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We attract poverty or How the Law of genetic poverty works?

to be rich and it turns out at the same time happy not at all, as if philosophically it sounded.

People are poor as church mice, but at the same time they are infinitely happy. Others live richly as the most unscrupulous billionaires, but at the same time they are lonely, and brings nothing pleasures.

However from all possible options to be poor and besides unfortunate is the most awful.

From where poverty, economical existence, need to count each kopek and to fall short all the same of a salary without debts undertakes?

Against millionaires, oligarchs, successful stars and other even some hatred begins to creep in in soul: why one is fated to be born in a rich family and, without doing anything at the same time, to throw away finance to the right and on the left, and to become another the child from a family average and never to have either the game console, or branded sneakers on birthday?

It is unconditional, it is possible and to become angry, puff and become covered long by a perspiration, counting someone else`s “possible“ profits, it is worth covering rich men on what the account and... to continue to lie on a sofa, thereby deceiving itself and the world around about the one who you are actually is.

I about it have no delusions. Moreover: it seems to me that it is better to think of himself a little worse, than you are actually to do not stand still, being fascinated by own ofigennost and to cherish dreams of that day when the handsome man Christian Grey knocks at a door - oh, I here not in that already age and marital status.

Of course, I (and at the majority reading this article) have no so much money how many we would like to have in principle - in global sense. As it is known, the more means of livelihood at you is, the more arises requirements: someone dreams of the whole footwear, and someone is bothered by the hundred fiftieth design suit.

However at all diligence and desire to earn there are a lot of money, it sometimes is not enough. If this feeling, then perhaps is familiar to you, the Law of genetic poverty revealed by the psychologist and business - the lecturer Natalja Grace prevails over you?

The author of this law accurately formulated it as the reason allowing people to program itself on voluntary poverty. Here four factors which influence the person who is waving away hands and legs from poverty, but not able in any way to get out of a vicious circle.

1 law. First of all - mentality, or “Poverty is in the dirty head“.

Look around yourself: what do you see? Purity and an order, cozy space, let and rather poor, but accurate kitchen lockers or a sofa without the springs which are sticking out of it? Or you, relying on constant shortage of money, for a long time not that elementary in the house you do not carry out repair, but also you do not consider it necessary though somehow to clean the dwelling?

As Natalya Grace speaks, near poverty dirt always goes. Even if to consider that she is not always and not everywhere but only “sometimes“ - the sense remains same. The disorder and chaos is not the reason of a lack of money, but only its justification around.

More globally - it is a consequence of mentality at which the poverty adjoining to dirt speaks about human habits: we do not want anything to change, let will be dirty and dusty, and all know how we are poor and unfortunate.

2 law. In the second turn - narrow-mindedness, or “Life waiting for the future leads to ruin“.

If to try to decide on narrow-mindedness terminology, one may say, that “To drink it from an old mug when in a sideboard costs new“.

Which of us does not store beautiful and new things for... good times which, of course, surely once will come? The daughter will marry and we will give her this tea service, we will make repair in the apartment and we will put a new kitchen table, we will live till Monday - and we will throw out all stuff, having replaced it new...

Dreams - dreams at which family members behind a dining table drink from beaten ware.

It is wrong to live in expectation only of the future, then there are no you left in the present also. It is a shame to be the beggar, of course, but much more awfully at the same time still to have ruin in the head.

3 law. And you have the Cinderella`s complex? “The fear to spend money for itself makes you the beggar“. the author of the book Natalya Grace tells

as an example about the acquaintance who within long 20 years saved for the dacha. At the same time at it was (and is) two wonderful daughters who wore hand-downs all the time: old velveteen trousers on which every year in process of growth of girls it sewed patches and cuffs.

Daughters were ashamed of appearance, but mother persistently did not spend kopeks for their clothes, putting everything on dream. Whether it is necessary to say that all yard scoffed at girls?

When the woman at last bought giving, both daughters... ignored this event and, what is even worse, in every possible way reproached mother with the spoiled life. Girls said that they are afraid to spend kopek for themselves now - are sure that good things were not deserved.

4 law. What is it - subconscious programming, or “The wealth and poverty are a condition of your mind and your thoughts“.

the Most terrible is the fourth law at which at the child who was daily contemplating dirt and dust on corners, the broken cups and total desire of parents to provide money against a rainy day the requirement to live and in any way differently is formed.

Of course, sometimes this gray “globality“ stimulates people to go forward to get out of a condition of awful poverty and to heal normal life - but this exception, but did not govern. Genetic beggars happens much more.

You noticed that at the words “trouble“ and “poverty“ only one root? For this reason, without wishing to be unfortunate, you drive poverty away for a threshold, without leaving it chance to be hooked for that broken cup or your dirty head. Let slides where far away.