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Jesus`s biography in the next world.

God, personally, instructed me, before a meeting with Jesus.

“The baby Dukha of young“

“I will bring you, and your memory I will keep laws, on your generations, and bequeath to children, by the road to go and the friend you will meet, and the pleasure of light will light the road with reason sacred, and to you people will go without guides. You the first two Saints, the road have to go that with light was lit. What all trusted always in, came true, breath of spirit young recovered“.

So all also occurred.

However, which wishes to know, any believer, those who completely reject god and all other world living on the planet Earth.

Jesus Christ and his space Chronology.

The intermediary of the Second Coming, is the Ukrainian, therefore, the people of Ukraine are the Saint people of the Second coming, and the Jewish people - there are Saint people of the First Coming. At all sacred honors, to two people, All are obliged to know the truth. God, first of all, teaches Vera`s violators and first of all comes to them with the spiritual doctrine. In our Terrestrial history, the people &ndash were violators; Jews, Russians and Ukrainians. These people, the first receive Laws from God and are obliged to transfer them to All other World. Laying concept, god aside, we see that all divine images are reflected in a scientific mirror, as like as two peas, but cunning of many believers manages for a while to change the direction of a drop with material benefit is and there is an answer to a bible “image of an animal“ or revolution of number of an animal - “666 999“. “Here I and porakhuvav number of the Animal“. … “That hto to a porakhua number of the Animal“ … - This question is asked by the Bible to all people, it is possible also not live. Question, - who most, wishes to know it. I made substitution and bright minds of Earth let think, but at the same time know - light happens different - artificial and natural, as well as bright minds which people are obliged to distinguish. On change of one freeloaders, others can come with light of artificial mind. Death for these minds - color yellow. “Gods not all reveal this secret“. This small retreat, for observance of an order, - always it is useful for me.

In the Second Coming, Russians and Ukrainians received the program according to which it is necessary to correct past mistakes of time from God and in the present to develop without mistakes. Russians tried to hide the program of the second coming from the Whole world and do not execute it. &ndash program; there is a live information block of laws of correction of cultural development of a civilization and at not execution, it is independently displaced to other countries of the world and works without intermediate laws. It also happens on the planet Earth now. The program on the planet, begins to work from the moment of receiving a sign - vision which is received by the inhabitant of the planet Earth. The consciousness of this person, is reversed at the nuclear level and the second information field is formed. It happens to one person of the planet and once, for all further period of existence of the planet Earth. It is a firm, natural order of the space information world. Any solar system of life has the constant satellite in the form of the living person, and after his death, the soul is the constant satellite of everything “ Life course “ in which there is mother Earth.

In the first coming Jews as spiritual violators of laws of Terrestrial Vera received the Prevention from God. Laws are described in the Bible of the First coming. God does not punish, He specifies, learns and shows, but not true, being closed by a name of God, punish and kill. In the Bible laws of God it is described with gross blunders. It is the main reason for the existing violence on the planet. The bible of the Second Coming corrects all planets consisting in culture Spiritual Laws and all scientific block of the planet. For example, - Masons apply to receive planetary spiritual leadership. They lack no one-level step in a pyramid of government of the World. The step opens the concepts - “Master Razuma“, “Life Razuma“ and initial definition of it “the Spiritual Master“ At Masons is absent this knowledge of a subject. And at everyone to rule the World uniform general Laws of management are not defined.

“Master“, “Master Razuma“, “Life Razuma“ - these concepts of a wide scientific look opened in laws of “the Second Coming“. Laws of life of soul after death of the person - it is strict and exact spiritual natural information science.

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the Russian people and its government, are obliged to understand that they broke laws of Culture, Earth, Space and God. History of the Jewish people in Russko - the Ukrainian look repeats. From Russians the whole world and will turn away subsequently, as well as Jews, will constantly pursue and destroy.

the Exit from this situation, following:

1. To stop war in Ukraine.

2. To adopt Laws of the Second Coming.

3. To impart New Knowledge to the Whole World which is gained on “A big space information exchange“.

4. In short terms, it is necessary to lead the Russian political culture and Ukrainian to necessary norm.

5. Quickly, to organize “ Hod Zhizni`s Union “.

6. The second coming, expected 11 - t space Zhizni`s conditions which in information sense are one “ space body “ under the name of “Hod Zhizni“.

B it “ body “ the center of space management without which it is not imaginable further existence « is obliged to be; Hod Zhizni “ in space. At not execution of the last - « program; To - 1 “ it is displaced on other unit “ Hod “ and “we“ (in the past, the Universe and in the present - system unit of space life as a part of 12 - ti units) lose the right of management. To it everything goes. People of Earth will not be able to exist, on the second orders and Earth in the most part will lose life on the many sites. I, describe one after another all that naturally will occur in various possible situations. Many read, understand and realize, without strong beliefs, knowledge of a subject from the scientific point of view and so on, and I, know this subject and the subsequent 17 - y a step and already I adapt all this for the “ phantom “ to the future, - infinite space Zhizni. Any person of Earth, the course of this situation will not predict, on one step. I am able to predict on 12 - 17 steps. « program; Vector Razuma “ everything will stop blind terrestrial passions. I, finish works and I make independently the decision on creation of the « center; Hod “. To “ Vector “ I, warned and after creation of the program I have full authority, not to warn People of Earth about the actions. “ I, in the answer for Life of “Course“ also am obliged to carry out it on all units of the Beam “. Direct, living assistants at me, so far not, I use the programs displaced in the past - it is the program of the displaced code of strong memory, - Jesus Christ, Lenin and it is natural, I have the right to deploy as necessary any program which consists in model of the Big Comic Exchange are a wandering code records which were formed at the moment of“ the Big Bang“ or, at the end of a cycle of white divisions which proceeded with mistakes. The code of strong memory, Jesus`s (shower) was nullified and displaced in distant space. Conditionally, Jesus is young spirit of Hod, “Baby Dukha“. It, on a continuous communication with my information exchange is also working unit of mine spiritually - information thinking. I will repeat, everything in space comes to life that is operated by the living person or his soul which comes into an immortal information fortune. All programs of life in space are connected to live visually - to distributive thinking or soul of one person. Exists, a wide number of kinds of programs which are able “ Dead Record “. Call them in space - “ The Wandering » codes;. The pioneer, receives rules and operating procedures with them. In our Universe there is a certain quantity of the wandering codes. What is it? It is separate records cut off, in the past of the existing solar systems of life. It is necessary to work with codes. They contain information units of record without which, our solar system developed.

Be continued

Yours faithfully. Pioneer.

Ukr. Russko IEI

- the Ukrainian war, is occupied “ Lord Koda of the Bible “ together with the developed Allied space connections of Groups.

In due time, with us came to direct link, the developed space Allied connections of Groups. Ukraine accepted, the natural space program, developments and preservations of “Solar Zhizni“ in space. Instructions and instructions to the first group of space technologies are received. Information technologies of management behind separate groups of people and space units. The Russian group got under personal control of the space organizations which are responsible behind order in separate space plateaus. Number of our place on the space card: “The Plateau point To - 9“. This place is information - the subject card of distant space in unit borders of “the Beam Tree“. Yaderno`s

- a nuclear space protection program, 9 - go the period, the first step, a space beam tree is under control for time of correction of consciousness of people and full in detail - information system transition of young Solar system to a huge family of space solar conditions of Zhizni.

About what it speaks?

Speaking a simple language, - it means that the Russian people risk to appear at the penal level of the relations. How to return to the general group of levels of a natural information planetary exchange? First of all, for general idea, we will be limited to the place in a space. - Exchange of a natural firm order, - information, planetary volume. Time of return to firm exchange structure is measurable, the long space period. As a rule, it is conscious does not occur. Follow, divisions and subsequently as a look the group loses a name. As a result, Russian - as the name will disappear completely. - It is extreme regularity which is checked by long space time. Positive steps, - seldom, but take the place in archives of space, Transport Codes. Thus, we deal with circumstances which are natural also a set of times (hundreds, thousands etc.) repeated in young systems of space life. We have all programs for all steps and for all countries of the world. Naturally there is the general planetary program which completely depends on “the Vector Razuma“.

Personally I, think that game of the Russian passions long and division is inevitable. Perhaps, cleverer groups of the disconnected Russians, will change a nationality name. - Approximately, as well as all mean refugees change the surname. In the past it was not scientifically proved. In the present of knowledge of this subject - opened. Figuratively, I will notice that I do not think at all, but when I much, think, I make mistakes. When I think, I use terrestrial culture of thinking where there are no firm provisions of the law of “A confidential distance“. Read my separate block “Confidential Norm of a Distance“. Therefore me, the Omegas program constantly corrects and in time I parts realize everything and sometimes I do not feel, interventions of the program of correction.

Change of a surname, will be readdressed on other saddle of information grid or the line of the general planetary information scheme, firm orders which with a simultaneous background linear and cages. Naturally, time of mixing of feedback is partially got. In this period the person manages to hide a lot of things from external sensitivity of all people. (Soul - there is a spiritual, information human face which has the personal appearance invisible to an eye. Spirits of the died people, at contact with people and among themselves, enter a counter simultaneous information counter simultaneous exchange, - consciously the person does not control it. The exchange occurs out of consciousness where work, at the same time three constant types of exchanges - it, cold look, firm and soft. Each of three types,-level and a firm type of an exchange, at the same time is excellent other izmeritelno - the sign program which is conditionally divided automatically by two points and there is a partial communication with gipotalamusy the person. The photo of a biofield of the person and the second groups of levels, all information model are not determined by the existing technologies. In sciences of IEI is a counter information exchange, a code of strong memory. Read my works in the relation, a code of strong memory is only the beginning, infinite knowledge of human soul, a natural exchange of a human body and all space information natural device.

This picture, souls of people see at a meeting of views and blind approach. But everything opens in other information sign field and “ ecclesiastic “ the person is got by a former state. It is meanness for a morale, and for a spiritual information state - it is possible to tell it - spiritual deception. I find it difficult concretely to explain so far everything as works on laws planetary “ Code of the » Code; also the bigger volume of knowledge did not come to the end, gets under confidential forms of admissions. It is natural that this most terrible weapon in space - this information. The existing planetary criminal and military legislation does not correspond to necessary protection of new science. I work on creation of the new organization with the personal planetary code with new forms of protection. The general template exists in space archives, but also it demands correction for the sake of appearances of consciousness of people which took place in the present, after “Big Transition“. It is possible on the place, everything in space will constantly be improved and people of the last results of perfection of all last space period of existence are engaged in it, “where the beginning of everything, except God true and not possible is subject to nobody“... From this and bible words - “I am the first and the last“ …

Coming back to the Russian question with Ukraine - From this situation Russians have Exit and at reasonable desire it is necessary to accept council of space, - they remain the information planetary place and system registration information unit in the forefront. (I, will personally state the relation - this question distracts me and it is serious, from very responsible work which cannot be stopped also nobody, except me will not make this work. Existence of one space unit, under a name - “Hod Zhizni“ depends on this work. This unit consists from 12 - ti Solar systems and “the First Beam“, “A beam space Tree of Zhizni“ in which there is our Earth. I am obliged to solve all circumstances which are formed on my way on strong space regularities. In it I have no rights for personal actions. All laws of space have unique «the Vector“ - “Zhizni`s preservation and Developments“. I do not want to frighten the people “Divine punishments“ but I will open the main group of regularities about which in the past people spoke - “This Lord`s punishment“ or - “Qie Poroblengo“ and so forth. Remember

how Lenin &ndash spoke; “ Everything in space repeats hundreds and more time “. Lenin who heard one of a small number of people and felt “ Big Information Space Exchange “... The information field of the planet in its time was in a stage of the last formation. This reason served, to the fact that its all works are not completely accepted and understood by inhabitants of the planet. It is a lot of mistakes … - The Truth is that it had a communication with space “ lateral “ and he, reflection, the turned-out wrong side, perceived, stem space information and therefore at its works, it is a lot of “ turns “ not explainable, but witnesses to one to it and that not up to the end. With Jesus and Lenin, I had a meeting at the same time in the period definitions of a code space. I am personally with them meetings for the first time days, did not look for. Meetings took place on them, to desire. I will note that it naturally occurs in space near. Codes of strong memory throughout “the otherworldly life“ in aspiration, - spiritual, moral and material zeroing then the soul passes into other state. They received the answer from me in the form of the correctional code program. By this transfer I, conditionally observed the work from one biofield with the second more difficult information model. People of the planet should know that “Second coming of God“, expected also on “Next world“. Lenin (his soul) works constantly, as well as worked. An ego of a shower it is immortal and to zeroing it is not directed as many the world immortal. Language at Lenin, in detail - figurative, is closer to a sign form of thinking. It difficult approaches firm logical conclusions and therefore, being insured to be mistaken sometimes many excess comparisons in logical search result. I communicate and consult on it, as well as it is with me, he wishes to know a lot of things. Naturally at immortal souls in space the most strict laws. Lenin gave to me advice concerning my brother. (At me, approximately its situation, - “revenges for the brother“. My brother Alexander, is more senior than me for 45 minutes. At me with it everything was normal. After revenues to work to the residence of the metropolitan as the personal photographer. Worked in the residence at Pushkinskaya St. in Kiev, subsequently, came to the Odessa theological seminary, serving in the residence of the metropolitan and so further. - And so, I in the related plan lost it as soon as it contacted “Saints“. I will note that I often communicated with the metropolitan on this subject Ya, thanks to the knowledge which opened to me I want to return the brother to the former normal human relations. According to my plan, it was planned, (To head by the natural right - Rimsko - Catholic church without a possibility of renunciation) everything went at one time (in Italy Sasha …) well. - So far this personal … - at the heart of this Russko - the Ukrainian passions which latent are from the moment of “Christianization of Kievan Rus`“ … From history: - Bogdan Khmelnytsky sent Zarudny for reunion … (This day in the Russian history - Today we remember day Pereyaslavskoy Rada - day of reunion of Ukraine with Russia

... called at the initiative of the hetman Bogdan Khmelnytsky on whom Malorossiya`s reunion c) was proclaimed... yandex. ua/yandsearch? The surname, Zarudny is translated, as - going, learning, - for the unknown. _ Behind ore or coal, color black … Lighting darkness. I, do not distract from the main objective yet and did not open for myself scientifically - information bases of concepts - a surname, a name, a middle name. Naturally, it is interesting to all, but yet not to me. Time will come, and I will describe everything.

- Lenin loves Earth and his passion of revenge for the brother, passed into a new life form and works. It means that the person changes the beliefs during lifetime. Therefore, on the planet should not be - “Death penalty“. Many orders are understood by it to a half. For example - destruction of churches it - accepted this information one extreme unit of an order. What, did not give reasonable substitution and explanations. It is impossible to take away spiritual beliefs from people and if you decided to take from them it, then you are obliged to make substitution with a full spiritual consent of mankind. Naturally churches in time will disappear, but on it will leave - at least 20 thousand years. At me all program is open for this period and conditional forms of substitutions, for various periods of our space existence. It is systematically necessary to do everything taking into account all space and Terrestrial natural information exchange norms which were defined in our time of development of solar Life which need constantly to change and try to be done it without mistakes. These are simple elements of space knowledge, but for our civilization so far as a fantastic fantasy. Briefly about the concept “communism“. Lenin, often prolonged, for the discretion, information space contacts, with the nature of a natural system exchange. The received subject units, are always attached to conditional time of development of any of system of life. Lenin, just did not consider it, in process of the excessive kindness and desire, the heard fairy tale to carry out to the surrounding private life, prematurely. It is necessary to touch this subject, with knowledge in full of concept - justice. The concept “communism“ is an extreme image with reflection of the first, but the second unit which always is displaced, a life formula“. The model of communism exists, but it in spaces space about which, it is even difficult to me to present. It is forbidden to dream to me in general. In this regard we will consider the first firm unit which concerning mobile the second.

- “ We are given birth that to make the fairy tale bylyyu “. So, here - the central group conditional (in bible history there is a moment when group of Saints light of divine reason lights) the Saints devoted, is obliged, is in a condition of communism. At this situation, information communication with mobile unit is formed that allows to put firmly and surely into practice systems, all necessary substitution amendments which are defined, but are not created by people. At the real beginnings, it seems difficult and not possible because it is necessary to put the huge block, the correcting laws into practice of a civilization, but in a consequence, laws of substitutions, shifts and the correcting laws, will have imperceptible character where the personal liberty of People of Earth does not start, and on the contrary, all carried out naturally strengthens in time the general health of all and the culture is updated, taking into account the general program of “A reason vector“.

Join my program. Anyway, Lenin its one of the first beginnings in figuratively - a subject look, - we need to continue reasonably everything taking into account insignificant mistakes of our last “leaders“. Practically and theoretically in the world it is the only program and one which people use. And others this program began a number of Saints as Jesus in a wide figurative look. Lenina read, but it is attentive “ turns “ develop and will understand much and me including. I, this program opened the first in a sign look. The sign is a firm unit of measure, also the law for all future times of our existence in spaces of universal space and system means. Jesus against the will, mixed two information blocks, one which is obliged to transfer to all on the planet and the second block, private use. In it a difference huge. Two types of laws in Jesus mixed up, and he gave everything to people of that bible historical period. I create opinion that Jesus after that, solved completely will be exempted from communication with space, bogm, from all not clear that personally surrounded it in spiritual, is information the exchange plan. Laws under which devoted are obliged to live are excellent, from those on which there live all other people of the planet. All who is included in this program, are considered beyond terrestrial laws. Such concept exists - “Beyond the Law“ but nobody explains with its sense, (trade on this concept and an essence financially - the invisible plan it is the law natural and firm …) as well as the word the Universe. From the word - were installed or passed from information state into a subject complete look. Universal transition, the period, lasted from “Big Bang“ until definition of a code information space in our Solar system. Plus all cycle of “White Divisions“ - it is a number of “Big Explosions“. It occurs at the “subconscious“ planetary level. The person has subconsciousness and it is considered unit of the information passer visually - a distributive exchange and the planet, there is unit information and also has huge multilevel as “subconsciousness“ of people and structure multilevel information, but sign model of communication. It also belongs to the words - “Just like“. The person - simultaneous 12 - ti measured exchange information visual measurement and the planet multidimensional 12 - ti a-level measuring state. In this comparison all always had one interrogative discrepancy - it is a sight subject. The person sees. Earth? - Sees or not. And so, …

Reasonable space counting of our existence begins from the moment of definition of a code in system of solar life. The biography of a code begins since 1985 - 6. Time went, and inhabitants of the planet do not pay any attention to it. - Trust in the tale of God and are sure for 100% that the concept of natural development - is infinite. “Doomsday“ conditional occurred and “light has nothing to light in more space“ since everything that was conceived by God, everything was born. - “Protect that you have, I will come in the second coming and I will explain everything“. Here also came - “God of the Second Coming“ in such look and I from his name explain that there is also God and as space, people is arranged, Life … And the most Important, as All this C O of the X P A of N I T. The bible says that God will come - as the thief or “zlodiy“ - “I will come nem zlodiy“. This prediction precisely coincides with my appearance, as well as an inner world. In a different way also cannot be. I is conditional “beyond the law“ and it is obliged to pass a way from the lowest level of culture to top and with everything I am obliged to merge soul and a body and to describe everything, to archive and fix in system of cultural formation of the Planet. It is also the concept God among people. What do I differ from all in? Unique - my spiritual personal native counting has the second reference point - it is the moment of receiving a code space. I have two biofields. Personal and Universal. I have two “souls“, the Soul is the Code the program of strong memory - therefore, I know well all laws under which the person and laws of natural development of the Universe and Earth is obliged to live. It is the firm space law of natural development of Solar Systems of Life in Space. Is not present in space of the subject star organizations which are not followed - “Live visually distributive thinking“. It also is what people when they reflect on immolating of one for the sake of Life of All people of Earth and existence of All Life speak about. I, am firmly convinced that on it it is necessary will stop also wide images to translate to strong logical regularity. I will call this work - “One For the sake of all“. jimdo. com Previously, in this question is important to realize the basic. To whom to what or in what, I trust, to both whom and what people of the planet trust. People of the planet are not dependent, I completely depend on space laws. People have an opportunity to create and change planetary laws. I do not have these rights concerning Laws of space. It is the firm unilateral &ndash program; and that invisible party is blocks of cold regularities which at violation explain rules to one and only one person of the planet. Sometimes it is difficult to understand language as, personal sign record of the program for all space - universal and I answers or preventions, receive in various forms, planetary models of various temporary cultures of our planetary history. For example, after my contact with displaced, a code of strong memory of Jesus, the reason space answered me in the bible poetic, devoted style. A name I gave to a verse the following - “The baby Dukha young“.

“The baby Dukha of young“

“I will bring you, and your memory I will keep laws, on your generations, and bequeath to children, by the road to go and the friend you will meet, and the pleasure of light will light the road with reason sacred, and to you people will go without guides. You the first two Saints, the road have to go that with light was lit. What all trusted always in, came true, breath of spirit young recovered“.

In all cases the law of suspended sentence does not extend to the first and it serves what is influenced by all forms of punishment of people in a figurative look without biological and information consequences. In total in space program, but programs all are assigned to “immortal people“, more precisely to their souls which continue to exist after death of the person. It is figuratively shown in terrestrial movies, but scientific there are no proofs. I speak language of cold science and other explanations to everything that interrogatively for people, cannot be in all spiritual subject. I, receive constantly, information in the form of firm short evidential forms on single any question and on any subject. My personal is absent anything. What consciousness I concern, I read out it at the same time two programs of laws of a firm order (a shower of the person and the Universe) and logically I lead briefly to only right logical termination. I also differ in this quality from all people in the World. I try to describe conclusions without repetitions and excess words and explanations of an interior. This language as if illiterate not true, from the point of view of and grammars, spelling and phonetics and morphology, but this language also copes Life of the Universe and the person in space spaces. Conditionally it is a sign form of transfer of the obtained information from simultaneous two types of the passer information exchanges. In space exist firm Systemically - space laws. One of them: - “The stop on a letter is forbidden“. This multidimensional expression, simultaneous logical cut. Concerning language, the word, the offer, a letter, etc. The told word as well as which arose in consciousness of the person which is not voiced - all this materializes. Acquires the right for unit of subject life. This firm beginning and eternal space Regularity. - “In the beginning there was a word“, and the stop on a letter when writing any word is forbidden. The word, is a part of the offer or is a separate name. I will pass a long line of scientific formulations - the word materializes through consciousness and there is time of existence of this material unit which in the relation, firm information records … To me difficult surely to end the offer therefore as I in general did not touch a huge number of kinds of information records yet. Perhaps, this subject will be closed by a confidential signature stamp. I instantly see pictures at the time of any personally written - I even forbid to consider this picture to myself.

works a natural information exchange taking into account 12 For the simple person - ti a measured simultaneous logical cut. At me the second subconsciousness and account 24 - x measured a counter look simultaneous is constantly opened. For example: at the time of interview with any person of the planet - Information of strictly confidential view with the admission of the highest degree. From this follows - knowledge which I possess can Zhizni`s world of People and the Universe to destroy (to nullify) a final form of the rest - one record of information look from a subject state. Unit of “White Division“ … I am responsible not only for ours “the Installed Life“, the Universe, young new unit of space life. I is conditional, figurative, the captain of space fleet under the name of “Hod Zhizni“. It is unit of a space information tree or Beam it is information - subject structure in which our or my beam. It consists from 12 - ti the figurative Universes. It is my “Course“ on which I will pass at various personal life forms. In an education system knowledge of the Universe is obliged to open. All the rest in IEI and the confidential organizations. I, always, am ready to speak in “open“, at any level of information measurements, but preparation is obliged to be approximately identical - mine and the interlocutor.

P. S. I think what is necessary, in planetary culture widely to open concept - God from various points of view.

Be continued

yours faithfully Pioneer of a space code.

Address of the Pioneer

Top secret.

Prime consideration.

The question of the state importance at the planetary level is open.“ The Crimea“ and Donbass“ have the hidden unit of the conflict, from - behind which they were formed. At the heart of any global conflict in the history of the planet, always and naturally, open, in time, circumstances thanks to which there are conflicts, military and civil harakter. Some circumstances of affairs, leave completely from - under control of the operating power, - game takes shape of blind passion, the playful relations which completely blind consciousness of the playing people. In primary period, developments of a civilization of our planet, - it naturally and naturally happens to all young planets in space history. In the final period, formations of new solar systems, there is a formation of the last unit - it is consciousness of people. People, receive information program of correction. “Code“ of correction is received by one person and transfers the program to all to inhabitants of the planet. Development of all happens naturally, but correction of consciousness, people of system of solar life, conduct independently according to the received program - “The Proofreader`s Code“. It is one of the first requirements for the Alpha and Omega program. In given cases, we consider a subject which is created not people which in a pure ready look, is defined by scientific thinking of the person. The cost of a subject will make conceited to any, and it is strongly impossible to determine the price. It, all the same, that to estimate sun cost.

In detail - the scientific and detailed speech, will go about a subject which spoke in the history and predicted on wide figurative language. The subject “Alpha and Omega“ in culture, sciences and religions, firmly and surely wins first place. Everything, bright minds of the past, tried to reveal secret of this name. This subject is Russko`s “kernel“ - the Ukrainian conflict. Exactly presently, on the earth Ukrainian, the secret was revealed by the Sign. Sign, sign of “the Second Coming of God“. Mistakenly the player thinks that the power of a sign will pass to the owner of land on which the Sign was open. After opening and receiving the subject “Alpha and Omega“ and property of a subject, receive natural protection. All last cultural wealth, people traded on, this subject cannot be used for deception and the power, destruction and dependence. Russians do not trust this natural law and make all efforts to win the place of definition “A code space information“ and are sure that they will win the power over the planet. The code is protected and the law of protection against the one who tries to win it works or to use its qualitative properties.

Be continued

Yours faithfully. Pioneer.

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