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What are cats dangerous by?

for anybody not a secret that the number of ethnic Russians in our country constantly decreases.

Which - who blames for it the Government of the Russian Federation, State. thought and personally companion Putin.

However, there is also other point of view which in a new way explains not only our troubles, but catastrophic decrease in number of “the white population“ practically in all European Union countries, North America and Australia!

Within fight for a survival of rare animals of the power of Australia decided to destroy 2 million cats. They will be humanely poisoned and shot.

Survived will send under house arrest.

This rigid step is motivated so: The Australian ecologists consider that cats do irreparable harm to animals of the wild nature. It is difficult to stop cats as hunting - this part of their instincts. Therefore just it is necessary not to let out them on the street.

In parallel with it the Czech scientist of Jaroslav Flegr claims that cats can extend schizophrenia as infect people with the Toxoplasma causing irreversible changes in activity of a brain.

Up to a lethal outcome, especially, if the pregnant woman is infected: At infection with toxoplasma in the presence of pregnancy, or less than in 3 - 9 months prior to it - the forecast negative for a fruit.

The Czech professor is echoed by scientists from Iowa State University and University of Florida. About 1,8 thousand children aged from 12 till 16 years at which cats live in the house took part in their researches - at all problems in development were revealed.

The associate professor of psychiatry of MSU Elena Brandina came to a conclusion that the people infected with a parasite of toxoplasma are inclined to suicides and severe forms of depressions much more.

“... At them the probability to come to attempt of suicide is approximately seven times more... “

So now everything, had been through a lot torments from the authorities and dogkhanter, sobakovladelets will be able to demand reasonably adoption of such precepts of law which will be able to protect their children from carriers of the hardest infection threatening or awful death, or lifelong disability:

Namely: dogkhanter mockingly demand to walk by

all dogs, up to dwarfish pinschers, only on leads and in muzzles. They declare each freely walking dog the dangerous and subject immediate elimination on the place.

Well. As among dogkhanter loads and loads of koshkovladelets, it is possible to tell them safely: “Have it coming!“

Because I is absolutely sure that among the Russian outcasts from whom “kamrada“ join the ranks for certain now there will be also such individuals with which all the same whom to kill. If only with impunity and with ideological background.

And therefore, using a justificatory pretext, they with pleasure it is developed large-scale hunting for cats, kotroy walk in itself...

I will remind that the organized criminal group “dogkhanter“ hatched from an organized criminal group “kroukhanter“ (crows hunters) who with sadistic pleasure shot from powerful air rifles all winged city fauna, under the pretext of protection of children from ornithosis.

Believe, I do not gloat over also to me at all, somewhere, it is even a pity for “aelurophiles“ - sobakonenavistnik who will mourn in the same way poisoned soon, the strangled and shot pets as “dog lovers“ sob over bodies of the loyal friends of the dead painful death.