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Easy childbirth. Whether it is possible?

Probably, to many women who are in expectation of a miracle, carrying under heart of the kid the fear of childbirth is familiar. Almost all women are afraid of pain, any complications, violations and the other moments connected with birth of the kid. What it is possible to make to reduce this fear how to prepare itself for childbirth, having adjusted on their happy end?

First of all psychological preparation is important here. Not for nothing consultations of the psychologist, lecture for pregnant women are offered pregnant women, without the due level of knowledge process of a rodorazresheniye frightens by the uncertainty, especially those who should give birth for the first time.

Any psychologist will tell you and will adjust you on the fact that childbirth is a natural process. And an important condition of successful childbirth are a trust to the body, the organism. Not to be clamped and not to be afraid when fights begin, and on the contrary, to try to relax and learn as much as possible correctly to breathe.

Technology of breath the pregnant woman needed to study still. To be trained to these technicians and to choose the most suitable for itself. The most widespread technology of breath - a deep breath a nose (counting up to four) and more long exhalation a mouth (considering to 5), at the same time it is necessary to breathe lungs, but not a stomach.

Very important point in the course of a rodorazresheniye - not to shout from pain, frightening all the kid around and first of all. You have to remember that childbirth is very important event in life of your child, for it already serious test, a stress, he is afraid too and is nervous, and you frighten by the shout him even more. From - for your shouts the child feels fear of the birth, fear of life, all this is postponed on its mentality, on his attitude. Further it can be whimsical and nervous only because you frightened him in the course of the birth.

You have to help the kid. Have to think first of all about it is mute, about that he as soon as possible was born easier. On the first place at you now not you, and this small miracle which to you was entrusted by life. The kid so long lived in you, you for him - the guardian angel, his home, its safety. Teach him to trust you from first minutes of life, help it to be born, without frightening by the shouts and hysterics.

The female organism is arranged so that can sustain improbable pain. Stock up with patience and will power, be adjusted on the fact that only in your hands the safe birth of your kid. Doctors, of course, will help, will prompt, but it is necessary to give birth - that all the same to you, but not them. Your organism has to be ready to it. Your mind has to be ready and directed to a safe rodorazresheniye.

Struggle with the fears in advance, being still a pregnant woman, study literature on childbirth, you watch movies, listen to recommendations of psychologists and successfully given rise women. Try to avoid negative information, do not listen to gruesome stories of those which frighten you by terrible torments in the course of childbirth. Childbirth - process individual, at everyone they take place differently. Believe that in your case childbirth will be easy and natural as your breath.

It is useful to listen, preparing for the child`s birth, positive installations - affirmation, to repeat them, to feel on a body, fixing in the consciousness. Watch scientific movies, most often they are prepared by the perinatal centers about poses during fights, about massage which can help you to relax. For example, massing sciatic bones, it is possible to reduce pain during fights, massaging fists a back over buttocks it is also possible to anesthetize childbirth.

Generally, dear future mothers, there is a wish to tell you what in many respects depends on you as there will take place the forthcoming childbirth. Here it is important to be prepared to you, having armed with knowledge, technicians of breath, massage methods, ways of relaxation and, the most important, having learned to love your child in the course of childbirth more, than himself. Your child - the little and defenseless man before such world huge and still unknown to it, it weighs only several kilograms, but your happiness for this moment weighs so much.

As beautifully it is also truly told: “They say that happiness cannot be measured and weighed, but at obstetricians it turns out“ . Your happiness, your small angel needs your love and care. Try to care for it and in the course of his pre-natal life, and in the course of birth, and all his further life. It is your particle and the great miracle presented to you by God. Protect and love it!

I wish happy pregnancy and easy childbirth to all future mummies!