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Burma. At what cat it is difficult to determine exact weight?

Scientists continue to argue on where and when the wild cat was cultivated. One consider that it occurred in Ancient Egypt about ten - twelve thousand years ago, others speak about East Asia. Dispute goes also about quantity of cat breeds.

Among murlyk breeds are known: Abyssinian, Asian, Bengalese, Bombay, Brazilian, British, Himalaya, Californian, Norwegian, Persian, Russian, Seychelles, Siberian, Thai, Turkish, Aegean, Japanese. It is only the general name of breeds. In each breed there are standard distinctions. From - for them cats of the same breed can differ considerably.

In general it is necessary to tell that cats - the most unusual and most mysterious beings on our planet. They badly are still studied though constantly live near the person. One of the most surprising cats - burmansky. Four types of this cat are known: American burma, European, modern and hybrid. A thoroughbred cat call a burm. Its primordial homeland is in East Asia. More precisely - in Hugo - East. In 1949 to England from Burma (from here and the name - burmansky) brought a cat and two cats. From this point the burma began to extend over the countries of Europe and out of its limits.

But what unusual and interesting in a burmansky cat?

The accepted standard in a color of burmansky cats can puzzle anyone. At the American burma allocate colors: sable, blue and platinum. The European burma will puzzle you with the color even more. Though mainly it brown, but is also cream, chocolate, tortoise, lilac colors.

Surprisingly in a burma the fact that it is, seemingly, the only cat whose weight at young age cannot be determined precisely “by eye“. Its dense structure, rather small size create illusion of an average on animal weight. Actually cats of this breed usually weigh six kilograms, and cats - are twice more! But if you do not know a sex of an animal, then with a weight “by eye“ can easily be mistaken.

Burma very much loves communication with children. It is one of its differences from other cat breeds. Burma well feels mood of the child and begins “to calm“ him caress if that is capricious. At the same time even will never scratch the aggressive child. Children willingly iron a burma. Nuance here that wool at it silky to the touch and “warm“.

It is necessary to highlight that the burma is always located to communication with the person. It has no apathy. Her look bewitches the fact that she very attentively looks to you in the face. The feeling is created that could and start talking! On a svoyeypredannost to the person the burma is compared to a dog. If this cat to present to someone or to sell - she all the same will return to the real owner.

Not less surprisingly and the fact that the burma gets used to existence in the house of other animals at once and easily. At this cat without problems contacts with an aggressive dog who can be several times larger than it “are come“. Of course, it is better to take nevertheless a cat not adult already, but a kitten of a burma. However, the pleasure not from cheap - will cost you such purchase in the sum from 400 to 1000 dollars. Why in dollars? For the reason what the burm can buy only in cat`s nurseries from thoroughbred parents. And there prefer stable world currency cash.

Of course, there are in the world also other interesting cat breeds. But from all breeds of a burm, nevertheless, it is very strongly distinguished.