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On the rivers and lakes or How to have a rest without the sea?

to Spend a holiday on a seashore - natural desire. But how to realize it if for any reasons you are not able to afford either the sea, or holiday? Holiday can be replaced with couple of compensatory holidays, and the sea - the lake or the river.

Also you do not hurry to refuse this idea - what supposedly we did not see on your rivers - lakes? Very much can be that something was not seen. And especially did not try. Means, it is a high time to see and try.

Under a sail

We for a start tried windsurfing. It differs from usual surfing, in - the first, the fact that the board (it a surf) is supplied with a sail, and in - the second, that for occupations sea waves - enough wind are not necessary. The last circumstance makes this sport available as it is possible to practice on any more - less large reservoir.

The large reservoir was in the Nizhny Novgorod Region - Gorky reservoir which locals and tourists - frequenters call just Gore - the sea. Honestly, the man-made lake is very similar to the real sea - unless fresh water, and waves small. But it as you understand, not important.

We decided to study windsurfing in FreeDOM camp (do not consider for advertizing). However, it is even not camp, but rather creative space which for several years is carefully created by team of the people who are carried away by surfing, a snowkiting, yoga and other interesting things. From here the main difference of camp from the traditional recreation facilities working at purely commercial basis follows, perhaps. To live in FreeDOM, it is necessary if not to divide all values of its constant inhabitants then to follow certain rules.

Strictly speaking, governed only two. The first: the camp does not take tobacco, alcohol and drugs. The second: the camp does not make fire. Violators are ruthlessly expelled from the territory, and remains to them unless sadly to go to the sanatorium of the Soviet type located in the neighbourhood and to watch a life holiday from outside. To observe the benefit is behind what: FreeDOM regularly holds festivals, the master - classes and other amusements.

And still - if to speak about local customs - here do not eat some meat and practice a nudism … However be not frightened. If you bring with yourself sausage, nobody will take away it. And nobody will force you to be bared more, than you want that. However, you can see something unexpected … But it is trifles.

The main thing that on a reservoir there is almost always wind, and in camp - sailing boards. And the trainer who less than will teach you to hold half an hour on a surf even if before you saw this shell only at cinema. Occupation begins ashore: show to the beginning surfers how to hold legs how to set a sail … And further release to the high sea - that is the lake - and observe from outside as you cope with a sail and wind.

By the way to sail on a surf as it appeared, it is not difficult at all - especially if you have to go to one party. To be developed much more difficult, but through ten - another of falling from a board (if you are not able to swim - put on a life jacket) also this skill comes. And together with skills comes freedoms shaking feeling and speeds - the best that wind and water can give.

On oars

Windsurfing can be found

in many regions of the country, and rafting - practically in all. Today alloys arrange practically everywhere where there are rivers.

Behind such adventure we went to the Tver region. Our travel began on the river of Derzhe falling into Volga. Holding it was surprisingly beautiful (coast frame white rocks, and the water smooth surface is decorated by water-lilies) - and surprisingly stony. Therefore the most part of a way (and we neither more nor less passed five kilometers) not the boat carried us, and we bore the boat. Through thresholds, rifts, shallows … Through white rocks and yellow water-lilies. Generally, enjoyed beauty wholly.

Hold Volga which appeared behind the last bend, the team of our raft met loud “Hurrah!“ But to rejoice was early. By this time began the rain which quickly enough cooled and our tourist heat, and water in both rivers. And to the camp which is providently broken by organizers of a campaign is lower on a current, there were seven more kilometers. At least, the instructor accompanying us so told. Actually kilometers it appeared ten … But we learned about it later.

Ten kilometers of cold, hunger and tension of all muscles of a body, including eye (“Not to pass camp!“). And abysses heavenly all yawned and yawned. Heavy rain was similar on tropical everything, except - alas! - the water temperature flowing from multilayered clouds. And when we at last reached camp, a fire, porridge … Oh yes for the sake of this happiness it is worth going hiking! And there was even no wish to think that tomorrow one more transition is necessary, and the day after tomorrow - one more …

Fortunately, in the next two days weather decided to take pity. We quietly went across Volga, admired a view, used food (and not only) supplies … Well also rowed, of course. And in the evening we waited for a song at a fire (what can be a campaign without “a bend of a guitar yellow“?) the improvised bath in tent, fishing, mushrooms, berries and other pleasures of life outdoors. And reminiscence of the first, extreme, day which to us will last still for a long time. At least, a week later after an alloy we remembered it already with nostalgia.

By the way:

Windsurfing - driving on a surface of the water on an easy board of the small size with the sail established on it.

A snowkiting - driving on a snow or ice cover on a snowboard by means of a special kite.

Rafting - a sports river rafting and to channels on inflatable boats (rafta).