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Features of country cookery. How to cook mushroom soup on - country?

All know that mushroom soup - a simple, but tasty dish. A bowl of mushrooms, couple of potatoes, a half of carrot, couple of zhmeny pearl barley - and waters how many - that, it on the course of cooking will fine boil away. In the beginning mushrooms begin to cook, then add pearl barley, then a melkonarezanny morkovina, then potato pieces... As potato cooked - also soup is so ready.

I am not chef and not the expert of a serving spoon, but my family eats my mushroom soups very quickly and silently, thanks is told already absolutely later.

But mushroom soups of the house are so cooked. Went on mushrooms, collected, cleaned, sorted that on a pickles that on pickling, and what is selected “now to eat“ - is boiled, and then - partially on frying with potato, and partially - in soup.

At the dacha everything becomes absolutely differently. Let`s begin with the fact that at the dacha there is no wife. There is no that, the main thing, an element of kitchen which is soul of cooking which does dishes such tasty. So life turned that I with 18 became years in my kitchen an owner and began to cook food on a family. About porridges, potato and other garnishes we do not speak at all - it is studied much earlier. And here I began to cook soups and “the real meat“ years with 18 - 19 for garnishes. Trouble only that I did not put in them heart and soul. My soups can be eaten, they usually “are rather tasty“, but they not “will lick fingers“, as well as the meat made by me (though my “meat under mayonnaise“ - quite at the srednerestoranny level). And my wife who took away from me after a wedding the title “main in kitchen“ and all works and cares connected with it does everything with soul. Therefore I never did borsch, and my Russian cabbage soup is only quite edible, and its Russian cabbage soup - will lick fingers. As well as its borsch. As well as all other dishes.

And so. At the dacha on holiday I usually am one - seldom it manages to us with the wife to synchronize our holidays. And if during my holiday the wave of mushrooms drops out, then on me the duty of their preparation falls.

And what is preparation of mushrooms? Their collecting, sorting, cleaning, cooking, freezing. Collected, cleaned, welded in a pan, threw in a form to cool down and as cooled down - in the freezer. Froze - we return a form in technological process again, and the frozen mushrooms remain ice whetstone - already before the use upon return home or in the winter. Fried mushrooms with a kartoshechka are good!

And so - about cookery at the dacha. After a campaign in the wood and dismantling collected something goes to a bucket with water (Thessaloniki which should change water three times before salting), something goes on a frying pan, to potato at once, and something - to a pan for cooking, on a freezing. Then in the same pan the new party of mushrooms, in the same mushroom broth cooks. And so over and over again. In one pan, in one mushroom broth which with each new party of mushrooms becomes stronger and stronger. No, the spoon in it is not necessary, but...

At last all mushrooms are processed, everything is welded, everything is frozen in the freezer. Remained a little mushrooms which did not get into the last form, and a pan of the strongest broth. Let`s add to this luxury a little pearl barley or rice and to steam of potatoes. The result leaves absolutely unreal. Remarkable! And business at all not in my skill of the cook. In ancient times cooked fish soup double, threefold etc. For special cases. Time was cooked fish weed, then in the same broth cooked fish usual, then, already in double broth, cooked fish noble - and already this miracle of cookery moved to a seigniorial table. And here... The broth received from ten parties of mushrooms...

The real master would have a world-class culinary masterpiece. And I have only a soup “you will swallow fingers“.