. Restoration of a hair color. If you have colored hair, swimming in the pool with the chlorinated water the hair can change considerably your shade. They can return an initial shade of a hair color by means of six - eight tablets of aspirin dissolved in a glass of warm water. Carefully rub solution in hair and leave for 10 - 15 minutes.

3. Shampoo without tears. Why to buy shampoo “without tears“ if there is a vaseline? Only smear with eyebrow vaseline, and shampoo will not creep to you in eyes.

4. Mitigation and moistening of a cuticle. If you were forced to swallow of castor oil in the childhood, then it for you a pleasant surprise! Castor oil is saturated vitamin E. Also it will help you with fight against brittle rough nails, and a rigid cuticle. It is enough to rub time in 3 days castor oil and in 1 - 3 month, you will have healthy nails.

5. Slowly eyelashes and eyebrows grow? Rub before going to bed in eyelashes and eyebrows burdock oil. In several months you, and your eyebrows will tell “thanks“.

6. Growth of nails. You want long nails, but they too slowly grow? Do trays with sea salt. In slightly hot water we dissolve 1 tablespoon of sea salt. We keep in a tray nails for 15 minutes. We repeat once a week, and you will notice as far as they began to grow quicker.

7. Favourite lipstick or eye shadow reached a limit? Drip in vaseline several drops of food dye and you put as cream shadows or lipstick.

8. Ice cubes. Collect petals of roses at the dacha, and dry them. For the night leave water with dried petals and put in the refrigerator. Refresh the person with these cubes of ice in the morning. In the morning you will be by sight as a candy!

9. If you have no proofreader to allocate cheekbones, or to reduce a nose, then it is possible to mix only a voice-frequency basis with brown shadows. Proofreaders are and dry, and cream, for an evening make-up. The proofreader it is necessary to put on: a nose on each side that it visually seemed less, maxillary bones, cheekbones, a contour of a forehead and a bottom of a chin.

10. The highlighter can be replaced with the usual sparkling shadows. The highlighter should be put on: T - a zone, over a cheekbone, a chin and over a lip.

I Hope to you than that helped.