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Virtual reality. What can learn, looking series?

Probably, are a silly question. Yes what can learn there? To ANYTHING! As the heroine of one movie of military years shot in Alma - to Atya spoke: “This lies bothered! To fall in love with the mythical count Danila, to represent impossible passions in normal life...“ (the evacuated prima of the operetta as a result of such thoughts left theater and became the simple nurse in the evakogospital - a plot as impossible, as those which she criticized). Or perhaps something can be learned from series nevertheless?

The impossible fatal passions, babies who are handed over by packs in Children`s homes and on adoption, repentance right after, long-term searches - and tears of joy at the end of the last series of the next season of series. And we precisely know - at the beginning of new series there will be some else imperceptible catch which will develop new aspects, having forced heroes to plunge into adventures again. It, of course, if the rating of this season was high, having made continuation potentially favorable investment of money. Otherwise the series are finished.

Or - at first to oversleep, then to be jealous of somebody (sometimes - even to “something“) and to go to quiet childless life that - again at the end of the last series - to find the former cohabitant with already adult child and it is beautiful (moderately own talent of the actor and ability of screenwriters) to regret and reconcile with the woman thrown many years ago.

And it both in the afternoon, and in the evening - on all channels. Probably, there is a demand? Or TV men do not have enough imagination to create something more interesting?

If to consider series as a chewing gum for mind, then to Dirol to “it“ it is very far. And still... And still... Here the next terribly beautiful broshenka with a huge fake stomach passes by the grandmas selling at the road of berry potato and so forth Broshenka with suffering on a forehead - a poppycock. And here grandmas at the road is the truth. And besides, the facts of life in the form of realities of life of heroes filter into each series of series.

Here heroes in a standard supermarket. That they say there what actions are developed - a minor matter. And here shelves and goods on them - it is taken from life. And on their purchases it is quite possible to understand that during shooting of series people bought in shops.

Here show the apartment in a high-rise building. It is clear, that it is, most likely, only scenery in studio, but here planning of scenery - such, as well as in real apartments. Hall, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, living rooms. In the same way as apartments in multystoried houses in America is a long general corridor outside and behind each door - an entrance directly to a living room. So it is accepted to build. And in low houses most often at each certain apartment - a separate entrance, behind which, if the apartment on the second floor - a ladder upward, to the apartment.

And that is interesting, in Italy to me happened to see both the American planning, and apartments, normal from the point of view of the Russian inhabitant, from a hall, a drawing room and bedrooms.

Here series of Soviet period. The hero enters the tram - the bus - the trolleybus, throws a copper coin into the cash register and turns off to himself a ticket. Or punches the coupon. And it does not matter that series - mostly the parody to normal life of inhabitants of that time of RSFSR. Those who then here lived, remember these “cash desks“ and these punchers.

Presently heroes of series go, as a rule, by own foreign cars (three times “ha“) or in minibuses. But if screenwriters send someone from them to a trip by bus, it for certain on an entrance will wave at the electronic reader of cards the travel card. And in it is facts of life too. To us today it is uninteresting at all, but through how many - that will be years a piece of the truth of present history.

So it is quite possible to tell that our present series will be a well of information on us for historians of the future over time. But God forbid, that these historians began to consider their contents seriously...