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There was a wish to bathe in a jacuzzi? An exit is!

of Bombochki for a bathtub. There was a wish to bathe in a jacuzzi? An exit is! Today I will show

to you how to make, bombochka for a bathtub.

Bombs pleasantly smell, and moisten skin. Ingredients not difficult available, but, the self-made bombochka will turn out!

They are different, mint, orange, lavender, anti-cellulite and there are a lot more everyone moistening bombochek and for velvet skin. Today I will tell how to make bombochka with oil of an apricot stone and dry flowers and herbs.

For our fragrant bombochek is required to us: powdered milk, baking soda, lemon acid, oil (grape seed, almonds, in our case of an apricot stone) fragrances, food dyes (optional, at will), molds, a spray and various jewelry (flowers, coffee grains). to

First of all, we take capacity and we mix 4 tablespoons of soda and 2 spoons of lemon acid there. It is necessary to connect dry mix in uniform.

Step of the second. We add 3 tablespoons of powdered milk.

Step the third. We add oil, I add oil of an apricot stone. We mix to uniformity.

we add dyes and fragrances Further. It is possible to add ornament at this stage, but I will add on the last.

Step the fourth. We take a spray with the water which is already poured there, and we sprinkle mix. It has to hiss.

we display our jewelry on a mold bottom Now, and densely we spread our mix. We leave for 10 - 20 minutes.

Take from a mold a bombochka, on a napkin and leave to dry for 5 - 6 hours.

I voila! Our bathing sparkling bombochka are ready! At me it turned out Xing - a red bombochka. Then I made orange.

This way of preparation of a bombochka the fastest. Some dry, for 7 days, and mint so in general from 20 - ti days!!!

Here still recipes various bombochek. The geyser for bathtubs from orange and cinnamon possesses the action warming, toning and stimulating exchange processes. This recipe we will suit all owners of fat skin, orange perfectly narrows and clears pores. So, it will be necessary for you:

soda, lemon acid, milk dry, essential oil of bitter orange, cinnamon ground, essential oil of cinnamon, orange food dye.

In dry mix pour in essential oils and food dye. “East fairy tale“

Thanks to this geyser you will be able to organize with Bombochk`s

to yourself the real session of an aromatherapy. For one bombochka to you a ponadobitsya:soda, lemon acid, sea salt, oil jojoba, essential oils: patchoulis, ilang - an ilanga, geraniums, mints, rosemary, an eucalyptus, a lemongrass - on 3 drops (It is optional to do all these oils, you can choose aroma.)

red food dye.

In oil jojoba mix other essential oils and enter them into ready dry mix, vigorously mixing and watching that lumps were not formed.

As you can see, it is very simple to create geysers for a bathtub the hands. The raging balls can also become an ideal gift for your friends and relatives. Experiment with dyes, oils and dry herbs, roses, dried petals of flowers. Find the ideal recipe!