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How to cope with discomfort in a dark season?

From the second half of the XX century are known results of scientific researches of groups of the people living in northern latitudes at which systematically, year after year, the depression of a certain type which reason the lack of a bright daylight was repeated.

Sometimes the discomfortable state is tested by many people, but not always connect it with day “solar“ light and if attentively to observe, then it is possible to notice dependence of a condition of depression on a dark season. Especially these communications are noticeable in the large cities where “night life“ is active.

In the oseena - winter time the condition of depression, fatigue, sleeplessness and the increased need for the use of food rich with carbohydrates at the people living in northern regions of Russia are more noticeable, than at inhabitants from the South. Requirements of modern labor and public life in the large cities lead to emergence of contradictions as, despite of a condition of fatigue, in a dark season it is necessary to work or study in the same rhythm, as in other seasons. In the recent past, at the time of agrarian society, it was easy to have a dark season as almost all most hard work was performed in daylight. Perhaps, it was typical and main feature of the organization of work and rest for most of people.

In spite of the fact that feelings are strictly individual and depend on many factors including the general state of health, it is easy to notice that during the period since October to the first snow, and sometimes and is longer, the condition of discomfort is shown in gloomy mood and in the suppressed mood. Are frequent the increased irritability, uncertain pain can even appear. It is felt that appetite increases, and weight during the winter increases by several kilograms. For many the food rich with carbohydrates, such as paste, bread and chocolate is represented especially seductive.

Feeling that energy and forces is not enough for anything, the feeling of fatigue leads to the fact that social duties seem burdensome, the need for loneliness appears. 5 - 10% of the population openly declare a depression in a dark season. Complains of weaker symptoms the bigger number of people is considerable. Indispositions with the described symptoms are more widespread among women, than among men. The person becomes more senior, the more he shows illness symptoms in autumn time.

It is considered that tendency to developing of a depression in a dark season in some measure is hereditary. Thus, such manifestations of discomfort have nothing in common with other vital difficulties and emotional experiences. Such data are provided in statistical conclusions of a number of countries of Northern Europe.

And nevertheless you should not lose courage. It is established that use of bright light devices and exercises make effective impact at treatment of a seasonal depression. Let`s talk about it.

Influence by bright light can be carried out individually even in house conditions by means of almost any light device. It is about special medical lamps which can be established in the apartment, for example, on a desktop. Near a lamp it is recommended to sit within 30 - 60 minutes, best of all in the mornings, 3 - 5 times a week. There are also restrictions. Procedure cannot be carried out in the evening as after evening application of a lamp there can be sleeplessness. It is necessary to begin procedures with small light doses.

There is an advantage and of reception of the antidepressants which are slowing down removal of special substance in a human body - serotonin. The advantage of reception of fruit is undoubted. In total all this allows to transfer shortcomings of solar activity to a dark season easier. It is also possible to notice and that the mood considerably improves after the earth is covered by snow. Becomes more cheerful because snow cover does not absorb, and reflects the light stream going not only from the sun, but also from artificial light sources and even from the moon.

Means, the most hard time dangerous to manifestation of symptoms of depression, it is possible to worry in the fall when solar activity and duration of light day decreases, and snow did not drop out yet or snow cover in connection with weather conditions is not stable. And danger from impact on people of “darkness“ is more in those regions where typical climatic conditions are that that snow traditionally does not drop out or happens extremely seldom.

But not all depressions and pronounced fatigue in the oseena - winter time are directly connected with a seasonal depression. If for a long time you are disturbed by depressive symptoms, then it is always better to see the diplomaed doctor who can estimate gravity of a situation and pick up a suitable type of support or treatment.