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Akebiya - a pleasure liana. What she told of? To Give

to a garden east color, the guest from Asia - a chocolate liana, or an akebiya will help to fill with pleasure of heart. And that is why it chocolate, cocoa beans grow on trees, she also will tell.

Akebiya, the long-term liana, belongs to Lardizabalov` family. In nature grows in China, Japan, Korea.

This unusual liana is very decorative. Its most attractive advantage - aroma. Violet or purpurno - red flowers of a five-leaved akebiya exhale gentle chocolate aroma, and three-leaved - a light smell of cinnamon. Edible fruits have the sticky pulp which is tasting like raspberry.

Locals from the dried-up buds and flowers prepare the toning tea. Dry leaves use as seasoning to fish and meat dishes. From a rod of an akebiya spin baskets, lanes, various hand-made articles.

In the middle of the 19th century the akebiya was delivered to Europe, North America, Australia. In cold winters the elevated part freezes slightly, but then is restored from a root. The chocolate liana prefers a penumbra. On a bright sun its leaves leaves dry. Grows in a full shadow, but will not blossom.

Akebiya perfectly braids lanes, fences, arbors. It can also be landed on slopes as a pochvopokrovny plant.

To the soil the akebiya is not exacting though it is better to provide it with an easy, fertile soil. Stagnation of moisture will do much harm to a liana. In the summer the chocolate liana should be watered plentifully, time in 3 - 4 weeks to feed up mineral fertilizer.

At cultivation in room conditions the liana needs to be landed in a spacious and steady pot. That escapes did not become bare, they should be prishchipyvat. It is necessary to truncate long rods in the fall, to remove damaged and weak.

Make multiple copies an akebiya seeds, poluodrevesnevshy shanks, root layers. Most we accept the last way. In the spring the root layer is powdered with the earth, regularly watered, in a year the young plant is separated.

Seeds couch at a temperature of 15 degrees, shoots appear in 2 - 3 months. The lianas which are grown up from seeds blossom for 4 - 5.

The chocolate liana is so attractive and fantastic that looking at its photo, strange stories occur. I bring one of such imaginations to your attention.

... In ancient times the long-awaited pleasure came to an imperial family - the daughter was born. The child named Mikey (small stalk) - there was it gentle and flexible as a young small stalk of a liana. By tradition in honor of the birth of the princess the gardener planted a new plant - boring of an unknown liana.

At the same time in a family of the gardener there was a son, named him Torio (a bird`s tail).

Time passed imperceptibly, Mikey turned into the beautiful girl. She adored plants, especially she liked the liana put in day of its birth. The liana expanded, braided an arbor, it was covered with clusters purpurno - lilac flowers. One afflicted Mikey - flowers had no smell.

It happened so that the princess fell in love with the gardener`s son, but dared to tell about it to nobody. In day of her majority the emperor called a ball on which he invited notable grooms. Here from this day troubles also began: the princess refused food, grew thin, grew ugly, the joyful smile left her face. The ball took place, but the girl chose nobody.

The emperor called doctors and sorcerers from all country, but nobody could help the princess. Then Torio hopelessly in love with the princess went to the bottom of an extinct volcano where there lived a sorcerer.

- Help to rescue the princess, help to return pleasure to her soul.

The old man reflected, and then asked:

- Whether you are ready to offer human shape for the sake of the princess?

- It is ready! - the young man exclaimed.

- Then listen: break one fruit from the liana put in honor of Mika`s birth eat from it three sunflower seeds. In the same night you will forever turn into a birdie. You will depart across the ocean to the far-away country where there live red-skinned people. The tree which of fruits cook drink of gods grows there. Break one fruit and, having returned to the palace, give to the cook. That will cook drink, having drunk which the princess again will find pleasure. The smell of this drink will saturate liana flowers, and they will gain the aroma giving cheerfulness and pleasure.

And the young man made. And the princess, having enjoyed divine drink, became cheerful, began to eat, but refused to marry. She spent the whole days in an arbor, listening to singing of the birdie who appeared in a garden. Once Mikey familiar notes were heard in a voice of a birdie - favourite Torio so sang her.

Without having told anything to anybody, the princess ran to the sorcerer. Having bowed to the magician, the princess begged:

- Feels my heart, the birdie in our garden is Torio. Turn me into a bird! There is no life without darling to me.

The wise old man to hide what knew did not become. And finally said:

- Build with Torio in pleasure liana thickets a nest in the spring. You will demolish one small egg. When term to a baby bird comes to appear, will take a small egg and will put on knees to the mother.

Having returned to the palace, Mikey found a ripe fruit, ate three sunflower seeds and went to sleep. Next morning in a garden fluttered out a birdie singing, flew up to darling and joyfully began to chirp, telling about the love...

Somehow in the spring inconsolable parents sat in an arbor. Suddenly to the empress the birdie flew up. In pads it had a small small egg. Having put a small egg on the empress`s knees, the birdie disappeared in liana thickets.

In the face of the amazed couple the small egg began to grow. Having reached the size of a children`s cradle, it was divided into two shutters. The emperor removed the top half. In a shell the beautiful boy lay.

- It is our grandson! - the empress exclaimed.

Since then the pleasure lodged in the palace again. The successor grew up. Couple of birds as the loving parents, flitted near the boy all night long, preserving him and pleasing with cheerful trills.

In day when the prince ascended to a throne, and the grown old imperial couple breathed sigh of relief, from thickets of a liana of Pleasure two birdies took off and directed in skies, in a lilac distance.