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My husband has a wedding of my husband and mistress of

the mistress. Meets it long ago. I not against their relations. To do dirty tricks and to revenge the mistress I even had no thoughts. It is very unpleasant for me when women are at enmity from - for men. I see that the husband is not going to leave a family, but also does not want to throw the mistress. And I made a compromise.

Met his mistress, agreed that I will tolerantly treat their relations and I do not harbor malice against her. The mistress was very tender, kind and friendly girl. We in cafe left it after conversation as close girlfriends. Even gifts were given each other.

And here they decided to celebrate a wedding. But only informally. I approved idea, and all of us three began to prepare. I with the mistress began to select each other dresses. She to me chose a beautiful evening dress, and I helped to choose by her wedding. The wedding was decided to be played in my house. The husband and the mistress gathered I, already early in the morning. I at a wedding of the husband have to play a role of the witness. All prepared for a holiday without problems. Everything almost really, only without REGISTRY OFFICE. In the wedding day we with the mistress were as close people. I put on an evening dress, to the mistress helped to put on wedding. When she corrected a wedding dress, put on a veil, shoes, came into the hall. We embraced it and pledged the word of honor that we will be always on friendly terms. My husband and the mistress exchanged rings, and I several times solemnly told: “It is bitter, bitter“. Just married mistress and my husband passionately kissed.

The first marriage night was spent at my place. I spent the night in the hall where the whole day there was a wedding. But to both of us it was not fallen down. I and “the new wife“ of my husband decided to sit in kitchen, to chat about female. Our general husband already slept a deep sleep and to it business to us was not. It came in a wedding dress, and I put on evening again. Communicated peacefully and friendly. It appeared, at us in life of a lot of things of the general.

In all this history I never felt humiliated or offended. On the contrary, I am very happy. With his mistress I communicate much more, than with the husband, I help her with life. Together with it I go shopping, to the pool, in cafe and restaurants, on the beach. I think that I will be always at the mistress. And men then.