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Stones for kitchen and the dining room of

the Dining room and Kitchen (or that more often happens, the dining room combined with kitchen) - very important and special places in the house. We cook the food absorbing energy of space and our vibrations in kitchen. Getting into a body, this food leaves the marks in it - therefore it is very important that it was prepared in the pure place and with love. In space of the dining room all family meets, guests come here. Everything in it is obliged to promote excellent digestion, appetite, friendliness and good mood, truly?

Let`s look by means of what stones it is possible to create the correct atmosphere in the Dining room and in Kitchen.

Pink quartz . Generally, this stone can be put in any room (even to the nursery) - it promotes tenderness and love (to itself(himself) and to people around), allows to feel comfort and safety. Pink quartz will fill space with gratitude and love. In rooms where there is this stone, people grow old more slowly and more simply avoid the conflicts. Pink quartz helps to feel goodwill from people around and most to show softness and kindness.

Cornelian . Stimulates appetite, increases vital activity and loads with energy, fills with feelings of cheerfulness, health and completeness of forces. The cornelian is especially actual in the early spring, in the fall and in the winter when it is not enough sun and wants to be warmed. This stone can be compared to fire warming and filling with life in the center. It is very good, if to put a cornelian (and tsitrin too) where - nibud on the sun - the stone will be loaded and be cleared of it. The cornelian also well influences work of kidneys and helps an organism to get rid of toxins.

Tsitrin. This stone not just favorably influences digestion process - it also promotes the joyful, loaded with a positive and smiles meal. Tsitrin fills with optimism and confidence. The same function is carried out by Yellow Aventurine (at the left, yellow) - the truth, influence its softer, terrestrial.

Rhodonite . Fills cooking with love, helps to put kindness and to show care in routine household affairs. Rhodonite supports and stabilizes work of a liver that as a result helps us to cope with attacks of aggression and to operate emotions.

Unakit . Well influences assimilation of food; prolongs periods of storage of fresh vegetables and fruit (by the way, pink quartz is also suitable for these purposes).

If you got used to use daily a microwave, put near it a crystal of Fluorite - this stone well absorbs all types of negative energy. It needs to be cleaned in salt or water more often than other stones.

Where to put stones?

Stones can be spread out on a window sill - here they will be cleaned and be loaded with the sun. This option is good when at your windows there are no curtains: stones want to be always in the public eye - so they work better. It is possible to put stones in a vase and to put on the shelf or on a table.

One more quite good place for stones - a flowerpot. The plants which are spread out at the basis, they not only will become closer to the native elements - the earth, but also will help your flowers, slowing down evaporation of water from a pot. By the way, small kristallik transparent quartz, dug in a pot, will be very useful to flowers too.

And, at last, it is possible to approach a question of placement of stones creatively, having created some hand-made articles (for example, from a different beads). I wish you bon appetit and pleasures in the Dining room and in Kitchen of your House!

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