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Panic attacks. Whether treat them and how?

throughout centuries preservation of human health are the most urgent problem. Consequences of destructive addictions, psychological injuries, stresses are depressions and disturbing frustration of mentality. Influence of these factors harmful affects on health of the person and leads to new complications.

Panic attacks in medical language are called panic attacks. Typical symptoms are heartbeat, unpleasant feelings in a breast and behind a breast, feeling of unreality of the events, feeling that air reaches a limit, perspiration, cold and hot inflow, a shiver, dizziness, weakness, fear of death, and also loss of control on themselves and even fear to go crazy. And single attacks of panic are widespread among people in any biological age. On medical statistics and scientific researches it is considered that from 10 to 30% of people can test such attack at some stage of the life.

The active phase of an attack can last of several minutes before half an hour. Usually after that the person has feeling of fatigue and sometimes - confusions. Concern unknown and inexplicable is typical: it is possible to guess long what occurs - whether the serious disease opened or, perhaps, madness symptoms are that, and pains in heart and fear of death bring this concern to extreme degree. In that case to doctors - pay to experts of a different profile visits, even despite admonitions of one of them that “with you everything is all right, just nerves play pranks“ as attacks proceed, and the reason, according to the patient, is not established.

We will understand a problem essence. Though symptoms of panic attacks are also physical manifestations, people during attacks test also quite strong internal depression. The feeling of depression has the dynamic accruing tendency staticized unexpectedly and without any logical reason. Sensation of fear quite strong and intensive, is connected with it also the name “panic“. Sometimes it passes into the following phase - the paralyzing fear of death and feeling of powerlessness, apparently, that the person subject to an attack is not capable to control a situation in no way.

If the attack repeats repeatedly, speak about panic frustration. Certainly, he is treated. But it is possible to speak about treatment only after special diagnostics which element is inspection at profile experts. For example, if pains behind a breast and in heart disturb, then the ECHO and the electrocardiogram, the conclusions and recommendations of the cardiologist are necessary for an exception of more dangerous diagnosis.

Complexity of a situation is that the felt feelings are strong and unpleasant, the person is afraid of their emergence. As a result, habitual and comfortable lifestyle is broken: attempts to avoid those places where there were attacks, fear of approach of an attack insuperable by own efforts that can in itself increase excitability of nervous system and lead to complication emergence - to series of the attacks repeating one after another and, thus, to deterioration in already unenviable position.

Often repeating attacks, the related unpleasant feelings and fears begin to cause additional symptoms in the form of a condition of depression and depression of spirit. Therefore by all means to nadolechit a disease. Along with medical diagnostics one of options is definition of the prime cause of developing of an illness. In spite of the fact that attacks at panic frustration come absolutely unexpectedly, often they are anyway connected with an actual life situation or are a consequence of the occurred earlier emotional shocks. In this sense the thesis that “all diseases from nerves“ quite is confirmed.

The attack of panic attack can sometimes come just when the stressful situation already passed, “released“. Symptoms of panic attacks of veterans of wars and local conflicts are widely studied and known. It is one of problems of today`s generation 40 - summer. Also human relationship and personal problems can be connected with the stressful factors increasing feeling of unconscious fear, for example, such as the introduction in long-awaited marriage, the child`s birth, divorce or parting with the partner.

Attacks of panic attacks are frightening, but are usually harmless, do not die of them, during their active phase people do not go crazy and do not even lose control over themselves; it is important for understanding of a problem and self-reliance.

An important method of prevention is not so much drug treatment, how many influence by psychotherapy. Why? The effect of drug treatment comes not at once, and the big help can be received from the supporting therapy consisting in carrying out conversations from which the noticeable therapeutic effect is fixed. Together with the psychologist it is possible to think of possible stressful factors against which there was a frustration. It is proved: it is difficult for person to realize objectively the hidden feelings, the collected hatred, fear and disappointments therefore the stranger is necessary with whom it would be possible to try to untangle these affairs. For example, recently tested attack of panic can be connected with the actual, causing a stress life situation, and the psychotherapist helps to seize a stressful situation better. Complexity is that the institute of psychotherapists in Russia is only formed, it is obviously not enough experts in this area on all big country. And the tradition of the address to the psychotherapist in our country just arises.

Among the medicamentous means shown to application in fight against panic attacks, selective blockers of the return intake of serotonin. Such drugs used at depressive situations do not cause dependence.

Many ways and methods helping to operate a stress at the heart of which panic attack, can help to operate better the behavior because problems for everyone are individual they depend on personal living position of the person and sometimes right strategy of treatment.